Ukulele Club Christmas Songbook

Here are some of the songbooks we use during our meetups. Print 'em out, put 'em on your iWhatever/tablet, bring 'em along!
  • BURP (Berkhamsted Ukulele Random Players) Songbook
    Scroll down to the 'Tablet-friendly edition!!!' section to get the 'BURP complete and indexed' edition

BUG - Ottawa's Bytown Ukulele Group hosted by Susan. Feb 25, 2015 And here is a file for the Ukulele Club of Virginia Song book, which is a 225-page meet-up file via the Ukulele Sundays group. There are no chord boxes on each song. Instead, they provide you with 6 pages at the very end of the document that you might have to print out and have beside each song you do, because some of the chords are complicated.

Easy Christmas Ukulele Songs

  • Houkulele Blitzkrieg Songbook (March 2018)
  • Houkulele Hawaiian Songbook(Version 5)
  • Houkulele Kingwood Senior Village Concert 2018 (Version 2 - Final)
  • Houkulele Tahitian Songbook(Version 5)
  • Houkulele Tullis Library Songbook(July 2019)

Ukulele Club Christmas Songbook 2020

Ukulele Club Christmas Songbook
  • Tullis Library Christmas Performance(2019)
  • Houkulele World Music Songbook(Version 5)
  • Jim's Ukulele Songbook
    There are over 1400 songs in this sucker!

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