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Fall guys twitch rivals rules. The scoring system has been updated, after the first Twitch Rivals US tournament.


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has another round of Twitch Rivals action in the works, and we want to make sure you don't miss a single crown of today's matchup. Watch as 80 popular streamers team. The Fall Guys stream sniping took place during the GlitchCon Twitch Rivals event. The games were played in public lobbies, which opened up some possibilities of abuse. The controversial round took place during a tie-breaking game. XQc tried to throw Tyler1’s team off of a win in a tie breaking round. Twitch was aflame with controversy during the platform's latest Twitch Rivals competition. Top streamer xQc was at the center of the controversy, as during a tiebreaker at the end of the Fall Guys.

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Twitch Rivals is hosting a Fall Guys tournament! This marks the first time that Fall Guys is played competitively and maybe it’s a sign of a Fall Guys esports future? Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been nothing but huge since it has dropped, but the randomness of the game doesn’t exactly scream esports. This might change now. The Twitch Rivals tournament takes place tomorrow, on August 28th at 1pm PT and 3 pm CT and it boasts an impressive prize pool of $50,000.

In total, 80 streamers will compete in the tournament in teams of 4. Amongst those streamers are Timthetatman, summit1g, Lirik and Shroud.

How can you watch Twitch Rivals Fall Guys? Simple: Just head on over to the Twitch Rivals page and you can watch the action unfold there with commentary or you can watch any of your favorite streamers.

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Twitch was aflame with controversy during the platform's latest Twitch Rivals competition. Top streamer xQc was at the center of the controversy, as during a tiebreaker at the end of the Fall Guys competition, xQc was accused of stream sniping an opponent in order to grab them and prevent them from succeeding. The action prompted comments from Twitch streamers Shroud, Tyler1, Asmongold, and others, eventually leading to an apology from xQc.

Shroud's team and DrLupo's team were tied for third place in Saturday's Fall Guys Twitch Rivals competition. While xQc's team was not supposed to be involved, instead they queued into Fall Guys at the same time as Shroud's and DrLupo's teams, getting placed in the round anyway. By doing so, xQc tracked the other team's players, figuring out who they are via stream sniping, and interfered with their match - however little an impact this may have had.

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Shroud noted that what xQc did could get him banned from Twitch, as stream sniping is a violation of Twitch's Terms of Service. However, Shroud could also have meant that interfering with an official Twitch event, particularly one with cash rewards, could also be a serious offense. That said, Twitch has full discretion regarding how it acts on its rules, and top streamers rarely get banned, discounting a recent string DMCA strikes against their Twitch account.

Stop defending my everywhere for no reason. We got into the final game with @DrLupo and @shroud 's team. We shouldn't of done it and it was wrong. I'm sorry for my actions. I thought it would be funny. It did not change the outcome but it was still malicious. Sorry.

Twitch Rivals Fall Guys Xqc

— xQc (@xQc) November 15, 2020

Following the negative reactions from fellow Twitch streamers, xQc issued a statement on Twitter regarding the situation. 'Stop defending my [SIC] everywhere for no reason,' he said, calling on his fans to stop defending his toxic behavior. He went on to explain that it was wrong for his team to get into the final match between DrLupo and Shroud's teams. 'I thought it would be funny,' he said, 'it was still malicious. Sorry.'

Popular streamer xQc also said something similar live on his stream, saying that it was at first supposed to be 'all about the content' and 'fun,' but that it grew into 'something that it shouldn't have been.' He told his fans he will do better next time.

Given that xQc hasn't been banned by Twitch, it seems unlikely that he will be over this offense. Anything is possible though, and Twitch could still be reviewing the situation. It's also possible that xQc may instead be punished by not being invited to Twitch Rivals events going forward. Regardless of the consequences, everyone can probably agree that Fall Guys developers should add a private lobby option, for future Twitch events at the very least.

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