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How to link your EA and Twitch Prime Account to redeem the FIFA 21 Prime Gaming Pack #1 which has 4x rare gold cards and a player pick with guaranteed 81+ OV. FIFA 21 Twitch Prime Pack: What are the rewards? The FIFA 21 Twitch Prime Pack for the month of February is out now and it’s offering tons of rewards for Twitch Prime subscribers out there. is for watching Twitch streams. For games like Madden NFL, you can get daily drops from watching certain Twitch streams. Prime Gaming is for Amazon Prime members. If you’re a Prime Gaming member, you can claim loot and rewards for our games. For both of these, you’ll need to link your EA Account to Twitch and Prime Gaming.

FIFA 21 Twitch Prime Pack #2 is now available to claim for Twitch Prime members and Ultimate Team players.

EA Sports introduced Twitch Prime/Prime Gaming packs in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team in January giving fans a free pack containing certain items. EA Sports also revealed the calendar for Prime Gaming packs for FIFA 21 with a pack becoming available each month for the rest of the game cycle. The latest Twitch Prime pack is now available.

Here's how to claim Prime Gaming Pack #2 in FIFA 21.


FIFA 21 Twitch Prime Pack #2: How to Claim

Twitch Prime Pack #2 contains the following items:

EA Sports introduced Twitch Prime/Prime Gaming packs in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team in January giving fans a free pack containing certain items. EA Sports also revealed the calendar for Prime Gaming. Starting today, EA Sports has begun to sort out bonus packs as gifts for all those who have linked an Amazon Prime account to a Twitch Prime Gaming account for the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team mode. The first Rewards available is the following, while further down you will find the complete guide: 1x 81+ OVR Item Guaranteed 4x Rare Gold Player Items.

  • 1x 81+ overall item guaranteed in a player pick pack
  • 4x Rare Gold Player items

Players have to head to this page to claim the pack. Players must have an active FIFA Ultimate Team account as well as a Prime Gaming subscription. Be sure to link the correct email to the Prime Gaming account otherwise the pack will show up on another account.

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Ea Sports Twitch Prime

Promotional packs are always nice for those who have Prime Gaming memberships, but the pack isn't necessarily worth opening right now as there aren't any promotional items in packs. It's best to save this pack for the next promotion.

FIFA 21 Twitch Prime packs are officially here for this Ultimate Team cycle in the midst of Team of the Year.

Twitch Prime Fifa 21 Pack

Twitch Prime packs are some of the most popular content pieces released each year in FUT. Twitch Prime members can claim multiple packs throughout the year for some untradeable content. The first Twitch Prime pack was released Jan. 25 giving fans a player pick pack and four gold players.

Prime Twitch Gaming

Here's how to claim the first Twitch Prime Pack in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

FIFA 21 Twitch Prime: How to Claim the Prime Pack #1

First, players must have an active Twitch Prime membership. Those with Amazon Prime memberships can link their Twitch accounts for no additional cost.

After linking your account, head to Twitch and click on the Prime (crown) button at the top right of Twitch. Or, you can click on this link here to take you directly to the loot page.

Twitch Prime Fifa 21 Pack 3 Release Date

Once on the page, players must click claim and then link their EA accounts to their Twitch accounts. Make sure you link the right account to your FUT account otherwise you'll lose the pack. The pack contains won guaranteed item 81+ overall or higher in a player pick pack. There will also be four rare gold player items.

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There are more Twitch Prime packs on the way, so be sure to keep a look out for when they drop later in the year.