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To draw a tiger is easy once you have a 2D still life picture of a tiger. Here, I'll show a step by step of a tiger picture drawing lesson for any beginners to have realistic tiger drawings using pencil.

Before we continue, let's learn something about tigers.


Tigers (Panthera tigris) are mammals of the Felidae family and one of four 'big cats' in the Panthera genus. They are apex predators and the largest feline species in the world, comparable in size to the biggest fossil felids.

The Bengal Tiger is the most common subspecies of tiger, constituting approximately 80% of the entire tiger population, and is found in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, and Nepal. An endangered species, the majority of the world's tigers now live in captivity.

What a pity...

Anyway, let's start your step by step drawing of your tiger pencil drawing...

Step No. 1

Tiger Colour Pencil Drawing

Relax... Take a deep breath... Clear your mind... Take a piece of paper (preferably a cheap photocopy paper) and a drawing pencil set. (Do you know what is a drawing pencil set? Click here)

Select a nice place to sit. Make a cup of coffee or hot chocolate if you want.

Step No. 2
Select your still life tiger picture to have your tiger pencil drawing. With that you can start a still life sketches of tiger drawings and produce your own tiger pencil drawing. Got one? Let's go to the next step...

Step No. 3

Here I choose to draw still life tigers from two different tiger pictures. I display the pictures of tigers that I chose so you are aware that I personally drew these tigers pencil drawings.

Then, you can follow this simple step by step drawing lesson to have your own tiger pencil drawing...

Step No. 4

Take a HB or B grade graphite pencil. Use it to draw sketches. Start by sketching the head part only.

Here's the magic part... Look at your still life tiger picture subject and start from the center. Draw a part of the eye first without looking at the paper! Then, stop looking at your subject and compare it with your sketch.

Ask these 2 important questions:-

Animal pencil drawing

1. Does it has a correct size to be on your paper?
2. Does it has a correct angle based on your position?

How to draw a tiger

If the answer is NOT to any of these questions...Erase it, and re-sketch your drawing according to the correct size and angle.

Once you get that, then you can continue your next bit of sketching...

Repeat the same process until you complete a whole one part of your pencil still life sketch. For example, you can consider a pair of eyes is a whole one part of a face in your tiger pencil drawing.

Get it? Great... Let's continue...

How To Draw A Tiger

Step No. 5

Now put down your HB or B grade graphite pencil and take out your 2B and 4B grade pencils. Start to create tones in your tiger pencil sketch drawings. Make your tiger pencil drawing alive!

Take note that you are drawing in a black and white pencil sketch. There will be no other color... yet you are drawing a 3D subject! So, you have to differentiate the tones to represent a 3D perspective.

You can start with any of the two pencils. I suggest you use a 2B pencil first to create fine stroke from the center to the outer part of your tiger pencil drawing. Follow the contour curves of the surface to produce a depth effect.

Then, use a 4B pencil for darker tones especially the 'deeper' part (in a 3D perspective) of your subject.


The next step...

Step No. 6

Sketch the other part of your tiger still life drawing subject. Repeat Step No. 1 to Step No. 5.

And finally...

Your hand drawn tiger pencil drawing.

Like it?

Tiger Pencil Drawing

Keep it in a folder or paste it on your room's wall. I highly recommend that you scan your artwork or at least take a few snaps using a digital camera and then store your images at any available free image hosting company like Photobucket. Just hit the image below!

Or, you can have your own personalized t-shirts from this tiger drawing. Visit Custom T-Shirts to have yours... There is no minimum order required. Just hit on the image below

Get it? Or have any questions or comments on how to draw realistic tiger drawings in pencil? Click here to ask or comment on tiger drawings.

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Pencil Drawing Of Tiger

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I discovered that creating a tiger drawing requires a lot of patience -- I am used to finishing most subjects fairly quickly but this animal requires more time than normal.

Actually, I thought drawing tigers was a tricky little assignment! Concentration and discipline are the two main things needed to design authentic looking stripes.

Here is a tiger outline for you to practice copying until you're comfortable with the form.

It isn't an easy task to simplify this complicated animal so see how you go copying it in outline for a start.

I think my main problem is the eyes. Since I haven't quite conquered portrait drawing yet, this little flaw seems to come through in my animal drawings, too. I don't let this stop me though, I get encouraged seeing progressive improvement and if you practice along with me, the same will definitely happen for you.

What You Need To Know About Tigers

Here is some helpful information about your drawing subject -- this knowledge assists with accurate portrayal.

Tiger Pencil Drawings

Tigers are the largest of all cats and they are very muscular -- they're built for power, not speed.

They have short, muscular legs and the body is long and narrow. By long, I mean 9 feet or 2.7 meters. Wow! The female tiger, a tigress, is about one foot shorter in length.

The stripes on the tiger's coat is good camouflage, it's difficult to see them moving through the grass.

You will find tigers in south east Asia, living in grasslands, swamps, forest or jungle.

Pencil Sketches Of Tigers

We all know the stripes are black but the coat color varies from a brownish-yellow to an orange-red.

The stripes are not uniform, they vary in length, width and spacing.


There is some white hair on the throat, belly and inside the legs.

Bengal Tiger Pencil Drawing

The hair around the head is a bit longer than the coat.