Surface Xrd

  1. Surface Xrd Tablet
  2. Surface Analysis Xrd

SEMINAR: Surface Hardening of Stainless Steel. SECO/WARWICK team would love to meet you at the event! UV Raman spectroscopy is found to be more sensitive at the surface region while visible Raman spectroscopy and XRD mainly give the bulk information.


Digital microscopeLeica DVM 5000

Surface Xrd Tablet

Leica DVM 5000 is modern digital high-resolution microscope for the researchs in various fields of science and technology. The design of microscope allows studying objects in the transmitted, reflected and side light.

  • Zoom up to x7000
  • Enhanced optics allows you to view even hard to reach areas of the object.
  • «Multifocus» system allows obtaining images of objects with high definition, regardless of the topography of the sample surface
  • Preparation and analysis of 3D-image in high resolution.

Surface Analysis Xrd

• Analysis of irregularities and evaluation of the profile sections.