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A streamlabs chatbot script that allows you to have a command for tweeting out the stream using an unchanging sentence and a changable link stream tweet streamlabs ankhbot streamlabs-chatbot streamlabs-chatbot-script. The Streamlabs Cloudbot requires no binary, no files are needed to install, and it preserves your CPU. Keep chat clean and protect your channel Protect your channel from chat abuse with filter options including caps, emotes, paragraphs, links, symbols, and words.

Streamlabs Chatbot Shout Out Command

Streamlabs Chatbot Commands are the bread and butter of any interactive stream. With a chatbot tool you can manage and activate anything from regular commands, to timers, roles, currency systems, mini-games and more.

Some commands are easy to set-up, while others are more advanced. Don’t worry. We will walk you through all the steps of setting up your chatbot commands. If possible, try to stick to only ONE chatbot tool. Otherwise, you will end up duplicating your commands or messing up your channel currency.

How To Set Up Streamlabs Chatbot

Before we jump to the commands we need to set-up the Streamlabs Chatbot and connect it to our channel. The installation process takes less than ten minutes.

How to Install Streamlabs Chatbot:

  • Download and install Streamlabs Chatbot from THIS link.
  • Fire-up the application once it is installed and choose the platform that you want to use the bot for (YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer). We will be using Twitch.
  • Run a system check to verify the APIs and click Next.
  • The most important step is to create a Twitch Bot account and connect it to the Streamlabs chatbot. A bot account is a regular Twitch account that you connect to the Streamlabs software. Go ahead and create the account then authenticate it through Streamlabs.
  • Next, you have to authenticate your streaming account (the main account). If you use two-factor authentication (you should!), make sure you remember your account for 30 days.
  • The last step authentication step is to login to your Streamlabs to synchronize your alerts with the bot commands.
  • Now that all your accounts are selected, you can configure some basic settings, such as auto connecting on launch, showing viewer count in console, setting up channel currency, etc.

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Streamlabs Chatbot Commands at a Glance:

  • Regular commands
  • Songrequests
  • Events
  • HTML overlays
  • Raffle & giveaway commands
  • SFX commands
  • Loyalty system
  • Python Scripting
  • Hotkeys and macros

Essential Chatbot Commands:

1. Streamlabs Chatbot Commands: Timers

Timed commands are vital for any stream. They can be used to automatically promote or raise awareness about your social profiles, schedule, sponsors, merch store, and important information about on-going events.

Here’s how you can set them up:

  • Navigate to Timers in your Streamlabs Chatbot dashboard and click on “+”
  • Fill in the details for your timers: name, whether or not it is active, usage, and response. Timers can be grouped and edited in bulk .
  • Save your timer settings, go back to the main tab, and click on the gear icon. From here, you can choose the display interval for timers (minutes or minimum chatlines) and whether or not to link your timers to commands.

2. Streamlabs Chatbot Commands: Raffles & Giveaways

As the name suggests, this is where you can organize your Stream giveaways. Streamlabs Chatbot allows viewers to register for a giveaway free, or by using currency points to pay the cost of a ticket.


You can add a timer to your giveaway. Once it expires, entries will automatically close and you must choose a winner from the list of participants, available on the left side of the screen. Chat commands and info will be automatically be shared in your stream.

Commands for the Giveaway tool:

  • !giveaway start !woo LOST EMBER 1 10 regular-> This command will initiate a giveaway for LOST EMBER that regular viewers can enter by typing !woo. One ticket costs 10 channel currency points. [EDITOR]
  • !giveaway start !giveaway SUBNAUTICA everyone -> This starts a very simple giveaway that everyone can enter, without using channel points. [EDITOR]
  • !giveaway winner-> Randomly picks a winner [EDITOR]
  • !giveaway close-> Closes entries for the giveaway [EDITOR]

Choose what makes a viewer a “regular” from the Currency tab, by checking the “Automatically become a regular at” option and choosing the conditions.

3. Streamlabs Chatbot Commands: Counters

From the Counter dashboard you can configure any type of counter, from death counter, to hug counter, or swear counter. You can change the message template to anything, as long as you leave a “#” in the template. This is where your actually counter numbers will go.

Commands for the Death Counter:

  • !Death + -> increases the number of deaths by 1 [MOD]
  • !Death --> decrease the number of deaths by 1 [MOD]
  • !Death 5 -> increase the number of deaths by 5 [MOD]
  • !Death -> see the total number of deaths [EVERYONE]

Advanced tip:

The counter can be captured as a Display Area or as a .txt. File fromthe bot’s install directory in Services -> Twitch -> Files Folder.

4. Streamlabs Chatbot Commands: Sound Effects

Sound effects can be set-up very easily using the Sound Files menu. All you have to do is to toggle them on and start adding SFX with the + sign. From the individual SFX menu, toggle on the “Automatically Generate Command.” If you do this, typing !cheers, for example, will activate the sound effect.

You can also set optional responses for the sound effect, limit permission by user-type (e.g. everyone, subscriber), set cooldowns to avoid spam, and add a cost to redeem. Sound files can also be sorted in groups.

IMPORTANT: Once you have added all your sound effects, you should create a custom command, letting people know about them.

Pro tip:

  • Store all your sound files in a safe folder and never move it. If you change the path for the SFX, they will no longer work.
  • If you change your audio device, make sure you also change your sound settings from the Streamlabs Chatbot dashboard, otherwise they will not play.

5. Streamlabs Chatbot Commands: Currency

Adding currency to your channel may not be worth it now that Twitch has introduced “channel points,” with rewards that can be claimed directly through its interface. You have to find a viable solution for Streamlabs currency and Twitch channel points to work together.

I would recommend adding UNIQUE rewards, as well as a cost for redeeming SFX, mini games, or giveaway tickets, to keep people engaged. If you choose to activate Streamlabs points on your channel, you can moderate them from the CURRENCY menu.

Commands for the Currency tool:

Note: replace “points” with the name of your channel’s currency (in my base, butts):

  • !points add username amount -> Gives X currency to the viewer. [EDITOR]
  • !points remove name amount-> Removes X currency from the viewer. [EDITOR]
  • !points add +viewers amount -> Adds a random amount of points to all viewers [EDITOR]

6. Streamlabs Chatbot Commands: Song Requests

Like many other song request features, Streamlabs’s SR function allows viewers to curate your song playlist through the bot. I’ve been using the Nightbot SR for as long as I can remember, but switched to the Streamlabs one after writing this guide.

It’s great to have all of your stuff managed through a single tool. The only thing that Streamlabs CAN’T do, is find a song only by its name. It requires a URL or token every time.

Here are the most important commands and functions of the Streamlabs SR chatbot:

  • !sr Youtube URL/token> {user} → The song [song name] has been added to the queue. [EVERYONE]
  • !skip-> Viewers can vote to skip a song they don’t like. A certain number of points must be registered for this to happen: {user} → Your vote to skip has been successfully registered! [EVERYONE]
  • !wrongsong -> Allows viewers to delete incorrect requests. {user}, successfully removed the last song you requested. [EVERYONE]
  • !songlist> Gives X currency to the viewer. [EVERYONE]
  • !volume number -> set the volume of the music [EDITOR]

7. Streamlabs Chatbot Commands: Queue

This is another immensely useful function, especially if you play a lot of viewer games. Set-up your Game Queue to allow your viewers to sign-up and join you in a game. Streamlabs chatbot allows you to restrict access to subscribers or set a cost per join.

Here are the most important commands:

  • !join note> no message, but adds the viewer to the queue [EVERYONE]
  • !queuelist> set your own URL for the queue list at [EVERYONE]
  • !queue note> Message: A queue has opened for [note] – Cost 0 points – Type !join to join!
  • !queue close
  • !queue clear
  • !queue pick number
  • !queue random number

Useful Streamlabs Chatbot Commands:

1. Cautiously recommended: BETTING

A betting system can be a fun way to pass the time and engage a small chat, but I believe it adds unnecessary spam to a larger chat.

Streamlabs Chatbot Download

2. Cautiously Recommended: Heists, Boss Fights, FFA & Duels (Mini-games)

Again, depending on your chat size, you may consider adding a few mini games. Some of the mini-games are a super fun way for viewers to get more points ! You can add a cooldown of an hour or more to prevent viewers from abusing the command.

The logic behind the mini-games is pretty much the same. Here’s how you can set-up a boss battle.

  • Scroll down to Boss Battle and choose your command input, cooldown, start delay, permissions, and cost.
  • Click on the small ranking icon to determine your players’ stats. You can have different stats for each type of viewer.
  • Click on the skull icon if you want to create your own bosses and customize their stats (see screenshot below). The bot will automatically calculate your chances of victory.
  • Lastly, you can make the boss fight your own by adding unique messages.

3. NOT Recommended: POLLS

Twitch now offers an integrated poll feature that makes it soooo much easier for viewers to get involved. In my opinion, the Streamlabs poll feature has become redundant and streamers should remove it completely from their dashboard.

Streamlabs Chatbot Followage Command

4. Other Commands

  • !randomhug You hug a random user command: $userid hugs $randuser
  • !hug Hug the person that is written after the command command: $userid hug $dummy $touser – Feel free to swap out the !hug with !lick, !pat, !slap, etc.
  • !lovemeter Calculate the love compatibility between two viewers command: $userid is $randnum(100)% in love with $dummy $touser
  • !commands The bot will show all your commands command: $commands(10) number tells how many commands will show in 1 message

Advanced Streamlabs Chatbot Commands

Important: Advanced commands may create incompatibilities or problems with regular commands, so make sure you are fully aware of the changes you are making.

Streamlabs Chatbot Not Working

If you want to take your Stream to the next level you can start using advanced commands using your own scripts. We don’t want to get into too many details because it would probably require a different article, but we have researched some of the best guides regarding advanced Streamlabs Chatbot commands for you.

Streamlabs Chatbot Scripts Explained:

Streamlabs Chatbot Multiple Response Command Tutorial

How to use Custom Commands and Variables in Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs Chatbot Scripts

And finally, here are some Streamlabs Chatbot Parametersyou should know!

This concludes our guide for Streamlabs Chatbot commands. Now you have everything you need to set-up an interactive stream. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!