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It’s StreamElements OBS Studio add-on that adds Activity feed, chat and other stream management tools directly into OBS for Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming streaming. If you’re already using OBS.Live, just login and update to the latest version. Edit Overlay from OBS.Live. OBS.Live is StreamElements add-on for OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) that integrates your stream chat and activity feed (a list of all the viewer interactions that happen during and off-stream) directly into OBS. It's an easy-to-use tool that allows you to go live and manage your stream in real-time.

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It's really weird because I was able to get this working for my StreamElements overlay on older versions of obs, but then I had to do a complete wipe of windows 10 and reconfigure my stuff OBS stuff from scratch.
But when I want to use Browser Source Hardware Acceleration, the browser source doesn't display.
I know that if I disable it, it works. But it'll spike my CPU usage to 25-35% whenever a notification is triggered, I know that when I have Browser Source Hardware Acceleration enabled, I always have a good consistent 10-15% CPU usage no matter what browser source notifications are triggered.
It's also weird because enabling Browser Source Hardware Acceleration works when you open OBS as an administrator, but I'd like to still run it without running it as admin because I use another program called Actual Windows Manager along side OBS to mirror and ghost Chat and Twitch Activity Feed windows on my second monitor, so if I run it as admin, it won't run the program along with it.
yeah... that's it, would absolutely appreciate if I can get some help :)
Great work on 25.0.1!

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Well in streamelements you make your overlay. Then you grab the link and put that link in the URL of a browser source for your scene in OBS Studio or and change the height and width to be 1920x1080 in the initial properties setup of the web source then it'll be sized correctly. Go to your Restream Dashboard and copy (Control/Command + C) your 'Stream Key.' Go back to OBS Studio and paste (Control/Command + V) in the 'Stream key' text-box. It is now ready to stream to Restream, however this is not OBS Studio setup with the best settings. On the left sidebar of the settings window click 'Output'.