Skull Drawing Easy

Skulls are one of the many interesting parts of the human body. What do we think of when we think of skulls? The answer is different for most people. Some may picture the skull and crossbones that we see often on black flags. Others may think of the famous Hamlet scene where Hamlet talks to the skull of his former jester. Most commonly skulls are recognized as a symbol of death. Learning to draw a skull doesn’t have to be just for creating creepy works of art, but its also I great way to help understand human anatomy. By seeing how the bones under your face align will greatly help the way you draw faces. I would recommended to anyone learning to draw people/faces to learn how to draw a skull, this will make sure everything in the face is in correct proportion and that the anatomy is correct. In this quick tutorial I will give you 6 simple steps to create a basic skull.

Step One: Start by sketching out a circle. This circle doesn’t have to be perfect and will only act as a guide to help you through the rest of the drawing. Also, be careful and draw this area lightly because you will need to erase it

As with all the drawings, to start you have to start with simple forms, from which we will be developing the drawing later. In the case of our skull drawing, we start with an oval with a larger side in the horizontal direction, to which we are going to add a vertical line and a piece of bow in the lower part of the oval. In this challenge, we”ll look at drawing a skull through an easy, step by step process. Skulls are pretty cool, even if they do freak some people out. Throughout art history, skulls have been a favorite subject for still life. They are also a great subject to help with figure drawing skills. If you would like to learn to draw a cartoon skull and crossbones, follow this easy, step-by-step drawing tutorial. You will need a piece of paper and something with which to draw, such as a pencil, marker, or ink pen. An eraser is also recommended. As you follow this drawing guide, you will notice that each step is accompanied by an illustration. Draw a simple outline of the skull first. On the above picture I already corrected some excessive pencil lines. Whatever shape is OK on the first try, it doesn’t need to resemble to my drawing at all. Skeleton astronaut drawing. Skeleton head skull drawing step by step. Then you know the story: a sweet creature wished for forbidden fruit, and everything was covered with a copper basin. Adam’s rib was never returned, since then he lost the meaning of life and began to multiply.

Skull drawing easy dia de los muertos

Step Two: Add the jaw onto the circle. For this exercise we’re going to be focusing on a ¾ view. Draw the left side of the jaw coming off the end of the circle and the back part coming out about ¼ of the circle from the right side. Also, divide the skull in half and this will be used as a guide for the rest of the drawing.

Step Three: draw an oval shape for the eye socket on the right side. On the left side the eye will look different because of the angle so you will need to draw it almost looking like a “D” shape. Also, build out the areas of the eyebrow and cheekbones off your original shape. It may also help to actually feel your face and feel where the sockets are and how big they are. Sounds strange, I know, but it can help!

Step Four: Draw the two nostril holes slightly to the left of the center guideline, this will create the illusion that the nose is coming out. Draw the right cheekbone on the direct opposite side of the left one. Use your circle guideline to help draw the top of the skull.

Step Five: Draw the jaw line off your original guideline while remembering to push out areas by the teeth to leave room and create depth. Create a curved line in the middle of the bottom of the nostrils and the jaw. This will act as the middle of the mouth.

Step 6: Add the detail. Create the teeth by using the mid point as a guide. Erase your beginning guidelines. Darken areas of the skull to create depth and make sure to add the proper shading to areas that need it such as the eyes, nose, jaw and the side/back of the head.

Enjoy! Hope this helps!

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And if you’re interested in learning more about skulls here are some links to other websites and artists.

The human skull has always been a symbol of death and mortality, and this makes it interesting in graphic designing and all creative arts. Represented in a wide variety of shapes, a skull carries different meanings for different personalities. Some find it as a reminder of mortality, some see it as a medium of dark expressions and for some others, and it paints a picture of surrealism. Common in tattoo art, skull drawing designscan be accompanied by several illustrations to create interesting contrasts. Check these out!


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Sugar Skull Drawings

Can death be sweet? Yes it can, once you see how the skull has been represented here! It’s an interesting take on the end of a life and goes a long way in symbolic positivity.


Sugar Skull Colored Pencil Drawing

Sugar Skull with Roses Drawing

Vintage Sugar Skull Drawing

Skull Drawing Easy With Fire

Skull with Rose Drawings

A common contrast, a combination of skull and rose drawingsshows how closely life and death are related. It could also be a symbol of lost love or love after death. This is perfect for dark graphic illustrations.

Sugar Skull with Red Roses Drawing

Skull and Girl with Rose Drawing

Deer Skull Drawings

When it comes to animal skulls, a deer has been the most popular representation. This design can be used to represent symbolisms like the “death f nature” or “death of innocence”.


White Deer Skull Drawing

Wolf Skull Drawings

In the cult cultures, wolf has always been a symbol of death and dark spirits. The same applies to the wolf skull that can be made to look ghastly, yet empowering.

Wolf Skull Roses Drawing

Evil Skull Drawings


Though the term sounds otherwise, we have always had a fascination for the evil and the darker realms of life. If this is the personality of your product/illustration, this skull would be a perfect material.

Evil Owl Skull Drawing

Skull drawing easy cartoon

Tribal Skull Drawings

Tribal skulls are artistic and inspire curiosity and darker realisms. In this case, the illustration takes the form of an artistic madness, one that has a personality of its own.

Horror Tribal Skull Drawing

Tribal Skull Pencil Drawing

Skull Pencil Drawings

Pencil drawings for skulls look absolutely amazing if you are looking for inspirations to tattoos or similar illustrative use. You can even choose to fill up partial colors to add life to this illustration.

Skull Tattoo Pencil Drawing

Human Skull Pencil Drawing

Cartoon Skull Drawings

Cartoon skulls can help define a range of emotions, ranging from cute to fearsome. This would be perfect if you are designing for teenagers.

Mutant Cartoon Skull Drawing

Funny Cartoon Skull Drawing

Flaming Skull Drawings

Another popular form of skull illustrations, fire can be an exciting way to add life to a skull, a representation of death.

Flaming Skull Pencil Drawing

Fire Flaming Skull Drawing

Animal Skull Drawings

If you are aiming to paint a picture of death and destruction, animal skulls would be the perfect way to do so. More than human skulls, animal skulls are more communicative.

Wild Animal Skull Drawing

3D Skull Drawings

3D skulls are perfect if you are trying to come up with a graphic poster of something of that sort. They are popularly used in print materials.

3D Skull from Hole Drawing

Cracked Skull Drawings

To make things more deadly and ghastly, a cracked skull would be an effective illustration to depict destruction and damage. The image is self explanatory.

Simple Cracked Skull Drawing

Skull Drawing Easy Step By Step

Bull Skull Drawings

If you are designing for audiences that love to get associated with dark spirit and find a quotient of glamour in it, a bull skull would be a great way to go about it.

Bull Skull Rose Drawing

Bull Skull Pencil Sketch Drawing

Human Skull Drawings

Human skulls in graphic and illustrative arts have been represented in a variety of forms and ways but always aim at painting a picture of the darker side to anything.

Old Human Skull Drawing

Realistic Human Skull Drawing

Skull Drawing Easy But Realistic Sketches

Viking Skull Drawings

Vikings are meant to be the most fearsome and courageous warriors. A Viking skull is thus a reminiscent of their true spirit and can be a symbolism to personify.

Viking Skull Pencil Drawing

All of the above skull drawings design ideas have been created by some of the most creative illustrator from across the globe. They come in a variety of shapes and create moods that suit a range of emotions. Use these high resolution pencil drawings in your own product with full artistic freedom! We hope they serve your purpose well.

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