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by Derrick Rathgeber

In this lesson I will be teaching you how to create a lovely red rose using some different techniques. We will focus on using colors to add depth and layers into your work to give your artwork that look that has them coming off the page. Another focus we will work on is overlaying colors, and texture shading.

Tip: If you do not have the colors listed below it is okay. You can use 3 shades of red from light to dark, 1 pink, one green, a sienna/yellow color, a brown, and a Black for shadows.

Sep 2, 2015 - Flower drawings: A beautiful flower always makes us smile. Imagine replicating your flowers in the form of flower drawings! All the best Rose Flower Drawing Images 39+ collected on this page. Feel free to explore, study and enjoy paintings with Realistic Flower Drawing The picture will look much more spectacular if, instead of tinting with a simple pencil, paint the rose with paints or colored pencils. Be sure to consider lighting when painting with colored pencils. Without shadows, the rose will look “flat,” two-dimensional. Rose drawings are just as enthralling and as captivating as the real roses. Well if you want to explore a creative side of you then this awe inspiring art is just meant for you. If you are wondering that drawing roses are not that simple, then let us break a myth that it could be the simplest of all flower easy Drawings if you have got the.

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Sienna
  • True Green
  • Ruby
  • Cherry Red
  • Red
  • Blush Pink

Drawing the Rose: We are going to start by lightly sketching out our rose. I like to start at the middle of the flower using spiral curves. As I build the middle I like to braid each side left to right. When I get closer to the edge each petal grows a bit larger. Keep the basic shape of the rose, and use references as needed. Have fun with the stem and add the leaves. I like to have the leaves jagged with curved tips. It gives them character and makes the drawing fun. Remember not to focus on a lot of detail for the sketch and draw lightly. We are going to use this lesson to add details by coloring with the pencils.

Step 1: To start bringing this lovely flower to life we are going to use the Brown first. Lightly shade each area of the rose on the outer edges of each layer. Once you get to the outer layers you are going to shift the direction of your shading to follow the curves of the petals. When you get to the outer larger petals you are going to give them their shaped edges, and details. Start from the edges and draw dark lines where the petals buckle a bit, then starting from one side of the petal and shade from side to side with the curve of the flower towards the center.

Step 2: Next we will define the rose by adding the lightest color. Using the Blush Pink (Pink) We are going to add a layer of pink to the inner area of each petal. You can shade with the curve of the lines from dark to light. We really want the pink to show through because this will help define the shape of the rose and keep the details from getting lost in the layers of red on top of red.

Tip: Keep the pink out because we will use it towards the end to define the highlights & tones.

Step 3: This is the step where you are going to get into the picture. We are ready to add our first touch of red, or in this case Ruby (Darker Red). Start coloring over the brown towards the middle of the flower using medium pressure. If you look at the picture you will also notice that you will want to fill in the corners of the petals and shade from dark to light towards the middle of each petal. By this time you will start to see the flower bloom outward.

Rose Flower Drawing With Colour Easy

Step 4: In this step we are going to fill in the rose with a nice even texture. This is one of two layers on the rose petals that will fill in the vibrant colors. Using the Cherry Red (Medium Red) you are going to use nice even back and forth strokes along the petals. Try to make the lines have some spacing and sketchy this will be filled in with the last shade of red. By keeping them sketchy and the same direction with the flower, you will give the flower a nice texture with little effort. It’s a fun trick, and another reason I love colored pencils.

Step 5: This is one of the shorter steps. We are going to fill in the white area in between the petals with a flat color. Grab the Brown, & Ruby colors and fill in this area. Use as much pressure as you feel comfortable with, but fill it in clean and even using both colors. And with that we move on. I told you it would be pretty quick.

Step 6: We are now going to define the shadows with this step and give our rose a nice clean look. Using the Red Pencil go over the entire flower. Remember to color in the same directions as the other steps. This will fill in any gaps and make the petals solid. Now you will use the Blush Pink and define the highlights around the center of the petals. Now use the Black pencil and begin to really define our Rose. Color nice clean lines along the curves of the inner rose petals as shown in the image above. Start from the center of the rose shade from dark to light on each area. As you move down the flower start shading from petal to petal starting at the sides and shade towards the center. As each petal over laps that is where you will add the shadows from one petal to the other. This will give you a nice layered 3D look. And with that we will begin on the stem and leaves.

Step 7: Using the Brown you will define the lines in the stem. Start with the border, and move inward making wood like lines up and down the stem following the curves. With the leaves you will sketch lines from the center of the leaves to the middle. Make them very sketchy and sparse. We will color over these as we did with the rose petals.

Colored Pencil Drawings Of Roses

Step 8: In this step we are going to repeat but add to the Brown color to create more of a realistic stem. Using the Sienna(Yellow/Tan) add some more lines up and down the stem, and fill in some areas. With the leaves you will lightly shade from the center to the edges in a back and forth sketchy motion. Don’t fill in the entire leaf with this color you want to leave gaps. Remember you want the color to show through, but not become the dominant color of the stem. What this will do is add layers and make the flower come off the page.

Easy Drawings Of Roses

Rose Flower Drawing With Colour

Step 9: Now to make the Flower look young and alive let’s make the stem green. Using the True Green (Green) color the stem from top to bottom with small even strokes. You want to fill in the gaps and color over the other two colors. You will notice how the colors blend together at this point and see your green become a nice blend of earthy colors.

Drawing For Kids With Colour

Step 10: Here we are at the final step of our lovely red rose. Using the Black add your final shadows on the stem. Start at the top where the flower petals overlap the stem and leaves. As you go down shade on the left side, and the top of the leaves moving from dark to light. Finally at the bottom add black and move upwards showing the cut stem’s edges. Remember to use your best judgment on the shadows and highlights of your rose. What I like to do is have a light next to me and see how the shadows fall on the page. You can even go one step further and cast a shadow onto the paper from the rose. Make it your own, and have fun.

Tip: Remember the direction of your shading, combined with pressure will give you your textures. This is what you will learn as you go as you begin to develop.

How Can Draw Rose Flower

This would conclude our lesson. I want to thank you for visiting and allowing me to help you grow as an artist. Remember if you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected], and I will answer them the best I can. I would like to see your own roses too.

Rose Flower Drawing With Colour Chart

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