Roku Ip Camera Viewer

I'm proud to announce my shinny brand new, fresh in BETA:

WebCam-One (Free) Simple webcam viewer. Watch one webcam. Designed for SD TV; Learn more. WebCam-Plus ($1.99) Advanced webcam viewer. Webcam addresses are stored on the website. If you have some IP Cameras around the house that are ONVIF compliant or have h.264 video encoding, and if you like to get dirty in some DIY, this post is for you. As I promised before, I will try my best to get rtsp/h.264 and onvif working in the IP Camera Viewer Pro (BTW those features are.

IP Camera Viewer

Camera On Roku

Log in to the camera via a web browser, open the menu 'Network Advanced Settings, and checked the box 'Enable Hikvision CGI' and 'enable ONVIF.' Enable ONVIG and CGI on the camera (click to enlarge) It's also necessary to use a Stream URL to pull the video stream from the camera.

It fully supports Motion-JPEG, PTZ for major brand cameras, Split Screen for 2, 3 and 4 cameras. Also supports Basic Authentication.
After the BETA, the final version will include a screen saver that will show the stream from one camera.
Please send all the bugs you may find or any suggestions you may have to: [email protected]

Roku Tv Ip Camera Viewer

For PTZ (press * while viewing a camera):