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A masterpiece of the Enlightenment, Les Indes galantes is a sparkling entertainment. Yet Rameau’s first opera‑ballet also testifies to the ambiguous view held by Europeans concerning other peoples – Turks, Incas, Persians, “Savages”. PROMOOPERAOPERAMUNICHLIMPIOLes INDES GALANTES-2016-TODO. Les Indes galantes Jean-Philippe Rameau. Music by Jean-Philippe. There is a strong legitimacy to playing Suites made of the purely orchestral numbers from Rameau's operas, the dance movements and other orchestral transitions and interludes, and especially with Les Indes Galantes, the opera-ballet composed in 1735: Rameau himself published (shortly after the first run of the opera production) not the complete score of Les Indes Galantes but (in view, said. One observer was Jean-Philippe Rameau, who wrote a harpsichord piece a few years later, called Les Sauvages. The piece was published in the Nouvelles Suites of 1728, and re-used in a ballet scene of Les Indes Galantes, as the Dance of the Peace Pipe. The opera-ballet itself was a flop, but the music proved quite popular.

Ana Quintans Hébé, Zima
Emmanuelle de Negri Emilie Phani
Julie Roset Amour
Philippe Talbot Valère, Carlos, Damon
Alexandre Duhamel Huascar
Edwin Crossley-Mercer Bellone, Don Alvar
Guillaume Andrieux Osman, Adario

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Rameau Les Indes Galantes

La Chapelle Harmonique
Valentin Tournet Musical conductor


Rameau les indes galantes

If Rameau only gave the full measure of his talent for stage music in the second part of his life (his first opera was created when he was more than fifty!), he took the opera-ballet genre to unknown heights with his second composition Les Indes Galantes (1753). Campra introduced the opera-ballet format with Europa Galante; Rameau composed his work in four entrées or divertimentos, which take the spectator to Persia, to the Peru Incas, to Turkey and even to American natives, following the amorous adventures of these exotic nations… Of course, the creation was designed with an abundance of decors and machines, but above all it revealed Rameau’s remarkable talent for writing dance music, which is the very core of the composition, taking French tradition to new heights…with the Peace Pipe dance that has become as famous as the Turkish dance of the Bourgeois Gentilhomme.

When Queen Elisabeth II came to Versailles in 1957, she saw one of the first full revival of the work in the Opera Royal. There is little chance that the British sovereign will see young Valentin Touret making his debuts in “French style opera”; however, he will certainly put all his heart in Rameau as there is no doubt that the talent he has shown recently – in Bach notably – give all their colours and energy to these excellent Indes Galantes


Les indes galantes synopsis

Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683–1764)
Les Indes Galantes

Opera-ballet in one prologue and five acts on a libretto by Louis Fuzelier, created in 1735 in Paris.

Version of 1761 with a prologue and three acts.

Show in French with surtitles in French and English

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