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PPaO Chapter 6 – Image Processing – PyImageSearch PPaO Chapter 6 – Image Processing Chapter 6 is by far the longest chapter inside Practical Python and OpenCV, but it was long for a reason. We covered a lot of important image processing concepts that form the foundation on which the rest of your computer vision education will be built.

The first is, the driver Python script used to perform an actual search. We then have the Searcher class inside the ir sub-module — the Searcher will be used to query the Redis inverted index, pull out candidate images to compare, and then return the final search results. PyImageSearch is the go to place for computer vision. The blog and books show excellent use cases from simple to more complex, real world scenarios. The step guides are all working out of the box. I use them as a perfect starting point and enhance them in my own solutions.

PyImageJobs is the largest computer vision jobs board online, connecting thousands of talented computer vision, image processing, OpenCV, and deep learning developers with companies who want to hire them.

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PyImageJobs is built and maintained by Adrian Rosebrock, creator of the highly popular computer vision blog,

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“I receive nearly 100 contract/consulting offers each month, far too many for me to take on, even if I built an entire company around computer vision consulting. Instead of simply turning these offers down, I’ve decided to create PyImageJobs to help connect talented computer vision, image processing, and deep learning developers with companies who are eager to hire.” — Adrian Rosebrock


Whether you are looking to recruit a freelancer for a contract job or hire a full-time employee, PyImageJobs is the perfect place to list your position — you’ll instantly be connected with thousands of computer vision developers eager to take on your project.

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PyImageJobs’ primary focus is on computer vision, image processing, OpenCV and deep learning jobs.

We may also list general scientific programming and big data jobs when appropriate, but first and foremost, you can turn to PyImageJobs for all your computer vision, image processing, OpenCV, and deep learning job needs.

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Whether you’re looking for full-time, part-time, freelance, or internship opportunities, PyImageJobs has you covered.