Pydev is an Open Source Python plugin for Eclipse, and is hosted at

Getting Started in Pydev:

Below there are some of the features available (version 1.5.0)

  1. PyDev Extensions, Trac, Buildbot, Review Board, and Git. The Decision to Use Python Python was used from the start of this project. It was a bit difficult to recruit new developers with prior experience in Python, however our experience so far has been that Python has been a very easy language to pick up. Once you learn Python, it's hard to go.
  2. Note that Python must be installed separately. It is possible to configure PyDev to use a specific Python if more than one Python is installed. This presentation will focus on how to install, configure PyDevfor routine use including systems with morethan one Python installation. Pete Jemian:2011-03-16 Python Interest Group: PyDev in Eclipse 2.
  • Python, Jython and IronPython support

  • Code completion

  • Code completion with auto-import

  • Code analysis (with quick-Fix for problems found in code analysis -- Ctrl+1)

  • Debugger

  • Remote Debugger (allows debugging scripts not lauched from within Eclipse)

  • Debug console (allows interactive probing in suspended mode)

  • Interactive console

  • Python 2.x and 3.x syntax
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Parser errors
  • Outline view
  • Tabs or spaces preferences
  • Smart indent / dedent
  • Comment / uncomment / comment blocks
  • Code folding
  • Go to definition
  • Code coverage
  • Mark occurrences
  • Pylint integration
  • TODO tasks
  • Content Assistants (Ctrl+1)
    • Assign result to attribute or local
    • Surround code with try..catch / finally
    • Create docstring
    • Move import to global scope
  • Keywords presented as auto-completions as you type
  • Quick-outline

The Complete Feature Matrix can be found at

Note: Pydev Extensions is now merged with Pydev, and its once closed source code has become open source. Thus, there is no more Pydev Extensions, only the open source Pydev, with all the capabilities of Pydev Extensions incorporated (version 1.5.0).

Select Interpreter Python inside the PyDev option and click on New Configuration and add Python executable path. Step 5: Python Hello World Program Create a Python Project named PythonBeginner. File - New - Project - PyDev Project.

Pydev Linux


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Powerful, accessible and reliable Eclipse plugin that enables developers to produce the applications they want in no time at all

What's new in PyDev 8.3.0:

  • Java 11 is now required to run PyDev.
  • External linters:
  • Configurations of the linters can be saved to the project or user settings (#PyDev-1139)
Read the full changelog Tutorial

Working as a software developer can be a challenging, tedious activity, as it frequently involves generating, editing and processing numerous lines of code.

Fortunately, nowadays you can turn to various tools that can help you simplify your work, such as PyDev.

Please note that this application requires Java, Eclipse and Python installed on your computer so that it can run properly.

Easily integrated

You can access PyDev's functions with minimum difficulty since installing it on your system can be easily accomplished. You just need to decompress the contents of the archive file in the root directory of Eclipse.

After doing so, you need to configure the interpreter on your computer by accessing the Interpreter option under the PyDev section. You can choose to configure it manually, which provides you with more control over the process, but it is also possible to choose an automatic configuration, for quicker results.

Quickly create projects

PyDev enables you to create Python projects directly from within the application, in a quick, efficient manner. This can be done by typing a name in the dedicated field, specifying the destination path, selecting the project type and choosing the desired interpreter from the list.

It is also possible to generate projects from existing sources, if needed, by using the Import function under the Files menu.

Handy Python IDE


This reliable component provides you with a wide variety of features that can help you develop your applications in an intuitive manner.

It integrates with Python, Jython and IronPython, features syntax highlighting and packs wizard-like menus for several of its functions such as creating a new project and managing modules.



To wrap it up, PyDev is a lightweight, yet reliable Python IDE that comes as an Eclipse plugin and helps you simplify your work as a software developer by providing you with several functions. It can be easily integrated into the host application, thus proving itself to be highly accessible.

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