Pianoteq 7

Pianoteq 7 introduces new morphing features and an even more realistic modelling engine. It’s been fascinating to follow the progress of Pianoteq, by French company Modartt, since its debut in 2006. Here is a large collection of Pianos and Presets for Pianoteq 7. Use this as a reference to compare the pianos and presets. No effects added, just Pianoteq 7.


Pianoteq PRO is an ideal product for professional composers and recording studios, which has established itself as an indispensable tool in many recording projects – from soundtracks to films and commercials to the latest hits.
Being physically modeled, Pianoteq PRO provides you with an extremely sophisticated tool for shaping sound and creating instruments, allowing you to create your own unique sounds that will enrich your projects. The PRO version works with internal sampling frequencies up to 192 kHz. Using the powerful function of editing notes, you can adjust the physical parameters for certain ranges and even note by note. You can also turn any Pianoteq instrument into a multi-instrument using extended keyboard layouts of up to 105 notes (this applies to instruments with an extended octave range).

Pianoteq 7

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Note editor

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The note editor is designed in such a way that you can work effectively with it – this saves your time and increases your creativity. In addition, its spectrum profile editor allows you to customize each overtone for each note, providing you with thousands of sound combinations to help you find your unique instrument.

Karsten collection toolkit
Steinway Model D
Steinway Model B
C. Bechstein Digital Grand
Ant. Petrof 275
Steingraeber E-272
Grotrian Concert Royal
Bluthner Model 1
U4 upright piano
K2 grand piano
YC5 rock piano
Kremsegg 1: Historical pianos
Kremsegg 2: Historical pianos
Hohner Collection
Electric pianos
Steelpans instruments
Celeste: Glockenspiel + Celesta + Toy Piano + Kalimba
Xylo : Marimba bass + Xylophone

Pianoteq PRO offers individual tuning of at least 30 parameters:

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Unison Width
Unison Balance
Direct Sound Duration
Hammer Hardness Piano
Hammer Hardness Mezzo
Hammer Hardness Forte
Spectrum Profile
Hammer Noise
Strike Point
Pickup Symmetry
Pickup Distance
Q Factor
String Length
Sympathetic Resonance
Pinch Harmonic Point
Duplex Scale Resonance
Damper Position
Damping Duration
Damper Noise
Key Release Noise
Blooming Energy
Blooming Inertia
Aftertouch Sensitivity
Hammer tine noise

Pianoteq 4 is defined as the future of virtual pianos and offers the best and latest available technology. This software is a great upgrade that includes new sounds, functions, effects and only takes up only 20MB.
The sound is produced through a physical modeled instrument that simulates the properties and behaviors of real acoustic pianos. It is a very adaptable instrument that can be connected to your MIDI compatible keyboard.
The complex resonances can capture a piano in all its richness, like the resonance of a harp and all its cords, the duplex scale or the muffling effect when a key is played (different nuances of muffling) between other special effects, like staccato.
Pianoteq 4 also includes 4 pedals: middle pedal, sostenunto pedal, harmonic pedal and una corda pedal. This program also lets you choose the position of the microphone and a mixture of the multiple channels (more than 5 microphones and 5 channels). Pianoteq 4 includes an equalizer, key velocity connectors, volume, dynamic sounds that control the volume from pianissimo to fortissimo.