Photography Signature Maker Free

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Signature image generator. Free online tool to generate your handwritten signature instantly. Just put your sign in paint area in tool and click save button to download your signature image. This tool supports touch screen, you can easily sign using touch enabled devices.

Photography Signature Logo Maker Free

Watermark Software provides a delightful solution to add fancy photo signature in no time. It allows you to fast create any signature with various font text, handwriting photo or other beautiful image. It’s visual & simple for any Windows user.

Let’s look at some digital signing photos, which can all be created by a batch watermark software:

Aren’t they fabulous? Using Photoshop or Lightroom to create these fancy picture watermark, a beginner photographer may find it a bit laborious to make them. However, when we turn to the photo signature software, it only takes a few steps to put text on photo like these.

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How to Add Signature to Picture Using Different Font?


It can be very brief to add signature to photos in any font.
1. Click “Type Text”.
2. Input whatever you like through typing on the keyboard.
3. Select Text Effect from 10 fancy text effects.
4. Scroll and choose the text font you like.

What if another adorable font interests you much and you don’t have the font on your PC? Steps will be roughly the same, but you need to download and install the font additionally.

Let’s take “Distracted Musician” font as the font that we don’t have in PC. Below, we will guide you how to add signature watermark in “Distracted Musician” font.

First, search & download “Distracted Musician” font from “”. Unzip the file & extract “.ttf”.

Second, select “Control Panel ” > ”Appearance and Personalization” > “Font”, or simply copy, paste and enter “Control PanelAppearance and PersonalizationFonts” in path.

Third, drag the “.ttf” file into the “Font” panel.

Fourth, run signature on photos app to add text watermark in “Distracted Musician” font.

What if you find it can’t meet your needs? Well, as you wish, you can create photo with signature from your handwriting with our photo signature software.

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Sign Photos with Your Own Handwriting Signature

Creating your own handwriting signature and using it as your photo signature is inspiring, which greatly shows your character. While in most cases, non-transparent background color in signature photo is not harmony and tolerated. For this, we provide you with an easy way to add handwriting photo without its background color.

First Step: Take a photo shoot of your handwriting signature like this one:

Second Step: Use signature watermark app to load the photos needed to add watermark first. Click “Add Custom Watermark”① to insert the photo signature as an image watermark.

Photography Signature Maker Free

Third Step: Select the photo signature② and adjust the “Blend mode” to “Darken”③. After done, we will see the background color removed④.

The newly-designed watermark software, protect and retouch your photo & video all with a few clicks. Learn More >

See, whatever you want to watermark photos, this signature watermark app always help you realize it.

Make Picture with Signature for Email

We all use some email account to communicate with others. “Gmail”, “Yahoo”, “Outlook”, “HotMail”, “Inbox”, and so forth, become a part of our everyday life. Stunning picture signature always impresses our email receivers and helps us to achieve success. So making an impressive picture with signature is crucial.

Photo watermark software allows you to create fantastic picture with signature. Have a look at them below and find some inspirations to create your own picture signature with watermark creator.

About Watermark Software

Watermark Software is the best photo watermark application to sign pictures in the fastest speed. It allows to process 300 photos in 1 minute. Adding photo frame, writing EXIF, resizing and renaming in batch mode are all supported in it.

The newly-designed watermark software, protect and retouch your photo & video all with a few clicks. Learn More >

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What is a watermark How can I add a watermark to my photos?

Photo Watermark is professional watermark software, protecting your pictures with text watermark and image watermark, etc. It’s easy to use and even provides a marvelous batch mode that you can add watermark to group of pictures at the same time. Have a free trial!

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Help you add text watermark, image watermark, logo and signature to photos without unauthorized using. The batch mode allow you watermark 500 photos in a minute.