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Many children love to sketch and shade with pencils. It is a beautiful technique that gives dimension to a drawing. Younger children can try pencil shading with colored pencils.

Feb 28, 2021 - Explore Harika Karnati's board 'pencil sketches easy', followed by 317 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about sketches, drawings, art drawings. Jan 11, 2021 Grid drawing in pencil. This is one of my more in depth pencil drawing ideas for kids. I’ll start by teaching your kids how to draw their own grid and then move on to how to translate an existing image of their choosing into an original pencil drawing. This pencil drawing idea can be as simple or as complex as suited to your child’s stage. Nov 25, 2020 Greeny With Pencils This is a drawing which makes the children run through various vegetables. Along with drawing, they also get an opportunity to explore more on them. The teacher assures that the children make the drawings with much ease and are learning them quickly. All the best Pencil Drawing For Kids 39+ collected on this page. Feel free to explore, study and enjoy paintings with

Before we talk about how to do pencil shading, let’s talk about what you need to for pencil shading.

You do not need much. A plain paper, HB pencil and an eraser.

But there are a lot of serious tools that are available in the market which you can buy for your pencil shading project. They give professional effects to the sketch and they are fun to use too.

What type of pencils can you use for shading? What are H, B, and HB pencil?

To know more about this, you should watch this video from LethalChris Drawing. It not only talks about different types of pencils but also tells us how to control the pressure on the pencil to determine the depth of shading.

You should be also aware of the different types of shading techniques.

Hatching, cross-hatching, circling, stippling, squirkling, or scribbling are some of the techniques that you can use to create texture in your drawing.

Other than pencils for shading, you would also need a blending tool/ blending stump or a simple cotton swab for blending the marks uniformly. Many do use their fingers to blend but it sometimes might look different because of the effect of oil or sweat in the hand.

You would also need a kneadable eraser for sketching. The kneaded eraser can lift the graphite or charcoal from paper without smudging it. Change the shape of the eraser and it can be used to erase an area of any shape and size easily.

Buy drawing and sketching sets online

If you looking for buying your drawing and sketching sets online, here are some suggestions. (These are affiliate links).

The graded pencils that I love to buy are from Staedtler. This set of soft pencils come in a beautiful tin box with pencils from 8B to HB.


Graphite pencils for sketching

Bianyo Artist quality sketching pencils is another good quality graphite pencil. They have a different range of pencils than Staedtler.

Colored Pencils

Pencil Art Drawings For Kids

Faber Castell’s triangular pencils are soft and can be easily used for blending.

Paper Stumps

After the pencils, we need paper stumps. Paper stumps are used for merging. You have a choice to buy Kabeer Art paper stump or the Cretacolor Paper Stumps Set. Here are the links.

Kneadable Erasers

The kneadable eraser can be none other than Cretacolor kneadable Eraser Big.

Sketch Pads

I love to use Bianyo Artist Quality Sketch Pad for sketching. These A5 sketch pads are just the right size for beginners and it is also easy to carry. Many use watercolor paper for pencil shading to get the texture of watercolor paper in their drawing.

White Gel Pens

Best Things To Pencil Sketch For Kids

Another thing that you would like to have with you are the Sakura Gelly Rolls white Gel pens. This is useful to highlight some areas.

Pens for sketching

If you are interested to use pens to sketch, here are some choices.

Smudge Guard

This glove covers the little finger which touches the paper when you are sketching. So you can prevent the marks on the paper to be smudged when you are wearing this.

Projects for Pencil Shading

Once you are ready with your drawing supplies, you can start with your sketching. Here are some projects that you can try. These sketches are all done by children between 10 to 13 years.

Monochromatic paintings teach the concept of light and shade using one hue.


Draw some shapes

The first stage of learning pencil shading is to control the pressure of the pencil on the paper. So, take a blank sheet of paper and make rectangles. Try to shade with uniform pressure. Once you are comfortable using a constant pressure to shade an area, try shading in graduating tones. Here you start with the maximum and then slowly lower the pressure to give a lighter tone. You can try the other way round too, going from the lighter tone to the darker one.


Pencil Sketch For Kids Of 8 Grade

Learning to shade different shapes is also important. The pencil movement should be done according to the shape of the object. Straight lines of shaded texture will not be ok on a round object. It has to bring out the feeling of the shape with its strokes.

Still life

It is important to know how to do still life. It helps you to learn proportionality. Shading brings dimension to these objects. Another thing that one learns is the concept of light and shade.

Pencil sketch for kids of 8 grade

Op art or 3D art

Op art or 3D art uses light and shade to create an optical illusion. This form of art is a pleasure to create and unless done perfectly, will not give the effect. Here is a video where you can see how pencil shading is creating the illusion of this object coming out of paper.

Landscape shading

Take a pencil shading of a landscape or try to take a reference from nature. First, think again about the source of light. Then shade to create depth.

Portrait or a cartoon painting

Step By Step Pencil Sketches

This is one thing everyone loves to draw. And this is the way to learn to shade in a fun way. There are lots of places where you can get references to draw portraits. You need to learn how to do the proportions of a face properly.

Have you tried sketching a drop of water?

If you are interested in other art materials to buy, you will find a comprehensive list here.