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How to learn to draw


Often, among beginners to draw, you can find a category of people who believe that the whole secret of success depends on some simple formula, recipe. If you get acquainted with this recipe, then you can master the pattern pretty quickly. However, drawing requires a lot of concentration, attention, and also a great love for art on the part of the drawer.

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There are certainly right and wrong ways of working. But, besides this, the orientation of the person as a whole is also important, his interest in the subject that he wants to portray, his talent.

Pencil Art For Beginners

Therefore, the more often the drawer trains his eye and hand, the more positive the drawing results will be. It is better to paint for 15-20 minutes a day than once every six days for two hours. In the first case, a daily, albeit short, exercise sharpens the eye of the drawing, to set and check the drawn shapes, and this will be the positive side of such work. In the second case, although the work is of a long-term nature, it is carried out at long intervals, and this leads to the fact that each time the artist starts his drawing from the beginning.

Therefore, it is very important for hand exercises, eye exercises and the development of observation to get yourself a pocket album or notebook with a hard cardboard cover. In the album, you can make short sketches whenever possible […]


… Drawing, which is also called the art of sketching, is the highest point of painting, sculpture, and architecture; drawing is the source and soul of all types of painting and the root of all science. To the one who has achieved so much that he has mastered the drawing, I will say that he owns a valuable treasure.

Michelangelo Buonarotti

Drawing basics

Pencil artist near me


The artist’s possibilities are endless. He can capture a trembling flower and the immensity of space, an everyday scene and an event of global significance .. He is able to create a picture of hundreds of square meters and cut a monument out of a huge rock. Write a portrait on a grain of rice and sculpt a sculpture the size of a speck of dust. What materials do not serve him to express his creative ideas! Graphite and oil paints, clay and gold, paper and glass, canvas and steel …

But no matter how beautifully the artist sculpted, painted and wrote, no matter how well he felt the shape and color of objects, he would never create works of art if he had not mastered the skill of composition.

Pencil Artist Near Me

Composition is inseparable from creativity. As soon as the artist begins to create, he is already working on composition. Even if he depicts the simplest still life from nature. Well, when he creates a picture or a sculptural group, they say: he is working on a composition […]