Overwolf Curseforge

We’re excited to announce that CurseForge will be joining the Overwolf team! The transition is currently expected to occur in Q4 of this year. If you would like to learn more about Overwolf and future plans for CurseForge, please visit curseforge.overwolf.com.

Overwolf’s tech allowed us to move quickly from idea to development, and evolve our offering towards the gaming community. Overwolf is a key partner for G-Loot. Mattin Lotfi Engineering manager, G-Loot. Overwolf Blog Post on Scraping CurseForge posted 2020/10/09 at 9:06 PM by Archimtiros Overwolf, new owners of Curseforge and developers of a standalone WoW addon manager to replace the TwitchApp, has released a blog post regarding the perils of third party tools scraping Curseforge, while asking other addon mod managers to reach out to them.

So that you can keep enjoying CurseForge after the transition, we need to transfer your account information and the personal data associated with your account to Overwolf. In connection with this transaction, we are seeking the consent of users that reside in the European Economic Area (EEA) to transfer their personal data and account information to Overwolf to the extent they relate to CurseForge. If you are a resident of the EEA and want to provide consent, please visit CurseForge, or a related site, and follow the on-site prompts. Additional information regarding the proposed transfer is available below.

What options do I have?

Because we are seeking your consent to transfer your account information and the associated personal data, you may choose to provide consent or you may decline to provide consent. Please review the details below regarding the effects of either choice. If you provide consent and wish to withdraw that choice in advance of the transfer, please revisit this page via bookmark or account settings page. Please note that you will be unable to access your account on the CurseForge sites/services after the transition date unless you provide consent for us to transfer your account and data.

How will this impact me?

We are working hard to minimize any impact to our users. If you elect to provide consent before the CurseForge sites/services are transferred on the transition date, your accounts on the CurseForge sites/services will persist, and it’s our goal that there will be no interruption to your access to the CurseForge services and sites

If you do not provide consent before that time, we will delete your personal data from the sites/services to be transferred, and leave a secure copy behind with Twitch for a limited period of time. This means that you will be unable to access the logged-in portions of the CurseForge sites/services, including any projects you own, until you either (a) provide consent for your personal data to be transferred, or (b) create a new account.

For a limited period of time after the transfer of the CurseForge sites/services to Overwolf, you will be able to provide consent for Twitch to send your personal data to Overwolf, which (when complete) should restore your account in its entirety. We will provide more details about this process as it is finalized. We strongly encourage you to provide consent as soon as possible to avoid any interruption to your usage of the CurseForge sites.

The intent of Twitch’s retention of your personal data after the close of the transaction is to pursue the legitimate interest of giving users an extended period of time to decide whether or not they wish to transfer their account to Overwolf. After this period has elapsed, we will not be able to transfer to Overwolf any further personal data relating to the transferred CurseForge sites and services, and will delete such data unless we believe we have a lawful basis to retain it.

When you provide consent to this transfer, we will be transferring control of our contractual relationship with you regarding the provision of CurseForge services and your impacted personal data to Overwolf, and Overwolf will be the party determining how your data is processed. As part of their commitment to data privacy, Overwolf will treat any of your data that is transferred over (for example, your account information) in accordance with their privacy policy. Overwolf’s Privacy Policy is located here: overwolf.com/legal/privacy

By providing consent, you are acknowledging that Overwolf will be the sole provider of the CurseForge sites/services as of the date of the transfer, and that you release Twitch and its affiliates from any obligations regarding the provision of CurseForge sites/services. Providing consent will not impact your existing relationship with Twitch in connection with other Twitch Services.

What will happen to my projects, forum posts, and other site-related content if I don’t provide consent?

If you don’t provide consent, all attribution on your projects and public posts will be removed and replaced with “Forge_User_[RandomNumber]”. If you restore your account by providing consent within the limited period discussed above, it is our goal that that attribution will be re-appended and you will have your collection of posts and site contributions just as it existed prior to the transfer. If you would like a particular project or post removed, please delete them before the transfer date.

What if I have an outstanding Author Rewards points balance?

If you have an Author Rewards points balance, you will be able to redeem your points at the CurseForge Reward Store until the closing of the transaction, which is currently expected to occur in Q4 of this year. Shortly prior to the transition, CurseForge will automatically redeem all eligible Author Rewards balances, via a PayPal payment, for authors who have provided the necessary information. If you do not opt in to the transfer by our transition date, all remaining Author Rewards points will be transferred to Overwolf and will be available in your account shortly after you provide consent to the data transfer.

What happens to my data if I create a new account?

For any accounts created after the date of this announcement, we will transfer your personal data to Overwolf on a legal basis other than consent.

What websites or services are impacted?

All of the CurseForge sites and services will be involved, including CurseForge, Bukkit, GTA Gaming, WoWAce, SkyrimForge, and SC2Mapster. For a complete list of websites/services involved, please see below. Downloader

Impacted sites and services:

  • curseforge.com
  • curseforge.net
  • gtagaming.com
  • bukkit.org
  • gta4-mods.com
  • wowace.com
  • sc2mapster.com
  • skyrimforge.com
  • forgecdn.net
  • forgesvc.net
  • tankforge.com
  • tanksforge.com
  • shipforge.com
  • shipsforge.com

Making your account transfer choice

In addition to the options we’ve made available across the site, you may choose to transfer or decline to transfer your account using the buttons below. You may also check your current transfer preference in your account settings page.

Windows OS

  1. Right-click your Overwolf tray icon and hit 'Support'
  2. Click on 'Create logs zip'
  3. The location window will pop automatically, with the zip highlighted - send it to us :)

Overwolf failed during installation? Don't see the option to 'Create logs zip'? No problem.

Here you will find the step-by-step manual guide to get them logs!

Windows 10

  1. Close the Overwolf client
  2. Press Windows key + R OR use the “Find” button
  3. Type in: %localappdata%
  4. Press 'Enter'
  5. Enter a folder named “Overwolf”
  6. Inside the Overwolf folder there is the Log folder
  7. Using a program like 7-Zip, Winzip or Winrar (they all have free versions), create a .rar (or .zip) file of the Logs folder
  8. Attach the file you just created to your support e-mail/form

Overwolf Curseforge News

Windows 7/8.1

  1. Close the Overwolf client
  2. Click the Windows “Start” button
  3. In the “Search” bar type: %localappdata% and press 'OK'
  4. Search for a folder named “Overwolf”
  5. Inside the Overwolf folder there is the Log folder
  6. Using a program like 7-Zip, Winzip or Winrar (they all have free versions), create a .rar file of the Logs folder
  7. Attach the file you just created to your support e-mail/form

Manual guide video:


Overwolf Curseforge Download

  1. Open your Mac Finder
  2. Go to:
    Local user > Library > Application support > Overwolf > Curse > Logs > CurseClient
    Local user > Library > Application support > CurseForge
  3. Send us these folders (you can compress them to a ZIP file if they are too big)
  4. Please add the following file as well: Library > Logs > CurseForge > main.log
  • Can't locate the folders? They may be hidden, so please follow these steps first:
    1. In the Finder's side menu, click the icon that looks like a house
    2. Open the display function with the key combination “Command” + “J”
    3. Select the option “Show Library Folder”
    4. Click on 'Use as default' so that the folders remain permanently visible