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Famous opera singer Andrea Bocelli is.blind? I was watching a Christmas concert on TV and Andrea Bocelli was performing. I noticed he had got a lot older than I remembered him being. He was also wearing some cool sunglasses and I was curious why. I remembered him having very nice eyes. Often called 'the fourth tenor,' Andrea Bocelli has established himself as an enduring international star in both classical and pop music. A disciple of Luciano Pavarotti and Zucchero Fornaciari, the blind, Tuscany-born vocalist emerged as one of the most exciting voices in contemporary opera during the late 20th century.

Andrea Bocelli is known for having one of the best and most beautiful voices in music. He is an Italian opera tenor with great talent playing a variety of instruments. He has generously passed his talents down to his children, helping them showcase their own abilities to millions all across the world.

Born Sept. 22, 1958, Bocelli was met with hardships early on in his life. He was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma at only five-months-old, a birth defect in the development of the eye. The condition requires surgery for treatment. When Bocelli was 12-years-old, he suffered an accident while playing football, resulting in him becoming completely blind.

Bocelli’s passion for music was evident even as a child. Bocelli began taking piano lessons when he was six-years-old, later learning how to play a variety of instruments, including the saxophone, guitar and drums. By the time he was seven-years-old, Bocelli had already shown an interest in furthering pursuing his skills as a singer and had an incredible ability to recognize voices and emulate them.

Bocelli never let his condition stand in the way of following his dreams. He has been making waves in the music industry since 1982. The incredibly talented musician has released a long collection of music, from solo studio albums to collaborative albums and even digital works. His style ranges across many genres of music, from pop to classical showing off his operatic range. He has since dedicated time to helping his children perfect their musical craft as well, even performing alongside them. Bocelli’s son, Matteo Bocelli, has begun to make a name for himself within the music industry, with talent just as beautiful as him.

Andrea bocelli biographyAndrea Bocelli (1995), (Rino Petrosino/Mondadori/Getty Images)Christmas

Bocelli’s rise to fame was in 1994 when he won the preliminary round of the 44th Sanremo Music Festival with an astounding performance of the song “Miserere.” The festival has been taking place since 1951, showcasing singers of all talents in a variety of genres of music. Bocelli was a standout performer, receiving the highest marks ever recorded in the newcomers section of the festival.

Opera Singer Andrea Bocelli Weight Loss

His career took off during the 1990s. Bocelli began creating and releasing music, as well as touring and performing in front of plenty of adoring fans. He had begun to make a name for himself, and his voice captivated audiences.

Bocelli’s work as an Italian pop tenor and a crossover artist has allowed him to capture the attention and hearts of millions of people around the world. He released his first pop album in 1994, and his most recent release in the genre was in November 2020. He dived into the classical realm soon after he entered the music scene, releasing his first album in the genre in 1995.

Bocelli’s talent has earned him a plethora of awards and accolades spanning across his career. Fans and critics alike have praised him for his spectacular craft. His first stream of awards came in 1997 by winning the ECHO Award for Single of the Year with his song “Time to Say Goodbye,” as well as the ECHO Klassik Award for Best Seller of the Year with his first classical album “Viaggio Italiano.” Bocelli has also received five Grammy nominations throughout his career, an accomplishment for an artist of any calibre. The talented musician has also won six Classic BRIT Awards.


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Bocelli released a handful of compilation albums and collaborative albums throughout his career as well. The singer has stayed loyal to a few record labels, working consistently with Polydor and Decca Records, both expansions of Universal Music Group.

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Along with a long list of awards, Bocelli has also earned himself a handful of honorifics. He was awarded with the title of Grand Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic in March 2006. Bocelli is also the Grand Officer of the Order of Merit of Duarte, Sanchez and Mella. He was given the honor for his contributions to both international art and culture by Leonel Fernandez, the President of the Dominican Republic. Bocelli has also been awarded with his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2010 for his contribution to live theater.

The Andrea Bocelli Foundation was established in July 2011 by the Bocelli family. The foundation focuses on empowering people and communities. According to the foundation’s official website, it focuses primarily on people “in situations of poverty, illiteracy and distress due to illness and social exclusion.” They work on finding ways to overcome these barriers and reach their full potential. According to the foundation’s site, the non-profit organization has grown to be “led by world-class professionals that oversee the strategic development of projects in Italy and abroad.”

Bocelli wrote a letter about his promise and dedication to the foundation. As the founder, he expressed how he viewed his actions as a “drop of water in the sea,” meaning he could create a ripple effect with helping others.

A Family Foundation

Andrea Bocelli, Edi, Alessandro, Enrica Cenzatti (1994), (Rino Petrosino/Mondadori/Getty Images)

The foundation’s intentions are to help those in need as well as inspire people along the way to also join in and help when they can. He chose his name to be the name of the organization for a reason. “It is not a sign of vanity; it is a way to write in stone a commitment, and taking on a responsibility,” Bocelli wrote.

He encouraged people to join with his beautifully crafted words, ending the letter by writing:

“Our faith in love and justice calls upon us to build a better world than the one we found; it calls upon us to give back to the community all the good things that we have received, so that the less fortunate or the most vulnerable members of our society will have a chance to achieve a life full of opportunities and beauty, so that those who take up the challenge will find the energy and real possibility to thrive in their lives.”

Bocelli’s love for music is what actually led him to finding love in his life and even starting a family. He met his first wife, Enrica Cenzatti, while he was singing at piano bars early on in his career. The couple got married June 27, 1992, and welcomed their first child together, Amos Bocelli, a few years later on Feb. 22, 1995. Their second son, Matteo Bocelli, was born October 8, 1997. The pair separated in 2002 after 10 years of marriage. Bocelli met his second wife the same year. Veronica Berti is not only Bocelli’s love interest, but she also works as his manager. The couple got married years later in March 2014 during a ceremony in Livorno, Italy.

Andrea Bocelli, Enrica Cenzatti, Amos, Matteo (1997), (Rino Petrosino/Mondadori/Getty Images)

The pair welcomed their first child together, Bocelli’s third child overall, on March 21, 2012. Virginia Bocelli, alongside her brothers, grew up to also have a love and passion for music much like their father. While Bocelli has been seen performing alongside his daughter and youngest son, he has yet to collaborate with his oldest child. Amos has expressed interest in music and has made it his own career as well. He doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously, with his Instagram bio stating, “philosopher in a world of music, science and pasta.”

Bocelli has lent his talents to performing alongside his children. During an interview with Express in December 2020, the singer talked about what it was like to sing with his daughter, Virginia. The pair performed together during a worldwide stream of his concert from the Teatro Regio di Parma. “The response was overwhelming, exceeding all our expectations,” Bocelli said. “This was further confirmation that the people’s values and thirst for beauty and spirituality is stronger than ever before, and for their need to reflect and reconnect with their souls.”

During the performance, Virginia and her father sang a stunning rendition of “Hallelujah.” It’s a song that has been recorded by a number of artists throughout the years since its first release in December 1984 by Leonard Cohen.

“It was a true Christmas present that Virginia gifted to me,” Bocelli said. It was a beautiful moment between the father-daughter duo as they graciously and professionally performed alongside one another.

Raising Future Stars

Andrea Bocelli, Virginia Bocelli (2021), (Francois Nel/Getty Images/ The Royal Commission/ AlUla)

“I focused on the beauty and intimacy and I tried to convey the serenity, encouragement and reassurance to Virginia,” the singer said. “It was a very special moment, one to savour and remember always.” Virginia may only be nine-years-old, but she has already taken the world by storm. Her talent has captured audiences who have been inspired by her father and his talent as well.

It didn’t come as a surprise that yet another member of the Bocelli family had been gifted with an insane amount of musical talent and abilities. Bocelli’s daughter had always been surrounded by music as a child, growing up in a very talented household. “Although Virginia was practically born and raised on stage and behind the scenes, this was her official debut,” Bocelli said about his performance with his daughter.

His love and adoration for Virginia poured out as he explained just how hard she had worked to perfect all her incredible talents. “She is a very determined child, and certainly her piano and dance studies have helped her understand when you need to give your all,” he said.

Surprisingly, Virginia never had singing lessons, instead redirecting her attention to understanding the composition of music. “She has been studying the piano for three years, and has been absorbing the art and sounds since she was born,” Bocelli said about his daughter. With so much musical talent within the family, one might wonder if they will ever officially collaborate by releasing an album together. “It’s not a confederation at the moment, but never say never,” Bocelli said about the idea.

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Opera Singer Andrea Bocelli Time To Say Goodbye

During an interview with Upscale Living in 2019, Matteo talked about being Bocelli’s son. He had recently performed with his father during a tour of sold-out shows in South Africa. “Since I was a child, I have many memories related to music, because, as you can imagine, it accompanied me from morning to night,” he explained. His work toward bettering his talent came early as well, learning how to play piano when he was just seven-years-old. “I never abandoned it,” Matteo said.

Matteo’s parents played a big part in encouraging him to pursue his musical aspirations. Bocelli even dedicated his own time to helping his son develop his skills to the greatest extent. “From the first day I decided to pursue this career, he became a tutor, a trusted person with a lot of experience in the field who can always give me the right advice,” Matteo said about his father.

The rising star made his debut as a tenor in 2016 when he was 19-years-old. He performed at the Teatro del Silenzio in Italy in front of an audience of 12 thousand people. “I was very nervous, not only because I was singing in front of so many people and I wasn’t used to it, but also because at the last minute my dad decided to sing a song that I hadn’t prepared,” Matteo said, reminiscing on the day of the performance. “Apart from this, it was a beautiful experience for me, a moment I will never forget.”


Not only has Matteo been able to perform alongside his father on multiple occasions, but the pair have also released music together. Their duet “Fall on Me” was released in September 2018, with Matteo being credited as a songwriter for the Italian lyrics in the piece.

Matteo’s World Of Music

Andrea Bocelli (2021), (Francois Nel/Getty Images/The Royal Commission/AlUla)

The song has stayed meaningful to Matteo throughout the years. “Basically, the song is about the relationship between father and son, in which the latter is becoming a man and appeals to his father to help him find the way that will make him happy in life,” Matteo said. The message is what has caused the song to reach so many across the globe and has helped the song hold onto its popularity. “I think this song, especially the message, has reached people because it tells the reality based on the true affection that exists between me and my dad,” Matteo explained.

The talented singer has also stepped foot into the fashion industry, collaborating with Jennifer Lopez for a Guess campaign. “Working in the fashion world was a very fun experience for me, something new that I had never done before,” Matteo said. “Collaborating with Jennifer Lopez has made the experience even more fantastic.”

Matteo has continued to stay dedicated to perfecting his craft by studying at the Lucca Conservatory in Italy. He also has continued to make music while focusing on his education. “I get a bit of space to experiment with my voice on various musical genres,” he said. “When the time comes, who knows, maybe I’ll release my own album.”

Bocelli has most certainly made an impact on the music industry, and even his children have followed in his footsteps. With a rising career as a tenor and overall musician, Matteo has been taking the world by storm. His beautiful voice is just as captivating as the grown man’s overall presence. Matteo is sure to continue on a path to creating a successful career for himself, much like his very popular and talented father.

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