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How to Make Your Mascot Logo Stand Out from the Competition

The online logo maker allows you to generate and customize stand-out gaming logos and esports logos.BrandCrowd logo gives you access to a professional library of thousands or pre-existing customizable template designs making creating your gaming logo inexpensive and straightforward. Squarespace Logo Maker (DIY) The Squarespace Logo Maker is an interesting one in that it is completely free. It also doesn’t have any premade logos, as such. You get an editor, the ability to add text, and a library of icons from The Noun Project, at least some of which are also used by Looka and Wix Logo Maker.

1. Evoke Your Brand PersonalityOnline Mascot Logo MakerMaker
Your mascot character is the brand ambassador for your business. So, let it convey the brand philosophy and experience you want to share with your audience. Voice pitch, facial expression, and body posture are some ways your mascot can express personality. Clients will see a smiling mascot as friendly and approachable. Do you want to portray this feeling? Similarly, the shape of your mascot can also give distinct impressions. An angled figure, for example, illustrates wickedness. To stand tall, let your personality shines via your mascot.
2. Give Your Mascot a Striking Name
Personification is the rule here. Call your mascot by name, and it will come to life. Naming your mascot will make it easy for customers to connect and identify with it on a deep emotional level. Over time, a unique and striking name will create visual images in customers' minds, make it easy to remember, and eventually becoming timeless. Short names are illustrious. Also, you can opt for rhyming words. Look at Minnie Mouse, Bunny, etc. and take a clue from them.

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3. Amplify the Mascot Features
Can you tell why StarKist Tuna, Bunny, Pom–Bear, and Mickey Mouse are unique, likable, and well connected with people across cultures? Well, look at how the designers have elaborated on their human appearances. They are out of the norm. Aren't you impressed with their features and more likely to remember them anytime someone mentions their names? Kindly take a clue from the effects of exaggeration in creating your mascots. Online Mascot Logo Maker
4. Choose Your Color Wisely

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Is there any design without color? That's just food for thought! Colors are the windows from which you see the world. It's so crucial that it exudes its messages. These messages are what you need to study and choose carefully to spread your brand values. Though you're at liberty to use any color to communicate, remember, a wrong color will send a negative vibe. You can use solid colors–dark, pastel, and bright or gradient to evoke feelings. Interestingly, weird colors make the mascot logo memorable.

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5. Choose Your Typography Carefully

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You have given your mascot a short, sweet, and memorable name. But how are you going to write it? You’ve answered correctly! You need a font to perform such a crucial task. Most mascot logo aims for a beautiful typeface that captures attention and offers easy readability. You can't compromise on the legibility of your font.