Nmap Tomcat

Troubleshooting Steps to check whether the Tomcat server is runing or not?

Step1 : Check ps command output

#ps -ef grep tomcat

Step2 : Check with nmap whether port 8080 is opened or not?

Still, tomcat did not pick the change and kept offering TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.0. In contrast, setting the cipher list on the same connector was correctly picked by tomcat. Comment 2 mirko.schmidt 2017-08-03 14:41:00 UTC. After getting the target machine IP address, the first step is to find the open ports and services available on the machine. We conducted an nmap full-port scan for this purpose. In the command, we used the -Pn switch for initiating a no-ping scan and the -p- switch for including all 65530 ports in the scan.

#nmap localhost

Step3 : Check with telnet command as shown in below by executing GET / HTTP/1.0Host:localhost command once logged in to server at 8080 port.

Nmap Detect Tomcat

Nmap Tomcat

#telnet localhost 8080 Trying… Connected to localhost.localdomain ( Escape character is ‘^]’. GET / HTTP/1.0 Host: localhost

This command should output hte test tomcat page.

Enjoy the troubleshooting:)

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Nmap tomcat version

Nmap Tomcat Version

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