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Lossless video cutting Take JPG snapshots of the video (automatically saved in the same folder as the video as PNG files Supports a plethora of formats/codecs including MP4, MOV, WebM, MKV, OGG, WAV, MP3, AAC, H264, Theora, VP8, and VP9.

  1. Movica is another sleek and simple MP4 video cutter and editor for several video formats.
  2. If you have hundreds of H.264 Mp4 files and you want to trim all the H.264 Mp4 files into a single result file with no audio and video quality loss, then what you actually need is a Frame Accurate and easy to use video tool to cut and merge H.264 Mp4 files while keeping the original audio video quality. Our Smart Cutter will achieve this for you.
  3. Example lossless use cases Cut out commercials from a recorded TV show (and re-format from TS to MP4) Remove audio tracks from a file Extract music track from a video and cut it to your needs.

Lossless Split Mp4

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Here's how I make lossless videos cuts using FFmpeg. This method can cut a video very fast... It usually goes so fast it makes you wonder if it actually worked! It's ridiculous :) This is really nice, for example, when you have a really long source video that you want to work with but you really only need a very small portion of the video and would rather not drag a huge video file into your video editing program.

Below you'll find a brief explanation of how the ffmpeg syntax works and a function I wrote to simplify things a bit.

FFmpeg command format

The basic format is: ffmpeg-i originalvideo.mp4 -ss0:0:4-t0:1:10-vcodec copy -acodec copy outputvideo.mp4

  • -ss : start time. If omitted, ffmpeg will start from the beginning
  • -t : length in H[H]:M[M]:S[S]

When performing a lossless cut, it is only possible to start on a keyframe. Whether you understand what that means or not, the important thing to remember is that the start time and length of the movie will not be exact. The length will mostly likely be a little longer than you specify.

Lossless Cut Mp4

Lossless Cut Mp4

A bash function that I wrote to make things easier for myself

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