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Packed with the features you need to tackle any new logo you can imagine, this logo maker frees you up to follow your design inspiration. Design the custom logo of your dreams. Try out our logo maker and design a phone logo in 3 easy steps. Our third generation logo maker is package with amazing features to design great logos for your company. Our online tools offer more options then ever to customize your logo in any way.

Logos are a pretty modern way where just by a single picture or say a logo you know where it belongs. Your logo gives you a brief. Every brand, company, organization, group, hotel, etc. In all, every small or big group or organization working in public for some sort of recognition do have their own logo.

That logo contains a few words or just a single line that explains the motive of your group. Then it has a combination of graphics or maybe a single filter to form a shape where every single curve holds a meaning. Logos are as vast as small they are.

1615. Logo Esport Maker

What is Logo?

In this modern world, logos really help you know where you gotta go. Suppose you are searching for a certain group for a certain work of yours, it’ll take loads of time for you to just go on and check out on every group rather you could only check out their logos and whichever you do like, you can go it. Logos through providing brief or also a sort of attraction. The more decent, classy, and creative your logo is, the more people connect to it.

So having a pretty decent and good logo is really a must if you gotta attract the mob. A few apps that can help you create your own logo, from the comfort of your own home and device are listed below.

1. Logo Maker

This is an incredible app for creators and artists. The first attraction to this app is its logo itself which is pretty decent with a subtle background and minimal designing with just an L & M written very creatively and then below their the name is written in quite small letters.

Logo Maker Iphone

This one has some 2000+ templates for you to choose from which are totally free. After the templates, this one provides you with a fast and easy, user-friendly editing features so that its handy for you.

Also even after the 2000 templates if you have something creative in your own mind you can freely lay it down by creating your own shapes. Again it has some 150+ stylish fonts to beautify your logo in the best possible way.

And to add multiple things on the same frame this one works with layers easily as well. After you are done creating one it has an option to export your logo in PNG format so that you can use it anywhere very easily. Other than the 2000 templates, it has some 5000+ logo icons for you to choose from which is insane. All of this can really result in a beautiful high-resolution logo.

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2. Logo Maker Shop

Again this apps logo is very basic, with white background, an orange double-ring circle over it, and a black caption tag which says ‘LOGO’.

Now this one is pretty advanced as it has logos already created where you just gotta add modifications and text and you’re good to go. But that is merely an option though the logos to choose from are incredible for sure.

Other than the ready-made logos this app also has, a fast and easy logo maker for somebody having a frame in their head for how their logo should look.

It has really inspiring and also 1000+ high-quality templates that provide you with better ideas to create and innovate. Again it has a fast & easy editor to complete your work at ease. It has some 800+ beautiful hand-picked stylish fonts for your logo. It also has a watercolor texture thing to give it a pretty natural look. Last but not least it has the high-resolution feature free to export the logo.

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3. Logo Maker Plus

Now this one has a really minimal and creative looking logo and looks slightly spiritual too. It’s an orange transitioned background with an L doubled up in a beautiful font and a ‘+’ sign covered in a circle. This one suggests you templates or logos or says graphics by asking you the purpose of your logo.

It suggests something that can actually define whatever work you are going up for. It has ample of categories to choose from. Next up it has beautiful and creative font to decorate your logo in the best possible way. Provides you with ‘n’ number of dimensions to a single 2d shape.

You can create premium logos in a gradient and 3d form starting from a basic and 2d structure. Other than these amazing features it also has very elegant designs for your logos. Overall it is a super good app for creating logos.

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4. Logo Maker 2020

Now this app’s logo is also pretty decent and definite. It is a simple dark navy blue background, with an illuminated, transitioned tilted square tile on the top and then ‘logo maker’ written just below it.

This one has unique and original 5000+ logo templates for you to choose from. You can create your own logo instantly by choosing the logo designs laid up category wise. You can edit your logo very easily, change the color, shape, font, etc.

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5. 3D Logo Maker

Again the logo of this app is super creative with more of white a side of the blue shaded background, a hexagon made up of rough, beautiful lines with a logo written as one side has L & G vertically and the other has 2 O’s vertically which seem logo when you read it.

It has 1000+ logo templates and the same number of font styles that can help you create a mesmerizing logo in a few taps. It has 5000+ graphics and images and transparent background as well. You can also create business cards, stickers, watermarks, and much more worth it.

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6. Brandee

This software has a green logo with a transparent background, which has a tilted heart that actually looks like a ‘B’.
This one gives you categories for you to choose from based on what you want to make the logo for.

After that, you gotta type your brand name and the tagline you want to add with it and then tap on generate logo and this app will generate a logo for you by itself. Now the ones it creates are some free and some paid logos, so you gotta select accordingly. After selecting you can edit your logo with some modifications and by this super-easy way, your logo is ready.

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7. Logo Creator

This one logo is a clear depiction of fonts, it has a really dramatic logo with a transparent background and simple design. This one has quite a few ads as it is completely free.

]This again has categories and editing features so that you can design your logo accordingly. It is pretty handy and works completely according to you.

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8. Hatchful

This app’s logo is very attractive as its a bird that is really pretty and attractive. The graphics of this app are just the right ones. Now again enjoying all these graphics you can again select the category you are creating the logo for. You can select designs segregated by categories.

Logo Maker Apps For Iphone

Then you provide the details about the text and then you gotta select where you want to use the logo as in for online purpose or business card or a large surface, etc. Then you gotta go for templates, and the logo will be ready and then you can edit or modify it accordingly.

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9. Picsart

A very common app used by a lot of android and iPhone users as this app got famous for its filtered camera before the existence of Snapchat. Then with the growth of the app, it got features of editing, drawing, and making collages. It has stickers, templates, camera to capture a certain thing and then edit it.

Overall, everything is actually required to create a logo. Just by using the existing features of this app, you can create a logo completely for free without even spending money. You can also import some image and edit it and make a logo out of it with the use of this app which makes it truly amazing.

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10. Pixel Lab

This is another amazing and very common software cum app. This one has the easiest structure for you to create a combination of graphics that can help you build an amazing logo. Now, this is also used for a pretty long time for the creation of edits and graphics.

The backgrounds here on this app are really aesthetic. This one then has an option for textures, positions, opacity, etc. The features here are pretty advanced and look very mature. You can do all the basic modifications as well as very quite advanced ones.

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11. LogoScopic

This one is completely free and the overall rating is A+ with a 694 rating. The logo scopic is one of the best logo making apps. This app features 850 fully adaptable with a custom made logo template. It’s easy to advance the artwork and editing with the tool available in this app.

However, it has 100+ hand-picked fonts supported by revolutionary typographic features and you can easily create logos with such brilliant app.

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12. LogoMaker+

This app is again free of cost, is for ios devices and its overall rating is 6. This is another popular app for iPad and iPhone users however this app not only lets you create logos but also amazing t-shirt designs and even temporary tattoo.

This has many customization features that allow for designing a logo as per your specific design needs. You can make up your logo as per your own requirements. This is an online web application to create logos for free without having a hassle. Its an outstanding and full of features logo maker.

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13. Designer Mantic

There are multiple apps that can create logos for ios devices but no one can beat the popularity of designer mantic. This amazing iOs app offers a variety of the creative and beautiful logo to choose from however all you need to do is just to use a logo design for the digital area.

Customize it and download it instantly, this app allows you to download your logo in jpeg and png and pdf format. This app is completely free for designing purposes, you only need to pay when you are buying the logo for commercial purposes.

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14. Brand Maker

This one is again a multipurpose app that can be used to create beautiful logos along with posters, business cards, flyers, posts, and banners. Along with these, this app is completely handy and works according to you and your choices along with providing suggestions just to make your logo look better.


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15. Logo Esport Maker

Now this one is mainly used when you want to create logos related to games or something related to kids. Logos in here are pretty animated.

The looks of it are animated yet mature for harsh games and also do work for apps or businesses where it resembles cuteness. The app has ample suggestions after you fill up your requirements for the purpose of your logo.

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It is important for every business to have a logo for their brand. A logo offers identity and recognition to your brand and business. Earlier, businesses used to hire professional designers to design a logo for their brand. Professionals charge a hefty amount to design a high-quality logo.


However, with the availability of mobile apps, it is now easy to design a logo with the help of a smartphone. Users don’t even need a computer to design a logo for their business. With plenty of apps available on app stores, you need to choose the right app to design a high-quality logo. This post shares the best logo maker apps to help you create a logo for your brand with the help of your iPhone or iPad.

Logo Maker Shop

The Logo Maker Shop is a wonderful app that offers plenty of features. The app has over 1000 templates. Once you pick a template, you can adjust the text by choosing 200+ fonts. Users can add any symbol and background to customize the template for their brand.

The app offers free as well as paid logos, but even the free ones are wonderful and well designed. You can buy most of the pro logos at a cost as low as $10. The app is convenient to use and offers plenty of customization options for your logo. It is one of the best logo maker apps for modern businesses.

Logo Maker

The Logo Maker app helps you create professional designs for the logo of your brand. The app is so simple to use that you can create a logo within a few minutes. It comes with preloaded templates, graphics and fonts that you can select to create a unique design for your logo. All you need is to select a template and add the name of your business, and your logo is ready. The drag and drop and spin elements make it quite easy to design or modify a template. You can also modify the objects, characters, and elements in the template to offer a personal touch to your logo.

Watercolor Logo Maker

As the name suggests, this app offers logos in watercolor style. The app is ideal for creating logos for businesses that run art stores or ice cream parlours, where colors play an important role. The watercolor logo maker app offer you a variety of colors and texts to add to your logo. Users can choose the colors, add text, and customize the logo further in the app editor.

ICONA – Logo Maker

If you want to use a variety of shapes in your logo, the ICONA Logo Maker app is the best solution for your brand. It offers you three options like text, shapes, and drawing. Users can click a shape and scroll through the options to adjust the color, opacity, and stroke. There is also a drawing icon in the app that allows you to draw any freestyle shape and use it in your logo. It offers a variety of icons and fonts for your logo design. It is the best app for logo designing.

Logo Maker Iphone

Best Logo Maker App Iphone

Final words

Aplikasi Logo Maker Iphone

These are some best iOS apps to make logos. Many apps offer you to download the created logo, and you can use it on your business app, website, or in your advertisements. However, some business owners want to use their logo on the walls of their physical store. They can hire professional services like painting services to paint their logo on any wall or storefront.

Logo Maker Iphone App

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