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Our goal at LastPass is to provide effortless security for everyone, and we rely on customer feedback to help us seamlessly secure every aspect of your digital life – both business and personal. Based on our customer conversations, a theme that stood out was ease of use and simplifying the admin experience. We heard you loud and clear and made it our mission reimagine the LastPass Admin Console to offer the simplicity and security your business needs.

LastPass is from LogMeIn, which has a suite of well-regarded cloud services nonprofits and businesses use including: GoToMeeting; GoToTraining; GoToConnect (formerly Jive Communications) To inquire about LastPass paid plans or request a trial for your organization, fill out the form below and an account rep will contact you shortly.

Today we are excited to announce our new Admin Console, available in both LastPass Identity and LastPass Enterprise packages. The new LastPass Admin Console simplifies the admin experience by enabling you to more easily get up and running with LastPass, gain granular insight into your organizations’ security posture, manage employee attributes, and boost LastPass adoption in your organization.

Simplified Navigation

We’ve simplified the navigation in the Admin Console through new categorization, so you can more easily find what you need.

  • Once your users have been added (either manually or via automated provisioning) and they have activated their accounts, you can view and manage various settings for each to build the ideal LastPass Enterprise environment for your organization. Note: Are you seeing something different? Learn how to navigate in the New Admin Console.
  • In your web browser toolbar, click the LastPass icon, then select Open My Vault. Go to and log in with your email address and Master Password. Select All Items or your desired item category in the left navigation. Hover over the Add icon in the bottom-right corner then click Add New Folder.
  • LastPass is an identity and access management solution that helps users and IT admins to manage and secure their passwords and cloud applications. It’s designed to be easy to use and provides simplified control and visibility over all business accounts. LastPass offers single sign-on, password management, and multi-factor authentication.
  • New restrictions on syncing make the free edition of LastPass much less appealing. If you’re looking for a new password manager, we've tested all the top contenders. Here's how to pick the right.
  • The Users tab is where you will have a holistic view of employees in your organization to more simply add and edit employee attributes, define groups and assign admins.
  • The Applications tab is where you can facilitate secure access for all the applications your business uses everyday – single sign-on and legacy apps, password protected sites and VPNs.
  • The Policies view is where you can customize your LastPass controls across all employee logins with 100+ customizable settings.
  • Reporting is where you can see activity for every login across your business for complete insight to adjust controls as needed.
  • Lastly, Advanced is where you can configure the more advanced LastPass settings.

Intuitive Admin Onboarding Experience

To help you get up and running with LastPass, our new admin onboarding tour guides you through each step of setting up your account to ensure your users, apps and policies are configured in alignment with your organization’s security needs, so you can roll out LastPass and secure every employee login sooner.

New LastPass Statuses: Staged, Invited and Active

Lastpass For Organizations Free

To have a more holistic view of the employees in your LastPass account, we’ve revamped user management so you can view employee details, onboarding status, multifactor authentication status and time of last login in a single, unified view.

For deeper insight into your employee’s onboarding journey, we’ve also introduced three new LastPass Statuses: Staged, Invited and Active. Staged shows when you’ve created an employee account but haven’t sent an invitation, Invited is when an employee has received an initiation but not yet accepted, and Active is when an employee has accepted the invitation and logged in at least once. The new LastPass Statuses enable you to have deeper insight into employee adoption, giving you the visibility to maximize LastPass usage across the business.

Gain Deeper Insight into Employee Attributes


For deeper insight into employee settings, you can now view and edit user details from a single panel. You can view a specific employee’s assigned groups, single sign-on apps, Shared Folders, enabled policies and more all from one location – coupled with the control to add or adjust settings as needed from the same view.

More Easily Manage Admins

A feature intended to make your job easier is the new Admin Management Center. In this view, you will be able to add, remove and manage all admins, including the ability to assign Super Admin permissions, for complete control over your LastPass account in a simplified view.

The New LastPass Admin Console, Available in Your Account Today

The new LastPass Admin Console is live in your account today!

Lastpass For Organizations Google

The LastPass Admin Console was built for you, and we want to hear what you think. To leave us feedback on the new experience, click on your username in the top-right corner of the new Admin Console and then select “Give feedback”. We are excited to hear your feedback, so we can continue to build effortless security for everyone.