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LastPass for Chrome is an easy and secure way to manage passwords, and we wish we'd had it a long time ago. LastPass has a lot of features, and it took us a little while to get acquainted with. Check Autofill Settings. First of all, make sure you enabled the autofill option.

Use the LastPass Authenticator

LastpassLastpass Chrome Ios

LastPass Authenticator is a multifactor app for iOS and Android mobile devices.

PluginLastpass Chrome Ios

Features and compatibility

The LastPass Authenticator supports various different authentication methods:

  • Time based 6-digit codes
  • One-tap push notifications
  • SMS 6-digit codes
  • Voice authentication via Call Me (available only when the LastPass Authenticator is enabled as a multifactor option to protect your LastPass Vault – learn more)
Lastpass plugin chrome ios

LastPass Authenticator is also TOTP compliant, meaning it is compatible with all apps and websites that support Google Authenticator. That means you can conveniently manage multifactor authentication for multiple services, all from LastPass.

Restriction: If you have a LastPass business account, the ability to perform these actions may be limited or prohibited due to policies enabled by your LastPass admin.

For LastPass admins, it is recommended that you complete the steps for enabling Multifactor Authentication in the Admin Console.

Note: Not what you're looking for? Please see information about the LastPass MFA app.

    In this section:

  1. Enable the LastPass Authenticator app in your LastPass Vault
  2. Enroll the LastPass Authenticator app
  3. Set a phone number for the LastPass Authenticator app
  4. Use the LastPass Authenticator app to access your LastPass Vault
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