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The very first step to making your own jewelry is knowing how you would like it. To be able to design your jewelry the right way, you need to know the tips and tricks for doing so. That is what jewelry designing is all about after all, to be able to design your jewelry! If you know how you like it, you would able to ace the making once you have the design. To help you with it, following are the sources:

Jewellery Design Sketches Pinterest

Jewellery Design SketchJewellery Design SketchSketch
  1. How to Design Jewelry Using JWEEL
    JWEEL is a software which will help you design 3D jewelry and a guide to using it is what you should expect here. From learning about the software, to using its features for jewelry designing, you will learn everything here!
  2. Jewelry Designing with Corel Draw
    Corel Draw is another software that you can use to design jewelry. All the details you need to know about the software and its jewelry making tools will become known to you through this comprehensive PDF guide.
  3. How to Draw Jewelry
    Drawing, one of the ways for designing jewelry, is dealt with in great length here. From using the right pencils and papers, to using the right movements of hands and the portions, this all-inclusive step-by-step tutorial includes everything.
  4. Jewelry Design and Hand drawn Sketches
    Here you will find a bunch of pictures for different jewelry designs. It is best for references and learning how your design should look like by the time you are done with it.
  5. Guide to Jewelry Design
    This guide deals with every bit of essential information you would need to know to become an expert handcrafted jewelry maker. It will teach you to use different tools and make use of different techniques to devise the best jewelry designs you can every imagine to make!
  6. Designing and Sketching
    You will find links to various kinds of illustrations of different ornaments here, ranging from rendering diamonds to rings. They will help you equip you with the idea of how you are supposed to make designs for your own jewelry.
  7. Principles of Designs for Jewelry
    If you are on to mastering the art of jewelry designing, mastering these 7 principles is the first way forward! It is divided into seven parts, each dealing with one of the seven principles in detail, so that you may learn their fundamentals and advances well.
  8. Designing and Drawing Jewelry
    This wholesome tutorial will enrich your jewelry drawing abilities by teaching you the fundamentals of tools and techniques involved. It also makes use of pictures to make each step clearer.
  9. How to Draw Jewelry Designs
    This is perfect for the beginners as it deals with the basic concepts involved with jewelry designing. It will equip you with knowledge of ideas and concepts you need to master when you start designing your jewelry.
  10. Learn to Design Jewelry
    It is a YouTube video which will guide you through high-speed tour into how jewelry designing artists do what they do. This will get you an insight into working of a professional, better equipping you with knowledge to practice it yourself.

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Jewelry Design Sketch Book

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  2. Technical Jewelry Sketches Thoughts on Paper When composing a piece of jewelry through rendering, a seemingly endless array of factors and possibilities will arise.

Jewellery Design Sketches


Jewellery Design Sketch For Beginners

Aug 31, 2020 - Explore shaikh raafia's board 'Jewellery design sketches' on Pinterest. See more ideas about jewellery design sketches, jewelry design, jewellery sketches. Jewellery Illustration and Design: From Technical Drawing to Professional Rendering Brambatti, Manuela, Vinci, Cosimo, Possamai, Alessandra on shipping on qualifying offers. Jewellery Illustration and Design: From Technical Drawing to Professional Rendering. The jewelry design process starts with initial jewelry sketches. The drawings will be presented to you for review and approval. Our jewelry designers will take into account all the techniques of drawing jewelry sketches and combine with jewelry modeling requirements. This includes the 3D model proportions, scales, comfort, gemstones, and other important details to get the ideal jewelry sketch for further 3D modeling process.