Internal Memorandum

An internal memo is used in the corporate or business environment to communicate and provide information to colleagues and managers about projects, specific goals, policy changes, and other work related subjects. Company Memo examples and blank memo examples seen on the page are to provide you with basis in the structure and making your own memo.

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Conclusion in the Memorandum

  • An informal record, in the form of a brief written note or outline, of a particular legal transaction or document for the purpose of aiding the parties in remembering particular points or for future reference. A memorandum may be used in court to prove that a particular contract was made.
  • Sep 30, 2020 Memos are a great way to communicate big decisions or policy changes to your employees or colleagues. It’s important that you take the time to craft a good memo so your message comes across how you want it to.

The conclusion is, as already noted, an integral part of the document, but as an independent section, it does not necessarily complete the memorandum. In voluminous documents concerning various issues of the activities of a legal entity, conclusions are given at the end of each section, in which the relevant issues are analyzed.

However, repeating the main conclusion at the end of the document can be useful. First, this is the result of the memorandum, this is what the reader takes from your document. The reader is not guided in the subject of the memorandum as well as you, and it is easy for him to get lost in the text. The conclusion will help the reader to isolate the main thing. Secondly, the conclusion gives the document a complete look. Let me remind, however, that the conclusion, wherever it is located, does not replace the summary of conclusions that is given at the beginning of the memorandum.

Sometimes lawyers finish the memorandum with sentences like: 'we hope that the views expressed in this memorandum will be useful to you,' or 'in case of additional questions, we will readily respond to them,' or 'please contact us without delay.' with us if you have any questions .

You can meet the opinion that such phrases are unnecessary. They, indeed, do not contain any new information and do not add anything new to what has been said. It's obvious that you wrote your memorandum in the hope that it will prove useful and that the client can contact you if he has any questions. Such phrases are a courtesy and are more appropriate in the cover letter. However, if it is possible that your cover letter will not fall on the table to the person who was going to the memorandum (for example, if the document was sent by e-mail) and remain with the secretary or assistant, it is definitely worth including such a final phrase in the memorandum.

In order to indicate the end of the document and to eliminate misunderstandings, especially in those cases when a memorandum is not signed, a '®' is often placed. This character is included in the standard character set in Microsoft Word.

Internal Memorandum

As already noted, the internal memorandum is an internal document of the organization. Its subject may be an analysis of a legal issue prepared on the instructions of a senior lawyer. This may be a statement of any problem related to the work of the firm, which the lawyer deems necessary to share with the management or colleagues. When drafting an internal memorandum, as a rule, greater freedom is allowed than when writing an external one. The style of writing is less significant, but this does not mean that it does not matter at all. The formal requirements for the structure of the document are also not so strict, but this does not mean that they are not at all. The same goes for the contents of the internal memorandum.

An internal memorandum on the analysis of a specific legal problem is often prepared by a junior lawyer. In the future such a document can form the basis of an external memorandum. Therefore, the internal memo should not be regarded as a rough draft. Although it is a document that is still in the works, it must meet the requirements of clarity, comprehensibility and efficiency and testify that its author has investigated all aspects of this problem. Therefore, in principle, everything said about the external memorandum applies equally to the internal 'memo'.

On the legal issues of building a house in the Forest District - two versions of the memorandum

As an example - two options for a memorandum. Before reading the second version (corrected), try to determine what is wrong in the first variant and how it could be remedied.

MEMORANDUM I ( project )

Date: March 5, 2014

Addressee: A. Anufriev, B. Nafanov and V. Nifontov

Fellowship of faith 'Forest dwellers'

Copy: A. Partners

Law firm Lawyers & Associates Sent by: K. Shapochkin

Law firm Lawyers & Associates

On the legal issues of building a house in the Forest District

Question: Clients (Fellowship on Faith & 'Forest Residents') asked us about the possibility of building a house in the village 'Tale' Forest area. The comrades need to be able to place the Board of their Partnership in the house no later than September 15, 2014, because by this time they will have to vacate the premises they occupy at the moment. We also need to keep in mind that the client would like to build a house in the shortest possible time and is not going to use this house as a summer cottage. We promised the client that we will present our thoughts on this matter in the memorandum.

You asked to advise you on the possibility of building a house in the Forest District. This is a very beautiful place, and we understand your desire to build a house there. However, as you probably know, the construction of houses in the Forest area is strictly regulated and involves various difficulties. This is due to the fact that the village Fairy Tale adjacent to the natural park 'Sosnovy Bor'. For example, in this territory it is allowed to build only one-story houses. In addition, in homes located in areas adjacent to a natural park, the use of electric heaters is prohibited (Fire Safety Instruction No. 25). In addition, in Sosnovy Bor, wild animals live; so living in this area, especially in winter, is unsafe. The problem is aggravated by the fact that in Sosnovy Bor, along with bears, wild boars, ordinary wolves, there are also silvery wolves, which are listed in the Red Book.

The easiest way is to build a summer house. Such houses are usually built by our summer residents, who settle a lot here in the summer. The construction and processing of securities in total takes usually not more than two weeks. This will allow you to spend the whole summer as you want: either to rest in our parts, where this time of year is nice and warm, or to go somewhere on the trip. Although, you should be warned that the summer house is cold and fragile, and there is no guarantee that it will withstand the winter and that you can live in it if the winter is cold. In addition, the summer house can not protect you from wild animals, which sometimes visit the village in the winter. You can also build a wooden cottage. This will take approximately 1.5 months. However, you will still have plenty of time to walk and have fun. However, you must be warned that the introduction into the house, which was not properly commissioned, is prohibited by the House Building Act, and serious financial sanctions are imposed on violators of the law (even arrest may be imposed on your home!). Wooden cottages are warm, since they have a heating system. To protect yourself from animals, you can set traps. The main thing is not to get into them ourselves and coordinate the installation of traps with the Society for the Protection of Animal Rights. The Law on Wildlife Protection allows the use of traps only in exceptional situations for the protection of living quarters. Therefore, we can not guarantee that you will receive permission from the Company, since you are going to use the house to host the Board, and not for living. The construction of a brick house takes a long time, but if you start building right now, you will have time to finish both the construction and the registration of documents by September 15. At the same time, if you decide to build a brick house, this will mean that you will have to monitor the construction, solve the issues arising during the construction and registration of papers, and you will not be able to rest at all. In addition, the construction of brick houses is incomparably more expensive than the construction of summer houses and wooden cottages. However, brick houses are strong and warm. In addition, only in brick houses are allowed to install metal doors that will protect you from bears, wild boars and wolves.

If additional questions arise, we will be happy to answer them.

MEMORANDUM II ( corrected )

Date: March 5, 2014

Addressee: A. Anufriev, B. Nafanov and V. Nifontov

Fellowship of faith 'Forest dwellers'

Copy: A. Partners

Law firm Lawyers & Associates Sent by: K. Shapochkin

Law firm Lawyers & Associates

On the legal issues of building a house in the Forest District

In your letter of March 1, 2014, you reported that you are going to build a house in the Forest District ('Fairy Tale' settlement), in which you intend to place the Board of your Partnership. You also said that you are going to use this house all year round, and not just in the summer. You asked us to analyze the legal issues related to the construction of the house, and at the same time bear in mind that you would like to build a house in the shortest possible time and be able to settle in it no later than September 15, 2014, because by that time you should release the premises you currently rent.


Village Tale is located in the protection zone of Lesnoy district, adjacent to the forest range 'Sosnovy Bor', which is a natural park. This leads to a number of additional requirements that are required for the construction of houses in a given territory. In particular, in the security zone, the law allows you to build: a) garden houses; b) one-storey wooden cottages; c) one-story brick houses. Despite the fact that the construction of a house made of bricks and the processing of documents takes a longer time and requires more financial costs than the construction of a garden house or a wooden cottage, for reasons that will be described below, we believe that the construction of a brick house is the most acceptable for you way.


Village Tale is located in the protection zone of Lesnoy district, adjacent to the forest range 'Sosnovy Bor', which is a natural park. In accordance with the Law on the Construction of Houses in 2000 (Article 10), there are three types of houses that can be built in protected areas: 1) garden houses; 2) one-storey wooden cottages; 3) one-story brick houses. In addition, the Law on Specially Protected Areas of 1998 requires that the construction of houses in the territories that are security zones, as well as the placement of any organizations in such houses, be coordinated with the management of the natural park (articles 21 and 22). Regardless of the type of house, the Law on the construction of houses requires the registration of the building and obtaining permission to put the house into operation. The introduction into the house, the commissioning of which was not registered in due course, is prohibited by the Law on the Construction of Houses (Article 50). Violators of this rule are sanctioned, including the possibility of seizure of the house before the payment of a fine.

1. Garden House

Building a garden house will solve your problem within two weeks. The actual construction of the house takes about 10 days, and 4 days is required to coordinate the project with the management of the natural park and the registration of documents, as the law on the construction of houses provides for a simplified procedure for registration and commissioning of such houses.

The problem is that the Fire Safety Instruction No. 25 categorically prohibits the use of electric heaters in any houses located in security zones. This means that you can not use any heating devices. The garden houses are cold, and according to the General Project for the Development of the Forest District, approved by the head of the Lesnoi District Administration, they do not provide for stove or any other heating. Such houses are adapted only for temporary residence in the warm months of the year.

Another argument against the construction of a garden house is that, in accordance with the Law on the Construction of Houses, metal doors can only be installed in brick houses (Article 72). We draw your attention to the fact that only metal doors are a reliable protection against wild animals (bears, wild boars and wolves) that are found in Sosnovy Bor. Since the issue of building a garden house to house your Board, apparently, can not be considered as an acceptable option for you because of the unfitness of such a house for use in the cold season, we do not discuss other possibilities of protection from wild animals in relation to the garden house.

2. Wooden cottage

One-storey wooden cottage assumes year-round use. Such houses are equipped with a heating system and have thermal insulation. A wooden cottage can be built and decorated in 1.5 months. However, as we noted above, in such houses, as well as in garden houses, under the Law on the Construction of Houses, it is forbidden to install metal doors. Therefore, to protect against wild animals living in Sosnovy Bor, you will have to install traps.

The main difficulty lies in the fact that in Sosnovy Bor there are, besides ordinary wolves, also silvery wolves, which are listed in the Red Book of the Central United States Territory. The Wildlife Protection Act of 2005 prohibits 'actions that may cause damage to wildlife objects listed in the US Red Data Book or the Red Data Books of US subjects, or lead to their death or shrinkage'. (Article 18). This Law allows the use of traps and traps only in exceptional situations provided for in the Law, after obtaining permission from the Wildlife Conservation Society to install such mechanisms. In particular, to such situations, the Law on the Protection of Wild Animals refers to the use of traps 'for the protection of living quarters from the attack of wild animals, including rare and endangered' (item 5 of article 21).

Please note that since you intend to host the Board of your Partnership in a new house (and not use a house for permanent residence), we can not say with certainty that your application to the Company will be granted. One of the arguments that may prove decisive when considering the application of your company is the fact that part of the house will be used by you as a living quarters. However, judicial practice in this category of cases has not yet settled, and courts in different regions sometimes take directly opposite positions.

In addition, according to the established practice, only the person using this room for living can apply to the Society for the Protection of Animal Rights with an application for permission to install traps. This means that you can apply to the Society only after the house is put into operation and you will start using it.

3. Brick house

The construction of a one-story brick house and the processing of documents takes usually four months. Thus, you will be busy all four months, not only because of the need to monitor construction, but also because the process of preparing a house for registration and actually registering a brick house requires the personal participation of the future owner of the premises. At the same time, we draw your attention to two circumstances. First, brick houses are equipped with a heating system. Secondly, as already noted, only in brick houses the law permits the installation of metal doors to protect against wild animals; so with this option, you will not have any difficulties with the installation of traps.


In our opinion, the construction of a brick house is most appropriate in your situation. !!!

Sample format of internal memo, used for official purposes. Ordered by management i.e timing schedule, holidays notification, short orders etc. Used in school, college administration as well. Known as office order or notice letter.

Official Memo for All Employees

Subject: Employees Identity Card

All Staff Members,

This is to inform you that all employees are strictly forced to wear employee identity card during office hours.To display his/her identity card is must and non-conformance of this may cause fine of Rs. 200/day. Administration has received strict orders from management due to security reasons. The implementation will start from Monday, and will hope that everyone will follow the rule and take it seriously.

How to write an internal memorandum


Fiffa International.

School Notice for Parents Regarding Outstanding Dues


Dear Parents,

It is to inform you that school is going to announce annual result of your child. In order to avoid any inconvenience on the result day, you are requested to deposit the outstanding dues of your child on priority basis.


Internal Memorandum Format


Official Notice from School for Parents

Dear Parents,

For your convenience the School Copies & Stationary are available from Thursday 18th of June 2015 from 09:00 to 12:00 from the school bookstore.
Note: Book store will remain open on Saturday 20th June 2015.

Best Regards,

Memo Format Letter For All Club Members

Dear Sir/Madam,

We would like to share with our worthy members that the Government of the Punjab has imposed General Sales Tax(GST) on the Club Services/Sports, therefore, we are compelled to charge GST on all services including sports subscriptions and other fees/charges @ 16% w.e.f 1st July, 2015 in order to comply with the relevant provisions of the Punjab Sales Tax on Services Act,2012. The Club Management is endeavoring hard to approach the authorities concerned for some relief on GST on sports which has already been promised by the Chief Minister of the Punjab. Any development/relief provided will be communicated to the members and appropriate adjustment will be made, accordingly.

Thanking You

Internal Memo Format Letter For Marketing Employees



To: Employee Name and Designation

Subject: Fund Raising through Efficient Management of Donation Boxes

While signing incentive reports for the month of _____.It was observed that out of 250 donation boxes only 50 were cleared. This is potential source of income for ….(organization name)……. I would advised you to kindly pay special attention to this aspect of fund raising. It was decided in the past that every donation box site will be cleared at least twice a month. I hope this aspect will receive special attention.



Organization Name:________

Internal Office Memo for Purchase Department

Office Memo

There is laid policy for purchase & repair. All purchases, repair and maintenance related requisitions should be processed through the CEO office.

No requisitions or bill be signed & paid without prior permission in writing.

This is strict compliance.


Office Note from Human Resource For Employees Record Updating

Dear Employees,

In reference of record updating, three latest passport size photos of all employees are required.Please write your name designation, department and phone number on the backside of one photo. You are required to submit your photos at your department head latest by 20th Feb,2015.

Thank you

Farooq Ahmed

Manager HR

Office Order Regarding Air- Conditioner May Please Be Switched Off

Dear Staff,

Electricity bill is touching extreme height.It is requested to economize in this account as much as possible.

Now weather is fairly changed and we can be comfortable with fans. It is advised that Air-Conditioners may please be switched off and use them if it is absolutely necessary.

Chief Executive

Name:– ——–

Sample Office Timing Order

Office timings for admin and resource staff of Roshni Foundation in the month of Ramadan will be as follow:

Administration staff: Mon-Sat (9am to 2 pm)

Resource development: Mon-Sat (9am to 5pm)

By rotation one Resource development officer will be on duty from 9am to 6:30 pm.

Wishing all the members of staff a Happy Ramadan.



Office Order For Christian Staff Holidays Sample

This is to inform you that Office will remain closed for two days on the eve of Christmas for Christian staff. One day after Christmas leave will be provided. Other staff will attain only single holiday of Christmas day and will continue to office the other day.

Wishing all the members of staff a Happy Christmas.



Sample Office Order for Farewell Contribution

Staff members are directed to contribute Rs. 500 each person for the farewell ceremony of Mr. Ali Hakim organized on 5th July, 2014.

Timings: 5pm-9pm

All staff is cordially invited to participate.



Office Order Regarding Saturday’s Holiday

It is to informed to all concerned that the office and factory will remain opened on Saturday, June 28, 2014 and this holiday will be adjusted with Eid holidays.

Admin Department

Official Memo For Eid Holidays


Dear Staff,

Rehman Foundation, Karachi office and Lahore office will remain closed from Monday 28th July to Friday 1st August 2014(inclusive). on account of Eid holidays.

Marketing (funding) Department will work till the day before Eid with their own internal arrangements and shall be closed from Eid day till 2nd August 2014.

A happy Eid to all the members of staff.

Rehman Foundation

Official Memo For Employee Furnal

All Staff Members,

This is to inform you that our senior manager Administration Abdul Qayyum passed away on 18th of July in Islamabad.

Namaz-e-Janaza will be offered after Namaz-e-Zohar 1.30 pm on 21st of July at Main Mosque in Masjid Chowk, Block E, Phase 1 DHA Islamabad.

You are all requested to pray for the deceased and join for his Namaz-e-Janaza.

May Allah bless the family with patience and may his soul rest in peace. Aameen



Sample Internal Memo Letter For Bank Guarantee

Sample internal memo between accounts and marketing department to arrange and provide Bid Bond/bank guarantee in favour of——————– company name.

Internal Memo

Sample internal memo for accounts and marketing department or purchase order for your reference and opening letter of credit in favour of ————– company name

Internal memo for requiring against payment of buying new item.

Definition Of Internal Memorandum

Sample(Internal Memo)Demand Draft Required


Sample Internal Memorandum Of Law

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