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  1. I'm having problems wit the User: Data field. I want to set the Display format to A certain key to output the identifier value from this serialized data (relevant snippet): a:1:s:10:'hybridauth'.
  2. Custom 'no results' handler in Drupal 8 Views. 6th November 2018 I recently had a requirement to have different 'no results' text display under different circumstances on a Drupal 8 site I was working on.

Recently i was trying to use view to show some data based on state and city. That i was able to do it with https://www.drupal.org/project/better_exposed_filters

Hook_views_pre_view drupal 8 freeDrupal views filter

Go to Drupal.org; Drupal 7; Drupal 8+ Other projects; Develop for Drupal; Return to content. Log in; Create account; Views 7.x-3.x views.api.php. Function hookviewspreview. Same name and namespace in other branches. 6.x-3.x docs/docs.php hookviewspreview Allows altering a view at the very beginning of processing a. Function hookviewspreview hookviewspreview(ViewExecutable $view, $displayid, array &$args) Alter a view at the very beginning of Views processing. Output can be added to the view by setting $view-attachmentbefore and $view-attachmentafter. Parameters DrupalviewsViewExecutable $view: The view object about to be processed.

Where i make taxonomy terms of city and states in filters of view and exposed them, so that user can change it and get the result with Ajax (without submit button).

But here is the new challenge, once i am on the page the default values of the filters should be my current city and state.

That i have done using two methods.

  1. Hit the location api and get the city based on IP.
  2. Look for the same city in the taxonomy terms, respective state and get the Term Ids of the both.
  3. Now we need the set the default Term Ids as expose filters and results should be according displayed.
  4. For that we need to alter the view, so that i have used hook_views_pre_view in my custom module as per below code.


Implements hook_views_pre_view().
function custom_ajax_views_pre_view(ViewExecutable &$view, $display_id, array &$args) {
if ($view->id() ‘expose_filter’) {

// Setting expose filter as term id 3 and 8 in expose filter view.

Hook_views_pre_view drupal 8 free

Drupal 8 Views Data Export

$exposed_filters = array(
‘field_city_reference’ => ‘3’,

‘field_state_reference’ => ‘8’,
// Field transfer data area.
$filter_input[‘field_term_reference’] = $exposed_filters;

Hook_views_pre_view Drupal 8 Login

Hook_views_pre_view Drupal 8

Drupal Views Filter

Hook_views_pre_view drupal 8 login

Hook_views_pre_view Drupal 8 File

Which sets my default expose filters in view and result will be automatically changed.