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Gpx Reader Iphone

Import tracks and waypoints from gpx files. Show multiple tracks and waypoints on various map types. Review and analyze track statistics and charts. Use this app as a simple navigation tool with location tracking which allows following GPS position and map rotation.


  • Supports dark and light color schemes
  • Supports iPhone and iPad devices


  • Apple Maps
  • OpenStreetMap
  • OpenTopoMap
  • ÖPNVKarte
  • CyclOSM


  • Detailed worldwide offline vector maps based on OpenStreetMap data
  • Wide variety of offline map styles from city to outdoor oriented styles, preview:
  • Monthly updates with improved data


  • Record tracks with speed and elevation


  • Location tracking with follow GPS and rotate map
  • Shows actual speed, elevation and course

Gpx Reader Iphone 8


Gpx Reader App Iphone

Gpx reader iphone freeGpx Reader Iphone
  • Import tracks from gpx files stored at iCloud or device storage
  • Detailed track information
  • Track statistics and charts
  • Adjust track line color


Gpx Reader Iphone 7

  • Import waypoints from gpx files stored at iCloud or device storage
  • Detailed waypoint information
  • Adjust waypoint color
  • Add waypoints with long press