The GNS3 VM uses a virtual disk with a size ofabout 100 GB for storing disk images and projects.While this is sufficient for most situations,you may run out of disk space, when using the GNS3 VM intensively.

Here an example:

GNS3 VM Server is a virtual machine integration program developed on a Linux platform. After downloading the GNS3 VM.ova file, you need to use a virtualization program to import/install it on your computer. With the GNS3 VM, you can upload Cisco Router IOS images to the Server and store them in one place. Create GNS3 VM Once the setup has completed, a zip file '' is downloaded to the same folder as the installation file, containing the drives and the PowerShell script to create the Hyper-V vm. Extract all on the This action will extract out the drives and the PowerShell script to create the VM.

Herman at 14:12. Fixed in Windows 10 Pro. I had (re) installed VirtualBox 6.0.14 on an SSD that was set aside for VBox. Everything was on the root of the SSD so there was no “c: program files Oracle VirtualBox ExtensionPacks” path or folder.

The second disk (/dev/sdb) is used for storing disk imagesand projects in the /opt directory.In this example 80 GB out of 96 GB are used.Furthermore Linux reserves another 5% of the disk space,so 87% of the disk are in use.

Expanding the disk of a VM is done in three steps:

  • Expand the disk image in the hypervisor
  • Expand the partition within the virtual disk
  • Expand the file system within the partition

Lets have a detailed look at those steps.

Fiddling with disk images is a risky operation.Even though the procedure is well tested,I strongly recommend to make a backup of the GNS3 VM.

For that locate the directory, where the VM is stored.Normally that’s in the Home directory -> Documents -> Virtual Machines folder.If you have difficulties locating it,open the VM settings of the GNS3 VM and select a hard disk.The path to the disk file is shown,use the Explorer to navigate to the Virtual Machines folder.

Stop the GNS3 GUI and the VM,then copy the whole GNS3 VM directory to a safe place.

Ensure, that the GNS3 GUI and the VM are stopped.Open the VM settings, select the second hard diskand expand it’s size.

Here the settings for VMware Player 14:

Start the GNS3 VM, but not the GUI.In the menu select “Shell” to open a console window.

2.1 Become root and stop the running services

2.2 Expand Partition

First unmount the second hard disk,then use parted to expand the partition to the full size (100%).
It’s extremely important, that you use /dev/sdb in the parted command -NOT /dev/sdb1.

2.3 Expand File System within the Partition

Check the file system structure, expand the file systemand check the structure again.

2.4 Check the result

Mount the second hard disk and check the disk utilization.If everything looks fine, reboot the VM to restart all services.

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