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In this article, we will discuss the meaning of the Cisco line vty command. While working on Cisco Router or Switch you may come across to the line vty configuration. So, this article will explain the “line vty 0 4” and further, we will configure the line vty on Cisco Router. So, let’s start!

Understanding line vty 0 4 configurations in Cisco Router/Switch

RouterGns3 ssh connection refused

Gns3 Ssh Instead Of Telnet

Finally set the ssh timeout to 120 seconds with “IP ssh time-out 120” command. Related Article: Install SSH on CentOS 8.x and Red Hat Linux. The final step is to test the connectivity of ssh from PC1 with “ssh -l Admin” command for command prompt. C: ssh -l Admin Open Password: R1en R1enable Password: R1#. Hi Guyes, I have been practising configuring the SSH login in gns 3 over a two router topology, after configuring the SSH I login from R1 to R2 and R2 to R1. Both ways and tried many times with a successful login and saved the configuration and quit the GNS3.

Gns3 Ssh Password

  1. Only free software will be used: Python3, PyCharm, GNS3, VirtualBox, Linux, etc Cisco IOS Images should be acquired by the student (from Cisco's official website - contract required) to run into GNS3 or practice all the concepts on real Cisco devices.
  2. I was doing a basic lab ipv6 with GNS3 and SSH came in front of the scene (no matter ipv4 or ipv6 in this post) This is the lab.
  3. Here, you can get Network and Network Security related Articles and Labs. For the official GNS3 website, visit This website is for Educational Purposes Only and not provide any copyrighted material. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. is not associated with any profit or non profit organization.
Gns3 Ssh

VTY stands for Virtual Teletype. I’m sure you already know the virtual interfaces, so the “vty” is a kind of virtual interface that is used to get CLI access of a Cisco Router or Switch over Telnet/SSH. All the connections are remotely over the network, so there is no hardware associated with it.

The command, line vty 0 4, will open 5 virtual interfaces, i.e. (0,1,2,3,4) for remote access. That means, 5 different administrators/connections can access the Cisco Router/Switch simultaneous using Telnet or SSH. Cisco hardware supports a maximum of 16 line virtual interfaces, i.e. (0,1,2,3,…,15).

line vty 0 4 configurations on Cisco Router / Switch

In this session, we will configure the line vty 0 4 configurations on Cisco Router. You must have proper privileges to access the device in configuration mode to configure the line vty configuration. Below configuration is the simple example of line vty configuration:

Note: You need to set enable password to get priviladed mode access!

Gns3 ssh free

At this point, I would like to explain one more command related to the remote access of the Cisco Router or Switch. This command is alternate to the line vty, but it will do the same task. That means, if you run the below command, it will open the line vty virtual port for you to gain access over the telnet or ssh. Below is a simple example of this configuration.

Gns3 Ssh Server

Here, the triple time a, i.e. AAA, is stands for Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting. That means the default method of remote access is AAA. So, you will be not able to configure the line vty configuration further. If you want to switch back to the line vty configuration, you must remove the aaa configuration first. Below is the command to remove the aaa configuration.

Once, you run the above command, it will remove all aaa related configuration.

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In this article, we discuss the command “live vty” and related configuration. vty stands for Virtual Teletype and used to configure a virtual port to get the telnet or ssh access of Cisco Router/Switch. Cisco hardware support up to the 16 virtual port, i.e. (0,1,2,….15), on which administrators can telnet/ssh to gain remote access simultaneously. The command, line vty 0 4, will open 5 virtual ports, i.e. (0,1,2,..,5), that means only 5 administrators can log in to the device simultaneously.

Gns3 Ssh From Vpc

The command, aaa new-model, will override the line vty configuration, and switch the remote authentication to the AAA.

Gns3 Ssh To Router

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