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  1. In the Girl Scouts together, We change the world Sisters of every color, friends from everywhere We all make a difference, When we show the world we care The Girl Scouts are our family, And they show us what we can be And I believe together we change the world In America, we have so much to give To our sisters around the world.
  2. Tooty fruity Girl Scouts we kick some booty Booty! Woo Come on everybody get the party started, we don t need know music cuz the dogs are barkin sayin: ooof ooof ooof ooof Arf! Ooof ooof ooof ooof Arf! Girl Scouts getting funky Girl Scouts ride that donkey! Girl Scouts look at the Monkey!

Song Book For meetings, campfires and other Girl Scout adventures. VE700/7‐2016 Page 2 of 31 Table.

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Girl Scout Song Book 1929

Girl Scout Song Book

This Song book was created in an effort to get my troop to be more interested in singing, as a part of my Wood badge ticket. I used PC Write when I was creating the book, so some reformatting might be necessary if you want to use the whole book, but you might just want to use it as a resource for more songs for your unit.

I would be interested in hearing any comments you might have about the songs. Also I would invite you to send me a favorite song to be used in a second book. If possible, try to let me know how the tune goes.

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