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According to statistics every 4 seconds in the world they cut down the forest area equal to the football field. The fastest pace of deforestation is in South-East Asia. Chinese people multiply and have not enough area to live. So what’s to be done? We need paper to draw! I want to tell you how to draw forest. This will not help our fauna, but we should try.

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Here are some facts about forests:

  • Aokigahara forest. This forest is known as the Sea of Trees. It’s a huge forest in Japan. Due to the wind-blocking density of trees and absence of wild life it’s exceptionally quiet. It’s a dark place where even compasses do not work. It has become a favorite place for suicides.
  • In Russia there is a forest called “dancing” or “drunk” by local people. The thing is that there grow pines with twisted trunks. No one knows why the trees look so.
  • Most of us think that tropical forests are full of different noises. I will disappoint you – jungles are quieter than a sleeping baby. All starts at night, when animals begin hunting. And even at night they are very careful and quiet.

Let’s try to draw.

How to draw forest step by step

Step 1. We draw the skyline and a path (with 2 vertical lines).

Step 2. At the sides of the path we sketch trees: big and small.

Step 3. We make the trunks taller and shade their lower part. We add grass at the trees.

Step 4. Now we draw the tops of the trees and do shading.

Step 5.

Step 6.

Protect our forests! And use both sides of the paper sheets (not in toilet of course). And plant new trees and flowers. I’m waiting for your comments and new ideas on this page.

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Obelisk Sketch
Obelisk Sketch
Obelisk Drawing
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For the non-interactive drawings of the Obelisk found all over the peninsula, please seeObelisk Drawing.

The Obelisk Sketch is a collectible story item that can be found in Cave 10. It can be seen in the Sahara research lab, but it can only be interacted with in Cave 10. Upon discovery, it will be examined and then added to the notes section of the survival guide.

Theory[editedit source]

It appears to be a fancy, modern drawing of the resurrection obelisk. There appear to be numbers and a formula on the bar measuring the top spire of the obelisk. Because this item can be found both in the lab and in cave 10, two assumptions can be made. First, the sketch belongs to a Sahara employee, along with the orange, modern tents nearby. Second, and alternatively, the cannibals that overran the lab could have dropped this randomly in the camp in Cave 10, as they often drop items off in the caves.

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  • Player holding the Obelisk Sketch

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