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Dame Elisabeth Schwarzkopf was one of the greatest opera singers that lived to recording age. She performed her first opera Orfeo ed Euridice at age 13 in Germany. In an ironic turn of luck, her father was censored by the Nazis, resulting in her inability to study medicine. 1 Maria Callas Maria Callas, Commendatore OMRI, was a Greek-American soprano, and one of the most renowned and influential opera singers of the 20th century. Many critics praised her bel canto technique, wide-ranging voice and dramatic interpretations.

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Nr.Singer namePopularityBornVoiceNationalityVideosArias
  1. This list of the most notable and famous opera singers in the world includes photos, when available. The greatest opera singers worldwide and top opera singers in America can be found on this list, ordered by their level of prominence. If you're looking for only famous female opera singers, we have that as well. From reputable opera singers to.
  2. Browse through all baritone opera singers, divided by language. With links to: the scene itself (with movie, libretto and more information), the roles, the composer and the opera.
1Dmitri HvorostovskyViews: Birth: 1962Death: 2017Voice: baritoneNationality: RussianVideos: 274Arias: 117
2Bryn TerfelViews: Birth: 1965Death: Voice: bass-baritoneNationality: WelshVideos: 315Arias: 139
3Ruggero RaimondiViews: Birth: 1941Death: Voice: bass-baritoneNationality: ItalianVideos: 503Arias: 297
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4Leo NucciViews: Birth: 1942Death: Voice: baritoneNationality: ItalianVideos: 507Arias: 281
5Thomas HampsonViews: Birth: 1955Death: Voice: baritoneNationality: AmericanVideos: 300Arias: 193
6Ildebrando D'ArcangeloViews: Birth: 1969Death: Voice: bass-baritoneNationality: ItalianVideos: 276Arias: 157
7Laurent NaouriViews: Birth: 1964Death: Voice: bass-baritoneNationality: FrenchVideos: 21Arias: 12
8Robert MerrillViews: Birth: 1917Death: 2004Voice: baritoneNationality: AmericanVideos: 799Arias: 284
9Hermann PreyViews: Birth: 1929Death: 1998Voice: baritoneNationality: GermanVideos: 348Arias: 167
10Simon KeenlysideViews: Birth: 1959Death: Voice: baritoneNationality: EnglishVideos: 144Arias: 98
11Wolfgang BrendelViews: Birth: 1947Death: Voice: baritoneNationality: GermanVideos: 95Arias: 83
12Tito GobbiViews: Birth: 1913Death: 1984Voice: baritoneNationality: ItalianVideos: 1504Arias: 433
13Piero CappuccilliViews: Birth: 1926Death: 2005Voice: baritoneNationality: ItalianVideos: 732Arias: 354
14Rod GilfryViews: Birth: 1959Death: Voice: baritoneNationality: AmericanVideos: 33Arias: 22
15John ReedViews: Birth: 1916Death: 2010Voice: baritoneNationality: EnglishVideos: 52Arias: 18
16Luca PisaroniViews: Birth: 1975Death: Voice: baritoneNationality: ItalianVideos: 117Arias: 80
17Christian GerhaherViews: Birth: 1969Death: Voice: baritoneNationality: GermanVideos: 50Arias: 46
18Erwin SchrottViews: Birth: 1972Death: Voice: bass-baritoneNationality: UruguayanVideos: 73Arias: 43
19Manfred HemmViews: Birth: 1961Death: Voice: bass-baritoneNationality: AustrianVideos: 14Arias: 10
20Peter MatteiViews: Birth: 1965Death: Voice: baritoneNationality: SwedishVideos: 80Arias: 62
21Sherrill MilnesViews: Birth: 1935Death: Voice: baritoneNationality: AmericanVideos: 593Arias: 308
22John RawnsleyViews: Birth: 1950Death: Voice: baritoneNationality: EnglishVideos: 20Arias: 19
23Bo SkovhusViews: Birth: 1962Death: Voice: baritoneNationality: DanishVideos: 125Arias: 90
24Thomas QuasthoffViews: Birth: 1959Death: Voice: bass-baritoneNationality: GermanVideos: 38Arias: 36
25Ettore BastianiniViews: Birth: 1922Death: 1967Voice: baritoneNationality: ItalianVideos: 1036Arias: 340
26Thomas AllenViews: Birth: 1944Death: Voice: baritoneNationality: EnglishVideos: 301Arias: 186

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27Ingvar WixellViews: Birth: 1931Death: 2011Voice: baritoneNationality: SwedishVideos: 211Arias: 165
28Renato BrusonViews: Birth: 1936Death: Voice: baritoneNationality: ItalianVideos: 522Arias: 319
29Ludovic TézierViews: Birth: 1968Death: Voice: baritoneNationality: FrenchVideos: 73Arias: 55
30Dietrich Fischer-DieskauViews: Birth: 1925Death: 2012Voice: baritoneNationality: GermanVideos: 588Arias: 299

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