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When you finish your Dinosaur drawing why not color it in like this! Click on the painting above to find out how I created these colorful images from my Triceratops drawing. I used watercolor paints and masking fluid, both available from BLICK art supplies.

How to Draw a Dinosaur?

  1. Here's another fun art project to do with your super young artists, how to draw a dinosaur with shapes. In this lesson we add small shapes together to make a.
  2. Dinosaur drawing - step 17 To draw the eyes, sketch two large circles above the mouth. Allow a curve to extend slightly from the top of the circle, giving the eyes depth. Draw the right eye ridge using a curved line.

Dinosaur Step by Step Drawing for Kids

Kids, learn how to draw the Dinosaur by following the steps below.


Draw a medium-sized rectangle with rounded corner. This is the head.


Starting from the right bottom corner, draw a big curve.


Connect the rectangle and the curve with a big half oval. This is the body of the dinosaur.


Starting from the center of the body, draw a half oval at the bottom.

Easy To Draw Dinosaur

Draw a small curve parallel to the half oval.


Connect the curve and the half oval with a zig-zag curvy line. This is the leg of the dinosaur.


Below the head, draw one more small curve.


Draw another curve parallelly.


Connect the 2 parallel curve with small zig-zag curvy lines.


Inside the head, draw a small line.


Draw small inverted 'v' above the line.


On the top right side of the head, draw another small line.


Draw 2 'u' shapes under the line.


Put 2 dots inside the 'u' shape.

Easy To Draw DinosaurStep:15

Draw more inverted lines on the big curve.

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Easy To Draw Dinosaur

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If you love animals, this tutorial on how to draw dinosaurs is for you. Dinosaurs are extinct animals, their fossils are found and scientists thought the bones might have belonged to giants. They are a combination of birds and reptiles.

Firstly in 1840, the name dinosaur was given to them. They are suppose to found in many species with different characters. Some supposed to be big and scary, some can fly, some of them are peace lovers. With our step by step guidance, you can draw them in no time. Start your drawing with a thin line so that you can erase it.

In this tutorial, we are drawing Allosaraus and the Brachiosaurus dinosaurs. You need paper, a pencil. eraser and colors of choice to engrave this on paper. If you liked this also see, how to draw gorilla, giraffe.

How to Draw Allosaurus Dinosaurs

We are drawing allosaurus dinosaurs step by step, they have sharp pointed teeth with sharp claws. this drawing consists of an easy step, you can draw it freehand.

Step 1: Draw a potato shape for the body and a random oblong shape forming both jaws, with an open mouth.

Step 2: Join neck and body with 2 curvy lines and from the neck. Draw an angular shape like pear for the front arms and 3 overlapping shapes for the back legs. Draw 2 big curvy lines from the back of the dinosaur body joining at the end forming a tail.

Step 3: Draw a pear shape with a rounded rectangle and form another front leg. Form 3 overlapping shape bigger than the last one to draw another back leg.

Step 4: Draw the eyes, pointed teeth, nostrils, and triangular eyebrows for the facial details. Draw pointed fingers and nails.

Step 5: Add lines all over the body to give it a realistic look and shrinks on the skin.

Step 6: Erase all extra lines and trace them with the marker or dark pencil.

Step 7: You can color it with your choice or as given in the image below.

How to Draw Brachiosaurus Dinosaurs

Brachiosaurus is a dinosaur with a long neck and tiny head. In this section, we will draw Brachiosaurus Dinosaurs in simple 5 steps.

Step 1: We will draw the body first, draw a potato shape for it. Above the body draw the long curved cylindrical shape forming neck and above to it bean-shaped head. The proportion of the head will be too small compared to that of the body.

Step 2: Draw a pointed tail with help of two curves. At the bottom portion of the body draw 2 distorted rectangular types of structures for 2 legs.

Step 3: Draw 3 overlapping shapes 2 angular and a round shape for one leg and 2 other long rectangular shape for back leg. Draw eyes, nose, and thin line for mouth. In this step only draw the toe nails on the 4 foots.

Step 4: Draw few more details on body to give it a realistic look.

Easy Dinosaur Drawings For Kids


Cute Easy To Draw Dinosaur Step By Step

Step 5: Trace the drawing with pointed pen and color accordingly.

Easy To Draw Dinosaur

Few people consider them imaginary but the archeology department founds fossils that do not match any alive animal and are very large in size. From that theory, the dinosaurs came into existence in books and stories.