Easy Baby Yoda Drawing

Age Recommendation: Any!


Length of Activity: 5-10min

Baby yoda directed drawingEasy baby yoda drawing
  • This free 4 page step-by-step Baby Yoda drawing easy tutorial is a great indoor activity: it’s easy to follow, doesn’t require a lot of preparation, and the result is a cute Baby Yoda sketch! Follow this 4 page simple step by step guide to draw Baby Yoda!
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  • Master Yoda is the one of the famous heroes of the Star Wars saga. You can try to draw Baby Yoda step by step and ‘Let Force Be With You’! George Lucas created an interesting hero with very unusual appearance. He is one of the strongest and wisest Jedis. Few could compare with him in light saber play.

Supplies Needed: Pencil & Paper (optional: pen)

We’ve all heard of Baby Yoda, the star of Disney’s hit show, The Mandalorian. With his round eyes and massive ears, he’s a perfect character to cartoonify! Once you master the basics of drawing a character and manipulating its poses, you can turn any cute animal into a cartoon! Follow these steps to create your very own Baby Yoda! At the end, I’ve also attached some examples of Baby Yoda’s I’ve created using these steps.

Step 1: Draw guidelines

Art is such a great way to do that with the kids. Gather around your dining room table, throw down some markers, pens, and crayons, and press PLAY on one of these online Baby Yoda drawing tutorials. And the best part? You could always rewind if you need to, unlike a live class. Baby Yoda Coloring Pages. Download and print these Baby Yoda coloring pages for free. Baby Yoda coloring pages are a fun way for kids of all ages to develop creativity, focus, motor skills and color recognition.

Guidelines are often overlooked, but they’re actually great for outlining the placement of other aspects of Baby Yoda’s face later on. In short: don’t skip guidelines!!

Step 2: Add ears and face outline

Ears should be shaped like triangles extending very far from Baby Yoda’s face, giving him his signature silhouette. When outlining his face, be sure to utilize the guidelines we created earlier while still adding some more roundness to increase his cuteness!

Easy Baby Yoda Sketch

Step 3: Add facial details

This is the part where you can really make this Baby Yoda your own. I’ve chosen to give him some eyebrows and blush, but you can add any facial expressions you like.


Step 4: Add his signature robe

Easy Drawings Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda’s robe is his signature outfit. However, feel free to put him in any outfit you like. This is also the step where you can manipulate his pose to do anything you’d like.

Baby Yoda Easy Drawing Tutorial

(Optional) Step 5: Outline your drawing

Outlining is never required, but it will make your drawing look cleaner. If you choose to do so, don’t rush the process! Outlining is a very detailed task that should be done carefully as to not ruin the drawing you already finished.

Baby Yoda Cartoon Drawing

Examples of other Baby Yodas I’ve drawn: