Drupal Mailsystem

Drupal Mailsystem

Mailsystemset(mailsystemdefaults); If module example relies on dependency foo and its FooMailSystem class, then the example.install code should like like this: /. Implements hookenable. For instance, you may want to choose Mimemail for it's excellent ability to format emails, and choose SMTP for sending emails so you can use a third-party server for performance and stability. Additionally mail system classes can be chosen for each module that sends out email. Examples include: Contact, Webform, Views Send.

This blog is all about Drupal Mail system. Email sending in Drupal is entirely straightforward. Essentially you just need to manage two stages to send an email to somebody:

In Drupal to sends an email we need to take care of two things:

  • Declare all the required properties (subject, body, headers, etc) under hook_mail().
  • Call drupal_mail() with the argument for actually sending the email.

However, in the situation like greater and complex site, the above strides won't be sufficient. In any case, Drupal gives us the Flexibility to redo email sending process, before that it's important to know how stuff functions in the background first, with the help of Drupal you can easily generate custom pdf using the print module. In this blog, I'll demonstrate to you how you can redo and extend the Drupal mail framework to satisfy your necessities.
The Email Sending Process

While sending an email drupal_mail() function uses system class for sending an email. Each mail framework needs to actualize MailSystemInterface class to define its own mail sending conduct.

MailsystemInterface class utilizes two strategies:

  • format()
  • mail()

Drupal Send Mail

The Mail System Module

Drupal mail system

Drupal Mail System

Drupal MailsystemPhp mail system

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Mail related settings can be set through Configuration > System > Mail System.

Drupal Mail System

The mail system variable contains two things:

  • default-system => DefaultMailSystem
  • mailsystem_theme => current.

These key-value pairs are the settings you can adjust under the “Mail System Settings” fieldset.