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Drupal Commerce Paypal
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This handbook documents the features, configuration, and expectations of each of the payment methods enabled by sub-modules in the Commerce PayPal project. Issues with the modules or the documentation should be posted in the module's issue queue, not in comments on these pages. PayPal is easily the world's most preferred payment solution. Drupal has several competent modules that can handle PayPal transactions. In this article, we will be downloading, enabling and configuring the Commerce PayPal module.

Sometime we see error like ‘Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded …’

This has some reasons like

– PHP taking too much time to respond to the browser

– Your desktop/laptop is slow mainly due to less RAM configured or too much software installed.

Drupal Commerce Paypal Log

Without changing anything in this file or system configuration,we can fix this ,just follow below simple steps:

  • Open a file ‘ php.ini ‘ inside notepad ,File located under ‘xampp/php/’ folder
  • find a line ‘max_execution_time’ . you can find using ctrl+F
  • replace default value of max_execution_time=30 to max_execution_time=120
  • save this file and stop apache server in xamp control panel
  • Now re-start apache server in xampp control panel.
  • In this way we have increased default php execution time in our localserver(XAMPP)
CommerceDrupal Commerce Paypal

Find Below php.ini file screenshot :

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In this chapter, we will study how to set up Payments in Drupal. Payment is a process of paying money in exchange of goods, services or both to a company or a person.

Following are the steps to set up payments in Drupal.

Step 1 − Download the latest file of Basic Payment module and PayPal Payment module from the link and install in your Drupal site.

Step 2 − Next, Enable the Basic Payment and PayPal Payment in Modules and click Save configuration.

Step 3 − Click Configuration --> Payment as shown in the following screen.

Step 4 − Click Payment methods.

Step 5 − Then, click Add payment method.

Step 6 − Click PayPal Payments Standard.

Step 7 − You have to fill the form for PayPal payments.

It contains the following fields −

  • Title(specific) − Enter the specific title name.

  • Title(generic) − Enter the generic title name.

  • Owner − Enter the name of the owner.

  • PayPal account email address − Enter your email address.

  • Server − Select the server from either of the one i.e. Production or Sandbox.

  • Capture − Select either of the one capture method i.e. Manual or Automatic.

Step 8 − You can view the above created PayPal in the following list.

Step 9 − Next, go to Structure --> Content Types. The following page will get displayed, click Add content type.

Step 10 − Create a content type name as Products and save it.

Step 11 − You can view the created Products content in the list. Click manage fields.

Step 12 − Add a new field as Buy Now, Select Payment form for type of data from the dropdown.

Drupal Commerce Paypal Payment

Click the Save button.

Step 13 − Now, you can view the created Buy Now field in the list.

Step 14 − Go to Content, click Add content.

Drupal Commerce Paypal Loan

Step 15 − Click Products.

Step 16 − Enter your product information inside the fields as shown in the following screen and click the Save button.

Step 17 − You can now view your content on your site as shown in the following screen. Click Pay button.

Step 18 − You will be redirected to the offsite payment server to authorize the payment.

Later, it will direct you to the PayPal site for future payments process.

Drupal Commerce Paypal Credit Card

Step 19 − Once the payment process is complete, you can view the details of the payment as shown in the following screen.

Drupal Commerce Paypal Login

Step 20 − Go to Content --> Payments tab. Here, you can view the payment status of your product.