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Drupal 9.2.x Welcome to the Drupal API Documentation! This site is an API reference for Drupal, generated from comments embedded in the source code. More in-depth documentation can be found at https://www.drupal.org/developing/api. The vast majority of community-contributed Drupal 8 modules now have releases that are compatible with Drupal 9, but what can you do if you need to use a module that doesn’t? Well, you’re likely to find a compatibility patch in the project's issue queue. But the tool most of us use with composer to apply patches, cweagans/composer-patches, is a plugin that can only make its changes after. Drupal is a free and open source content management system that can be used to create online content, website and user communities. It is written in PHP language, uses MySQL as a database backends and distributes under the GNU General Public License. Verbatim mirror of the git.drupal.org repository for Drupal core. Changes will not be pulled, and merge requests will not be accepted, if you want to contribute, go to Drupal.org: - drupal/drupal. Deleted the existing composer.lock. In require section of composer.json, added drush/drush: ^9.2 with appropriate quote marks, and ran composer update. Which worked fine. I still don't understand the effect of.lock on.json, but I guess we're all learning in the new Drupal 8 way.

9 July 2020

Drupal version 8.9.2 is now available.

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Upgrading to Drupal 8.9.2

Drupal 8.9.2 can be upgraded to (or installed) using any of Installatron's products. Use Installatron's optional Automatic Update feature to automatically apply Drupal updates as new versions are released, or use Installatron's Clone feature to duplicate an existing Drupal install to test the 8.9.2 upgrade prior to applying it live. Get started managing your Drupal installations with InstallatronDrupal

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9.2. Concept: The Parts Of A View Drupal 9, Drupal 8

  • #2914785 Entities with external urls as a uri relationship can not be deleted when menu_link_content is installed
  • #3149930 Views table settings exposes 'Details' field even when empty
  • #3152003 EndOfTransactionQueriesTest does not include bootstrap.inc early enough for contrib database drivers
  • #3027763 UnroutedUrlAssembler removes query params array item key in buildExternalUrl()
  • #3144046 Incorrect example of adding Cache metadata in hook_menu_local_tasks_alter()
  • #3144354 ModuleInstaller loads .module and .install before allowing classes to autoloaded
  • #2834525 Permission denied caused by race condition during ensureDirectory should be silenced
  • #3151520 Replace the database query with an entity query in UserInstallTest
  • #2120877 Add tests for tracker module's Tools menu link
  • #2898947 Change 'writeable' to 'writable' in documentation
  • #3145930 Tableheader should recalculate on toolbar tray toggle
  • #3154461 Removing getFormObject call from UserAccountFormFieldsTest
  • #3116147 Remove @todo pertaining to RequestHelper::duplicate(), which has been removed
  • #3138796 Fix the typos 'cotrol' and make the one-line summaries containing it conform to standards)
  • #3154611 Update composer.lock for 9.0.x and 8.9.x based on Composer 1.10 availability
  • #3146474 Remove Unused variable $next from AggregatorController.php file
  • #3154533 Fix 'Drupal' typos in core
  • #3028621 BatchBuilder included files fails
  • #2904467 Plugins do not preserve integer keys when parsing annotations
  • #3149799 BasicAuth::authenticate() does not respect the implemented interface
  • #3154203 Fix 'appear' typos in core
  • #3150731 FileSystemModuleDiscoveryDataProviderTrait needs to use DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR
  • #3138788 Fix 'autcomplete' typos in core
  • #3138791 Fix 'bubbleable' relevant typos in core
  • #3143316 'Getting the base fields is not supported for entity type' exception in ViewsConfigUpdater
  • Revert 'Issue #3143316 'Getting the base fields is not supported for entity type' exception in ViewsConfigUpdater'
  • #3143316 'Getting the base fields is not supported for entity type' exception in ViewsConfigUpdater
  • #3150471 incorrect constant in docs for DoTrustedCallbackTrait::doTrustedCallback()
  • #3151091 Replace use of whitelist/blacklist in DrupalComponentUtilityXss and its test and core/lib/Drupal/Core/Render/theme.api.php
  • #3097540 The 'M' of Machine name overlaps with the green border around text box
  • #3133033 Fix Drupal.Array.Array.LongLineDeclaration coding standard for instances of the drupalCreateUser() test method
  • #3153677 Lockfile hash is wrong in 8.9.x since 8.9.1, causing test failures on PHP 7.3+
  • #3143196 Change the download link in CHANGELOG.txt to Drupal 9
  • #3072305 Notice: Undefined index: #item in user_user_view_alter()
  • Back to dev.
  • Merged 8.9.1.
  • #3139414 Replace usages of deprecated AssertLegacyTrait::assert(No)Link()
  • #3150474 Inaccurate return type of DrupalViewsViews::getView()
  • #3139402 Replace usages of AssertLegacyTrait::assertIdenticalObject(), which is deprecated
  • #2673688 Remove remains of hook_field_schema()
  • #2947588 Refactor DrupalTestsViewsKernelModuleTest::testViewsGetHandler
  • #3150661 FileFieldRSSContentTest uses XPath incorrectly
  • #2937513 Fix 'Drupal.Commenting.DocComment.TagGroupSpacing' coding standard
  • #3142752 AssertLegacyTrait::assert(No)Escaped() in functional tests still have a message passed in
  • #3137430 label_collection is defined twice in BlockContentType entity annotation
  • #3139422 Replace usages of deprecated AssertLegacyTrait::assertOptionByText()
  • #3139132 Query uses hardcoded LIMIT instead of queryRange()
  • #2946750 Node revisions forced even if bundle not under moderation workflow
  • #3020387 Moderation state is the same for all node's translations in edit page
  • #3151087 Replace use of whitelist/blacklist in file_munge_filename() and its tests
  • #3127918 Add funding info in composer.lock
  • #3150990 Updater::install() crashes on file transfer exceptions