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  1. I have developed a website with Drupal 8 and I want to have hot spots on a specific image that opens a modal or lightbox. Are there any modals compatible with drupal 8 that can preform this task?
  2. Project Name: Slick Carousel Drupal.org project Link: Slick Carousel Created: 2016-01-17 Last Update: 2019-04-21 Current Version: 8.x-2.0-rc3 Download Slick Carousel 8.x-2.0-rc3 Version From Drupal.org: Download.

The next-most installed lightbox-type module by installs, the Lightbox2 module (whose author originally started this page), was last updated 10 months ago, states 'I do not plan to make a Drupal 8 version' and the Lightbox2 project page says 'I recommend the use of ColorBox that have a similar set of features and has a version for Drupal 8 under development.'

In these series we will cover what a lightbox is along with the Lightbox2 and Colorbox modules. We will cover the configuration pages of each module and then go over some techniques for using a lightbox on your site. Some of the techniques we will cover is how to use each of these modules in certain ways. Such as an image gallery, image slideshow, html content, and even placing a node in a lightbox.

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Drupal 8 - How To Add Lightbox With Colorbox Module

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The purpose of a great content is first to be explored and then to be read. Therefore, being listed on a first page on search engines is a key thing. Shortly, you will be able to read how to Search Engine Optimize your Drupal 8 website. But before Drupal SEO Book is released – you can pre-order it here or wait until 15th January – we will look at the best books Drupal 8 has to offer.

The first choice is Drupal 8 Development Cookbookby Matt Glaman, which enjoys the best feedback from readers. The book is appropriate for web developers and site builders. It contains the whole chapter for Drupal 8 module development, which substantially raises its value, because the book Drupal 8 Module Development has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances (as stated if you had tried to order it) and Drupalistas have to rely exclusively on this book if they try to learn about module development from books. However, latter is not the only focus of this book. Matt Glaman starts with showing users how to customize and configure the Drupal environment, then moves to creating blocks with the help of libraries, continues with showing the use of the mobile-first feature of Drupal 8 and concludes with showing how to incorporate third-party plugins with your applications from inside Drupal 8.

Since not everyone would like to learn the most complex things about Drupal 8 and is perhaps a complete newcomer, Drupal 8 Development Beginner's Guide by Krishna Kanth and some other authors is the best solution. This book is one of the newest books about Drupal 8. It's a step-by-step guide for developing your own website using Drupal 8. Like »Cookbook« it starts with setting up your development environment, continues with configuration management, creating custom content types, exploring the HTML5 features included with Drupal 8. Then you get familiar with Drupal 8’s mobile-first features, creating Media Entity Lightbox module and Views module. It continues with some advanced chapters, but in the end, you will gain a solid understanding of development best practices for Drupal 8.


Our third option in our selection may be a little odd choice perhaps. It's Front-End Architecture for Design Systems:A Modern Blueprint for Scalable and Sustainable Websites by Micah Godbolt. The book isn’t specifically for Drupal developers, but the concepts laid out in the book are relevant to all front-end developers, meaning that they can be easily applicable to Drupal 8 projects. So, the book is an evaluation of front-end architecture and strategy containing different front-end architecture approaches with latest tools, standards, best practices, real-world examples, case studies and practical tips. And that can be easily applied to Drupal 8 projects.

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You will require the most advanced knowledge of Drupal 8 in reading Enterprise Drupal 8 Development: For Advanced Projects and Large Development Teamsby Todd Tomlinson, which concludes our list. This book is highly anticipated book, scheduled to be officially released in July. Well, to be fair, you can find some, probably illegal, download options online already. This book possess the knowledge you need to manage large and complex projects, especially ones which scale quickly. It's true that book starts with one chapter review of Drupal basics, but it soon dives into deeper topics, like software development processes, architecting a Drupal site, scaling Drupal, DevOps and server administration best practices. The book also contains many common ways of integrating Drupal with other 3rd party systems. So, if you are involved in a Drupal project that requires frequent updates and long-term support from a team of web developers, this book is for you.

So, that's the end of our selection. Web developers, especially experts can't wait to be able to read something similar to Pro Drupal 7 Development, but for the Drupal 8 version. We can only hope that it will be released in the near future. There are of course other books about Drupal 8, not mentioned here, so it's up to your taste, ambitions and current Drupal knowledge, which one you'll read.