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Drupal, by default, uses the PHP mail function to send email. As the PHP mail function may be blocked, it is better to use SMTP with authentication to send email through authorized servers.

EOL for Drupal 7 scheduled for 2021. In the case of Drupal 7, the EOL will come based on a little different principle than usual. Drupal 9 will arrive in 2020, but Drupal 7 will be officially supported one year longer than it normally would be. Considering the great number of D7 websites, the community will extend Drupal 7 support until.

  • D6 LTS 6.45 and later supports PHP 7.2. (D6 LTS will last until at least Feb 2020). D7 core is now compatible with PHP 7.2 (since Drupal 7.61). PHP 7.3 support is coming.
  • Jan 06, 2019 By mlhess on 6 January 2019, updated 28 July 2020 Similar to Drupal 6 Long-Term Support (D6LTS), after the community stops supporting Drupal 7 in November 2022, a group of approved and vetted vendors will continue to provide security updates for Drupal 7 core and certain contrib modules under the Drupal 7 Vendor Extended Support program.
Drupal 7 Support

In this article, we are setting up the SMTP module for Drupal 7. Please keep in mind that this tutorial is specific to the K&T email system. If you are using third party email, then you should replace the values under Step 3 with the equivalent settings of your email provider.

Step 1: Install the Drupal SMTP module from https://drupal.org/project/smtp.

Step 2: Find the SMTP Authentication Support module, which can be reached by clicking on Configuration in your top menu, and then System on the top right side of the page.

Alternatively, you can go directly by using the yourwebsite.com/admin/config/system/smtp address.

Step 3: Configure the SMTP settings.

When you first land on the SMTP configuration page, it will show that the module is inactive. Turn it on.

Note: If you ever want to stop using this module, come back here to turn the module off before uninstalling it.

Next up, we have the SMTP settings.

Under the SMTP Server Settings, fill in the following values.

Drupal 7 core

SMTP Server: smtp.knthost.com
Smtp Backup Server: leave blank
SMTP Port: 587
Use encrypted protocol: Use TLS

Step 4: Configure the authentication settings.

The Username field should be the email address you want to use for authentication and not display.

The password field holds the password associated with the username email address.

Remember, if you ever change your email password, you will need to reenter it here. We advise using a dedicated email account for your website.

Step 5: Set the email options.

The 'Email from address' is the email address you want email recipients to see in their 'From' field.

Then you can set the Email from name. This is the name that people will see when they open your email.

Drupal 9 end of life

Drupal 7 Support List

Finally, you can choose whether or not you want to allow HTML emails. As a general rule, you can leave this unchecked unless you are sending fancy emails or emails with images in them.

Dont forget to click the Save Configuration at the bottom of the page to save all of your settings.

Recent security upgrades have disabled TLS 1.0 on outbound SMTP servers. As a result, many sites may need to be updated to use newer protocols.

So if you've followed the instructions above, and your outbound emails aren't sending properly, you may need to make a small update to one of your system files.

This is the path of the file you need to edit: /public_html/sites/all/modules/smtp.transport.inc

you'll need to change line 208 from STREAM_CRYPTO_METHOD_TLS_CLIENT to


If you're a current customer, and you need help making this change, please submit a support ticket in your account portal.

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