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I have heard that PHP 5.4 is faster than PHP 5.3. Would it be ok for Drupal 7 to run under 5.4, or various contributed modules may start to break the site? Anyway, If I use APC opcode cache, mayb. The minimum PHP version supported by Drupal 7 is 5.2.5. The minimum recommended PHP version for Drupal 7 is PHP 7.1.x, until December 1, 2019. After that date,PHP 7.1 will only receive security fixes, and it should not be anymore used for new sites. See default.settings.php to view how Drupal discovers. the configuration directory when no alias is found. Aliases are useful on development servers, where the domain name may not be. the same as the domain of the live server. Since Drupal stores file paths in. the database (files, system table, etc.) this will ensure the paths are. Global php field in views (drupal 7) Ask Question Asked 4 years, 10 months ago. Active 4 years, 10 months ago. Viewed 1k times 0. I am unable to get the Global Php field view to work in Drupal 7. I can get the preview to output what I want, but once I hit the endpoint. If you have a custom theme, the $titlesuffix is necessary to show contextual links - https://drupal.org/documentation/modules/contextual.

Name Description
update_access_allowed Determines if the current user is allowed to run update.php.
update_access_denied_page Renders a 403 access denied page for update.php.
update_check_requirements Checks update requirements and reports errors and (optionally) warnings.
update_extra_requirements Returns and stores extra requirements that apply during the update process.
update_helpful_links Provides links to the homepage and administration pages.
update_info_page Provides an overview of the Drupal database update.
update_results_page Displays results of the update script with any accompanying errors.
update_script_selection_form Form constructor for the list of available database module updates.
update_selection_page Renders form with a list of available database updates.
update_task_list Adds the update task list to the current page.
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As per the Zend team, following illustrations show the performance comparison of PHP 7 vs PHP 5.6 and HHVM 3.7 on popular PHP based applications.

Magento 1.9


PHP 7 proves itself more than twice as faster, as compared to PHP 5.6 while executing Magento transactions.

Drupal 7

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PHP 7 proves itself more than twice as faster, as compared to PHP 5.6 while executing Drupal transactions.

Wordpress 3.6

PHP 7 proves itself more than twice as faster as compared to PHP 5.6 while executing Wordpress transactions.

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