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This beginner friendly step by step tutorial shows how to draw a cartoon dog. It provides simple instructions with easy to follow drawing examples.

It’s recommended that you use a pencil for at least the first six steps of this tutorial and draw light lines that you can easily erase.

Step 1 – Draw the Dogs Snout

Start by drawing the dogs snout. Draw the top section with a sort of split near its bottom and the bottom section with just one curved line.

Try and position the snout in such a way that you have enough room for the head above it and plenty of room for the dogs body below it.

Step 2 – Draw the Head

Draw the head starting from about the halfway point of the top part of the snout. Make it a little wider towards the bottom and narrower towards the top.

Draw the very top of the head almost flat.

Step 3 – Draw the Body & Front Legs

To add the dogs legs and body draw two curved lines going from the top part of the snout down to where the feet are in the example. Next draw two more curved lines for the inner part of the legs. Afterwards draw the feet and connect the who legs with a curved line to show the bottom of the dogs body.

Step 4 – Draw the Back Legs

Now add the back legs sticking out from behind the front legs/body. Draw the upper part of each back leg with pretty much just one curved line. They should point slightly away from the dog as they go towards the top.

Next add the back feet as a sort of oval shape with a flattened bottom partially hidden behind the front legs.

Step 5 – Draw the Ears

Draw the ears with a sort of “^” shape. Make them wide near their base (where they grow from the head) and narrow towards their tips.

Step 6 – Draw the Tail & Toes

For this step draw the tail with just two curved lines and afterwards draw some splits into the feet to show the individual toes.

Step 7 – Draw the Eyes, Nose & Finish the Line Drawing

Finally draw the dogs face. Make the shape of the nose similar to a triangle with rounded corners. Draw the outer part of the eyes starting from the top of the snout with oval like shapes. Draw the inner part of the eyes (the irises) in pretty much the same way but smaller. Above the eyes add two small cures for the eyebrows.

Finally fill in the irises of the eyes and the nose with black (or pencil shading) but leave some white spots for the highlights.

Dog Sketch Easy Drawing

Step 8 – Color the Dog

Easy Drawings Of Dogs Step By Step

You can make the dog any color you like but for this example we will go with brown for most of the dogs body and with yellow for the snout.



This is a very simple beginner friendly tutorial. If you like it and would like to try drawing some more animals in a similar style see:

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