Demon Slayer Sketch

A4 25 Sheet Demon Slayer Cover Sketch Paper Sketchbook Drawing Book Art Suppl + $13.19. Seller 95.8% positive GLOBAL INSTANT 950+ Gem 99 SSR Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Starter Account. Personalized Custom made Anime Dakimakura Pillow Case hugging body Cosplay. I was on Pinterest yesterday and happened to stumble across a chart of all the Demon Slayer characters and their birthdays, and I saw that Inosuke’s was today!!! I drew this picture of him as a celebration 🥳🥳🥳 Drawn on: Ibis Paint Time take.

  1. Tanjiro Demon Slayer Sketches
  2. Tanjiro Demon Slayer Sketch

Bc]【Ᏼɾꫀᥲth Styᥣꫀ】

The story of Demon Slayer is a tear jerker, showing us the lives of Tanjiro, a young forest dweller, and his sister Nezuko as they are attacked by a powerful demon that kills most of their family. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (鬼滅の刃, Kimetsu no Yaiba, lit. 'Blade of Demon Destruction') is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotouge.It follows Tanjiro Kamado, a young boy who wants to become a demon slayer after his family is slaughtered and his younger sister Nezuko is turned into a demon.

❝Breath of 'twilight'❞


【Oɾเgเᥒ oƒ Ꭲhꫀ Styᥣꫀ】

❝this style is derived from the balance of light and darkness becoming one with one another which has been practiced by the kurotatsu family for 3 generations.this style is usaully practiced for 48 hours from dawn until the horizon,night and day which in other words teaches the user how go night and day without the use of sleep to restore energy.❞


【Ᏼɾꫀᥲth Styᥣꫀ Ғoɾm᥉】

❝-Insert Fighting Style-❞

[Iaido (居合道) is the spiritual way of the sword, the art of drawing and slaying your enemy in 1 stroke. ]

Ғเɾ᥉t Ғoɾm┇❝Astronomical Severing'

A form combing the respective aspects of the blistering light and overwhelming darkness of twilight breathing, launching a enormous horizontal slash that sends a flurry of light on the topside of the blade and a cave on darkness bursting from the bottom side, meant to decapitate demons or sever their limbs due to its ferocious nature and power output.

Sꫀᥴond Ғoɾm┇❝ rising sun❞

A form using the aspects of light side of twilight breathing,with this the user unleashing a barrage of light on the bottom side of the blade to not only decapitate a demons head but to also eradicate there body due to lights negative nature.

Ꭲhเɾd Ғoɾm┇❝falling moon ❞

a form using the aspects of the dark side of twilight breathing,with this the user jumps high in the air while keeping a sheathed sword stance while doing a side spin with the body at fast speeds as a way to add more force to the blade before drawing it out to slice down from above to decapitate demon using the furicios nature of darkness.

Foᥙɾth Ғoɾm┇❝ gentle dusk of the horizon❞

a form using the aspects of the light side of twilight breathing,with this the user can be able to decapitate a demons head off with a simple horizontal cut across the neck which would give off a sparkle effect that makes the decapitation painless using the gentle positive sides to light.

Ғเfth Ғoɾm┇ ❝ sixfold severing shadows❞

with this form using the dark aspects of twilight breathing,with this the

user moves around six times in different directions at high speeds due to darkness being as fast as light while keeping the blade in a sheathed sword stance before delivering two horizonatal slashes with the darkness on the edge of the blade from left and right which can be useful for decapitating two demons in one single stroke before doing a quick sheath.

Sเxth Ғoɾm┇❝Astronomical concentration❞

with this form using both aspects of light and darkness of twilight breathing,with this the user stays in a full calm defensive sheathed stance/posture which would swifty sever any up coming projectiles with extreme fast drawing and cutting movements which would seem blind to that of a demons sight due to the pitch blackness of darkness along with the negative nature of blinding light to confuse the demons.this form gives off the effects of horizon with the dark surface below with the light on top.

Tanjiro Demon Slayer Sketches

Sꫀ᥎ꫀᥒth Ғoɾm┇❝Astronomical stinger ❞

Tanjiro Demon Slayer Sketch

With this form using both aspects of light and darkness of twilight breathing,the user draws there Sword and swings the sword in a powerful frontal slash with the darkness on the front side and light on the front of the blade that then creates a multi directional frontal assault, powerful enough to create several deep gouges in the ground that pushes back demons.

Ꭼเgth Ғoɾm┇❝dark cloak midnight Ryu❞

With this form using both aspects of darkness Of twilight breathing, the user draws there sword into a quick horizontal slash with the darkness on the backside cutting the air while extending there arm further out that conjures the image of a dragon like creature of darkness which can be split into Four more slashes that could sever a demons body Into four different pieces using the lethal ferocious side of darkness.

Nเnꫀth Ғoɾm┇❝hikuru luminous Ryu❞

Nezuko demon slayer sketch

With this form using the aspects of light of twilight breathing,the user swings there sword and creates a chaotic vortex of powerful omni-directional slashes that conjures the image of a dragon like creature of light that destroys any demon no matter its rank that us caught up within its attack radius.

Ꭲꫀnth Ғoɾm┇❝hikuru no yami ryu❞

with this form Using both aspects of light and darkness of twilight breathing, user creates a seemingly endless stream of slashes that conjures the images of dragon like creatures of light and darkness to cutt down demons from a far range in which the demons would be shredded into pieces if caught in his range before the user flourishes there sword before doing a chiburu(to flick blood from sword in japanese)then slowly sheathing the sword while keeping a battle ready sheathed sword stance.this form can be used for taking on multiple demons or kizukis at the same time.

Eleventh Ғoɾm┇❝vengeful blade of Daikokuten ❞


with this form using the aspects of darkness of twilight breathing,the user covers the whole entire blade in darkness while keeping it sheahed in the saya(which is scabburn in Japanese)the user would quickly deflect any on coming attacks using the saya to swiftly deflect them in the left hand before drawing out the sword so quickly until it seems like the user vanished in front of the demons without realizing there heads had been silently sliced cleaned off before realizing they were already dead as the last thing they would see is the user slowly sheathing there blade as a sign it was already over using the more gentle and less lethal side to darkness to make the slash painless but very quick.

Twelve Ғoɾm┇❝Tsukuyomi's luminous reflection❞

with this form using the aspects of light of twilight breathing,with this the users sword becomes a dense dim dark gray light in which the user slowly draws there sword out of there saya in which they slowly moves the blade around in a circle motion until the sword faces counter clock wise until the user moves around at high speed six times making multiple after images of themselves to confuse the opponent before delivering an upper cut slash to decapitate the demons head splitting it clean in two before the user does a chiburu before slowly sheatheing there sword back into the saya.

Thirteenth Ғoɾm┇❝ Dance of the Twilight goddess❞

with this form using both aspects of light and darkness of twilight breathing,the user gets into a sheathed sword stance With both sides of the sword becoming a sun set shade of a color in which the user then dashes into multiple directions of after images so swiftly before the user slashes the demon from multiple directions first with a horizontal slash starting with the light side ->diagonal slash switching to darkness->diagonal upward slash switching back to light->then a triple diagonal slash switching to darkness then back to light then to darkness again before finishing with a slash from above with both light and darkness on the blade before swiftly turning back around then delivers a downward slash to the demons decapitated head which would cause a crator in the ground due to the force from the final slash before doing a chiburu then flourishes the blade into a slowly sheathe.


【Ꮶnoᥕn U᥉ꫀɾ᥉】

◤-leon kurotatsu-◢

◤-shiro kurotatsu-◢

◤-Ryu kurotatsu-◢

◤-Shulong kurotatsu-◢