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Death Spiritual+Healing+Guitar+Tab+Book - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Open navigation menu. It pleased Him, in agony of death, To give His final Word. Now for the kingdom of the Lord I hunger and I thirst, And run to Him in such a way As trying to get there first; I’ve counted what was gain as loss In view of greater things; I have no better than a cross To carry to the King. Ex-Illuminati insider, Donald Marshall speaks out and exposes the truth about the New World Order, a dark organization of world leaders secretly orchestrating global events. Donald Marshall Revolution is an unofficial, unauthorized website created to support this mission. Death The Sound of Perseverance American death metal band from Orlando, Florida, founded in 1983 by guitarist and vocalist Chuck Schuldiner. Death is considered to be among the most influential bands in heavy metal and a pioneering force in the extreme metal subgenre of death metal.

This is where we place my military songbook collection which includes naval, army and marine songbooks. This list was last updated 30 Mar 2020.

If you know about any recording or songbook not listed below, we would appreciate receiving a note at

1917 Tommy's Tunes (1st Edition) ; Tommy's Tunes (2nd Edition)

1918 Army Song Book; (copy 2) (Getz Collection No 32)

1918 Ballads of the Regiment; (copy 2) ; (copy 3) (Getz Collection No 59)

1918 Oh How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning by Irving Berlin

1918 Popular Songs of the AEF (Getz Collection No 37-5)

1918 Songs that Soldiers and Sailors Sing (Getz Collection No 37-7)

1918 Stars and Stripes [Medley of Marching Rhymes on Pg 5]

1919 History of the Second Air Service (Getz Collection No 75)

1919 Ye AEF Hymnal ; (Copy 2) (Getz Collection No 23)

1921 West Point Songs

1927 Air Force Songs & Verse (Getz Collection No 22)

1928 A Collection of Sea Songs and Ditties by Dave E Jones

1930 Songs the Squadron Taught Me

1932 Song Book Engineer Mess (Getz Collection No 77)

1933 With the Diggers 1914-1918

1937 Songs of the Army Flyers

1939 Liederbuch der Lufwaffe

1940s Miscellaneous Items (Getz Collection, No 134)

1940s NASM Archive (miscellaneous items)

1940s Untitled Army Songbook (incomplete) (Getz Collection #102)

1941 Army Song Book (Lydia Fish Collection) ; (Copy 2) (Getz Collection, No 37-6)

1941 Army Song Book (2nd Ed) (Getz Collection, No. 21)

ca 1942 Come On and Join the Air Corps (Getz Collection No 28)

ca 1942 Single Song Sheet (Getz Collection No 99)

1943 Marching to Victory

1943 WAC songbook (MS)

1943 Song Book Squadron 4 OCS

1943 Keesler Field Song Book

1943 Songs the Squadron Taught Me

1943 'Soldiers Still Sing', Life Magazine, 27 Sep 1943

1943-52 Bawdy GI Songs (incomplete)

1943-58 Air Force Songs

ca 1943 Air Corps Songs by Col. Allen Kimberly

ca 1943 Amarillo Field Airs (Getz Collection #37-03)

ca 1943 Bawdy Xerox-lore and Broadsides

ca 1943 BTC No. 4 Song Book

ca 1943 Camp Montecello 43 Songbook (Getz Collection No 115).pdf

ca 1943 Correspondence (Two WWII Songs) (Getz Collection No 30).pdf

ca 1943 Lowry Field Song Book; (Copy 2) (Getz Collection No. 37-4)

ca 1943 Presenting Songs that Kearnsmen Sing; (Copy 2) (Getz Collection No 37-2).pdf

ca 1943 Seymour Johnson Field Song Book 1

ca 1943 Obscene Anti-German Leaflet from Wisconsin

ca 1943 Untitled Marine Songbook

ca 1943 WASP [Women Airforce Service Pilots] Songbook

ca 1943 Nuthampstead Hot Tunes [398th Bomb Group Heavy, 8th Air Force] (Getz Collection No 42)

ca 1943 The Drunk's Album

1944 The First Boke of Fowle Ayres

1944 Songs for Women's Army Corps [WACS] (Getz Collection No.110)

1944 Two Song Sheets (Getz Collection No 43)

1944 Woman's Army Corps Song Book ; (Copy 2) (Getz Collection #37-1)

ca 1944 Bawdy Bar Room Ballads (Getz Collection No 63)

ca 1944 Misc Xerox-lore & Typescripts

1945 Report from the Marinaras: Notes of an Innocent Bystander by Pete Seeger ; Report #11 only (with additional items)

1945 Aloha Jigpoha

1945 Songs of the Century [The Bloody 100th Bomb Group Songbook]

1945 Mess Songs & Rhymes of the RAAF 1939-1945 (Original) ; Mess Songs & Rhymes of the RAAF (Retyped 1961)

ca 1945 Bawdy Typed Letters & Poems

ca 1945 Bawdy Typescripts & Broadsides

ca 1945 HQ & HQ Company Women's Army Corps (Getz Collection No 121)

ca 1945 KIWI Songs, New Zealand Army Education Rehabilitation Service Middle East Services.

ca 1945 Song Book of the Wild Hares [Marine Fighter Squadron 217 (VMF-217)]

ca 1945 WAC Song Book (For Lee, VA) (Getz Collection No 116)

1946 Semper Fidelis [Marine Corps Women's Reserve Song Book]

1946 Party Ashiya Officer's Club (Getz Collection No. 64)

ca 1946 Are You Getting Yours? [Female Mathematician US Army Proving Grounds, Aberdeen]

ca 1946 Air Force Songs (Single Page Double Sided) (Getz Collection No 27)

1947 Folklore from GI Joe, New York Folklore Quarterly

1947 Women's Army Corps Fifth Anniversary (Getz Collection No 117)

1947 Tokyo Mose (Article about 'Moshi Moshi Anone' in occupied Japan)

ca 1947 Ballads of World War II by Hamish Henderson

ca 1947 Fragments of Songbook (Getz Collection No 31)

1948 Marines in the Marianas

Death Songbook Setlist

1948 Quarterdeck Ditties (Getz Collection No 127)

1948 WAC Detachment Yokahama, Japan (Getz Collection No 76)

1949 'Moshi Moshi Anone' broadside Victor Records Japan

ca 1950 The Three Hats Vol 1 ; (Copy 2) (Getz Collection No 2) ; (Copy 3) (Getz Collection No 2) ;

ca 1950 The Three Hats Vol 2 ; (Copy 2) (Getz Collection No 4)

1950s 15th FIS Song Sheet (Getz Collection No 40)

1950s 314th Air Division Song Book. This songbook copies songs and illustrations from The Three Hats Vol 1 & Vol 2.

1950s 437 FIS Songe Booke (Getz Collection No 39)

1950s 445th FIS Songbook (Getz Collection No 6)

1950s Banglesteins Bar

1950s Manuscript & Song Sheets (Getz Collection No 41)

1950s Misc. Song Sheets (Getz Collection No 47)

1950s Quartet Singing (Getz Collection No 122)

1950s RCE Songs (Getz Collection No 85)

1950s Ribald Songs with Music (in a Binder)

1950s Sing Along with Shank (Getz Collection No 103)

1950s Single Song Sheet (Getz Collection No 45)

1950s Songsheets (no folder) (Getz Collection No 133)

1950s Two Songs (Getz Collection No 44)

1950s Unidentified Songbook (Getz Collection No 38)

1950s Unknown Songbook (Getz Collection No 68)

1950s Untitled Incomplete Songbook (Getz Collection No 11)

1950s Untitled Songbook (Getz Collection No 120)

1950s Untitled Songbook (lacking pages) (Getz Collection No 5)

1950s Untitled Songbook (Getz Collection No 119)

ca 1951 Death Rattlers (perhaps lacking pg 11) [Songbook of the Marine Fighting Squadron 323 (VMF-323 'Death Rattlers')]

ca 1952 41st Fighter Squadron Songbook

1953 Party Hymnal (incomplete) (626th Air Control & Warning Squadron)

ca 1953 Devilcat Songs [Songbook of the Marine Air Squadron VMF-212 'Devilcats,' aboard aircraft carrier 'Rendova Bay']

1954 25th Canadian Reinforcement Group Song Book (Getz Collection No 91)

1954 339th Fighter Intercept Squadron Songbook (Getz Collection No 7)

1954 Stovepipe Serenade 1954 Edition

1954 Fighting Squadron 192 Squadron Hymnal (Incomplete, 17 pages) ; (Copy 2, Incomplete, 22 pages)

1954 Songs of the 8th Fighters

1955 Sound Off 1st Cavalry Division Song Book

ca 1955 FAETUPAC Songbook

ca 1955 Fighting One Twenty-Two Song Book [US Navy VF-122 Black Angels Fighter Squadron Songbook]

ca 1955 Untitled Songbook (missing cover, pgs 20 & 93) (Getz Collection No 1)

1956 Stovepipe Serenade 1956 edition (Getz Collection No 55) ; (Copy 2, Variant Cover)

1956 Stovepipe Serenade 318 FIS ; (Copy 2) (Getz Collection No 56)


1957 18th Fighter Bomber Wing Songbook ; (Copy 2) (Getz Collection No 33)

ca 1957 Portion of a Songbook (incomplete) (Getz Collection No 10)

ca 1957 Scientific and Professional Personnel Songbook


ca 1958 Aces High 317th Fighter Intercept Squadron Songbook

ca 1958 The Fighter Pilot's Hymn Book compiled by William Starr

1959 The Songs We Sang by Les Cleveland

1960 Ye Ole Squadron Song Book Attack Squadron 1996 The Yellow Devils

ca 1960 405th Green Dragon Song Sheets (Getz Collection No 26)

ca 1960 482nd FIS Songbook (Getz Collection No 8)

ca 1960 AAFB GUAM ARM 60-2 Songbook (Getz Collection No 50)

ca 1960 Songs of the 11th FIS (Getz Collection No 9)

1960s 161st Songbook Army Aviation Helicopter Australia

1960s 489th TFW Hymnal (Getz Collection No 106)

1960s 493 Tactical Fighter Squadron Hymnal (Getz Collection No 112)

1960s The Bawdy Ballads of the 117th HIMS

1960s Black Widows Official Hymnal of the 421st TAC FTR SQDRN (Getz Collection No 62)

1960s Blue Star Songbook

1960s General Bowen Miscellaneous Songs

1960s Songs My Mother Taught Me (revised edition) (Getz Collection No 126)

1960s The Wolfpack Songbook

1960s Three Song Sheets (Getz Collection No 100)

1960s Three Song Sheets (Getz Collection No 29)

1960s Unidentified Songbook (incomplete) (Getz Collection No 123)

1960s Untitled Songbook from Rob Willis (Lacking pgs 16,18,34,40,93,99, pg 7a (additional))

1960s Untitled Songbook 2 from General Tom Bowen

1960s Untitled Songbook (Getz Collection No 69)

1962 Jody Calls, Cadence Calls, and Marching Songs

1963 Fighter Pilot's Song Book [421st TFS]; (copy 2)

1963 Jody Calls, Cadence Calls, and Marching Songs by Paul F Gilbert

ca 1964 Sing with the First Armored Division (Getz Collection No 82)

ca 1964 Songs of Saigon (1st Edition)

ca 1964 Songs of Saigon (2nd Edition)

ca 1964 Songs of Saigon Cosmos Command

1965 Cosmos Command Christmas

1965 RCOC Song Sheets (Getz Collection)

1965 The Saber ; The Saber (copy 2)

1965 A Collection of Airborne Cadence Chants by George G Carey

ca 1965 445th FIS Songbook (Getz Collection No 81)

ca 1965 We're Here For Fun with the 4926th ; (copy 2, incomplete) (Getz Collection No 46)

1966 48th Assault Helicopter Company

1966 Songs of the UTT

1966 Phantom Phlyers Sing Vietnam

1966 12 TAC FTR WG Song Book

1966 35th Tactical Fighter Wing Song Book with Dirty Dittys supplement.

1967 497th TFS Night Owls Song Book ; (copy 2)

1967 Untitled Songsheets from Bill McGee

1967 The Crusader Hymnal

ca 1967 354th Tactical Fighter Sdrn Training Manual

ca 1967 Yankee Air Pirates Songs to Drink By ; (copy 2) (Getz Collection No 98)

1968 101st Airborne Division Songbook (lacking pgs 40-40,199 & 211; 120a, 120b, & 120c additional)

ca 1968 The Fleet Air Arm Songbook

ca 1968 Satan's Angels Songbook: Dedicated to the Fighter Pilots of the 433rd Tactical Fighter Squadron

1969 The Golden Songbook of War Songs (manuscript)

1969 No Slack Him Book, Third Edition (At Least), No Slack Press, 2/327th Inf, 101st Abn Div (Airmobile) Camp Eagle South Vietnam, 4 Sep 1969

ca 1969 8th TFW Stag Bar (Getz Collection No 125)

ca 1969 Bull Durham's Songs of SAC & SEA (Getz Collection No 113)

ca 1969 Songs of SEA, Other Places, Other Things (with Stag Bar Supplement) ; (Copy 2, No Supplement) (Getz Collection No 95)

ca 1969 Stag Bar Supplement to Songs of SEA (Getz Collection No 97)

ca 1969 Songs of the Saints and Other WESTPAC Ditties

Death Songbook Review

ca 1969 Bill Person Song Texts

1970 163rd TFS IND ANG Song Book (Lacking pg 15)

1970 44th TFS Hymnal (lacks songs 3, 4, 110 & 111) ; (Copy 2) (Getz Collection No 67)

1970 Bull Durham's Songs of SEA ; (copy 2) (Getz Collection No 61)

1970 There's a Nickel on the Grass Air Force Magazine (Getz Collection No 53)

1970 121st Aviation Company Tiger Tunes

1970 The Downwinds DET WESTPAC

1970s 46th Tactical Fighter Squadron Songbook

1970s A Hymnal for Checkers VMFA 312 (Getz Collection No 124)

1970s Complements of 34th TAC FTR WG and the Flying Dutchman (Getz Collection No 87)

1970s Missle Duty's Pleasin' The Goobers (Getz Collection No 57)

1970s Untitled Songbook from Mal Johnson

1970s Untitled Songbook from Mark Thomas via Dockery

1970s Folk Songs of the American Fighter Pilot in Southeast Asia by Joseph Tuso ; (copy 2) ; (copy 3) (Getz Collection No 48)

1971 Spud Hymnal (1st Edition) ; The Spud Hymnal (2nd Edition)

1971 VMA 224 Song Book USS Coralsea

1971 VT4 World Famous Rubber Ducks Hymnal

ca 1971 Songs My Mother Taught Me

1972 Napalm Sticks to Kids

1972 We Say No to Your War

Death Songbook

1972 A Proud Bird with a Silver Ass ; (copy 2) (Getz Collection No 129)

1972 17th Wild Weasel Songbook (lacking songs 38 & 39)

ca 1972 An Amphibious Anthology of Rare Hymns (Third Edition)

ca 1972 Singing on the March

ca 1973 Kun Songs by the Sea (Getz Collection No 86)

1975 Single Song Sheet (Getz Collection No 16)

1975 Fighter Pilot Songs

ca 1975 Fighter Pilot's Song Book No 77

ca 1975 More Kunsongs by the Sea (Getz Collection No 79)

ca 1975 Song Book of the Old Dominion Fighter Squadron (Getz Collection No 101)

1976 The Dick Jonas Songbook Vol 1 ; (copy 2) (Getz Collection No 107)

ca 1977 494 Phantom Song Book

1978 Sexual Symbolism of the Air Force Pilot

1979 Obiter Dicta by Donald C. Laycock

ca 1979 527th Aggressor Song Book ; (copy 2) (Getz Collection No 72) ; (copy 3, lacking 2 pages) (Getz Collection No 51)

ca 1979 The Fleet Air Arm Song Book ; (copy 2) (Getz Collection No 92)

1980 95th FITS Hymn Book Special Edition (Getz Collection No 58)

1980 An Amphibious Anthology of Rare Songs (Getz Collection No 94)

Death Song Toy

ca 1980 The Bronco Book Collector's Edition 19th TASS Osan

1980s 92nd FT SQ First USAFE A-10 SQDRN (Getz Collection No 49)

1980s TACO Songbook (Getz Collection No 70)

1981 Marvel's Hymnal (Getz Collection No 109)

1981 Misc Correspondence (Getz Collection No 83)

1981 The Wild Blue Yonder (song titles only) by Bill Getz

1982 Air Force Magazine (Getz Collection No 13)

1984 704 TASS Sing and Drink Book (Getz Collection No 108)

1984 Soldier's Songs: The Folklore of the Powerless

ca 1984 Binder 16, Volume 4 (Miscellaneous Items) (Getz Collection No 130)

ca 1984 Red River Rats Hymnal

1985 43th Tactical Fighter Squadron Song Book

1985 Souvenir Song Book Air Force Village (Getz Collection No 104)

1985 Souvenir Song Book (Getz Collection No 105)

ca 1985 Bat Songs 44TFS

ca 1985 Blue Fox Song Book 18 TFS (Lacking pg 13)

1986 Wild Blue Yonder Stag Bar Edition (Song List & Bibliography) by Bill Getz

1986 Reunion Song Book (Getz Collection No 60)

1986 435th TAC Fighter Training Squadron Black Eagle Songbook (Getz Collection No 71)

1987 Correspondence (Getz Collection No 135)

1988 497 TFS Hooters Songbook

1988 The Sound of Freedom by Bazz Turner

ca 1988 136 FIS Songbook

1989 General Landsdale and Folksongs in Vietnam by Lydia Fish

1989 Marching to Vietnam by Carol Burke

1989 Miscellaneous Air Force Songs (Getz Collection No 131)

1989 Sunt 89 Historic Perspective Dining-in (Getz Collection No 73)

1990 Collection of Songs by Advisors and Civilians

1990 Jack Sing by Sharkey Ward

1990 The Raven ; (copy 2) (Getz Collection No 84)

1990 230 Tiger SQN Songbook

ca 1990 Unofficial Fighter Pilots Songbook

1990s Kaufmann Phantom Pilot

ca 1991 335th FS Chiefs Songbook (copy 1) ; (copy 2) (Getz Collection No 65)

1991 Single Song 2 (Getz Collection No 128 III-28)

1991 Single Song (Getz Collection No 128 III-29)

1991 Single Song 3 (Getz Collection No 128 III-27)

1991 Single Song Sheet (Getz Collection NO 128 III-25)

1991 Single Song Sheet (Getz Collection No 128 III-30)

1991 Two Songs (Getz Collection No 128 III-24)

1991 Two Songs (Getz Collection No 128 III-26)

1991 7440th Combat Songbook

1992 If You're Nervous In The Service by Carol Burke

1992 Miscellaneous Items (Getz Collection No 132)

Death Song Gif

1992 Royal Naval Reserve Air Branch Song Book

1992 WASP Song Book

1992 Dames at Sea [Has Cadence] by Carol Burke

ca 1994 The Shooter Pilot's Handbook

1996 53 NATO Tigers

1996 WASP Songs

1998 Songs of the F15 SPO Reunion

1999 Select Bibliography of Military Folklore

2000 Bawdy Ballads and Dirty Ditties of the Wartime RAF

2000 322rd Flying Monsters Songbook

Death Songbook Holes

2000 Jodes and Songs California Wing Civil Air Patrol

2001 The TLP Songbook

ca 2001 TLPs Less-Than-Complete-Because-Others-Suck Drinking Games Guide

2002 Fiend Book 2002

2002 The 400 Squadron Song Book ; (copy 2) (Getz Collection No 96)

2002 37th Bomber Squadron B-1b Squadron Song Book

ca 2002 RAE Song and Cadences

2003 Personal Reflections on the Songs of Army Aviators

2003 Rainer Otter's Fortunas Combat Songbook

2003 Marching Cadences & Running Cadences

2004 VMFA 251 Marine Songbook

2007 The Duckworth Chant, Sound Off, & the Jody by Michael A Cavanaugh

2007 Army Cadences

Death Songbook Bbc Wales

2008 The Duckworth Chant Primary Sources by Michael A Cavanaugh

2008 Cadences & Jodies

2008 Jodies

2008 ADA Cadence Calls

2008 Jodies

2010 'Stand to Your Glasses Steady' by Jonathan Lighter & John Patrick

With Brett Anderson, Charles Hazlewood, and Paraorchestra, and featuring special guests Nadine Shah, Adrian Utley (Portishead) & Seb Rochford (Pulled By Magnets, Acoustic Ladyland, Sons Of Kemet)

Broadcast online by BBC Cymru Wales 6th – 7th March 2021 as part of GŴYL 2021

Watch Death Songbook on the BBC website here until 5th April 2021

Brett Anderson, Charles Hazlewood, and Paraorchestra were joined by guest vocalist Nadine Shah in Death Songbook, a one-off special performance of music by icons such as Echo and the Bunnymen, Skeeter Davis, Japan, David Bowie/Jacques Brel, and Suede. An exquisite songbook featuring delicate new versions of songs about death; the death of love and of loss, and transcendence.

Brett Anderson, Charles Hazlewood, Paraorchestra, and Nadine Shah perform Mercury Revu2019s u2018Holesu2019 as part of Death Songbook'},'hSize':null,'floatDir':null,'html':','url':'','width':854,'height':480,'providerName':'YouTube','thumbnailUrl':'','resolvedBy':'youtube'}'>

Brett Anderson, Charles Hazlewood, Paraorchestra, and Nadine Shah perform Mercury Rev’s ‘Holes’ as part of Death Songbook

This rich set - amplified by the diversity and virtuosity of Paraorchestra musicians in new arrangements by composer Charlotte Harding - was broadcast online by BBC Cymru Wales across the weekend of 6th – 7th March 2021 as part of GŴYL 2021 - a free to watch online festival weekend of music, comedy, and conversation.

In a journey through the melancholy and euphoria of loss, Death Songbook embraces a predominantly acoustic set – contrary to Paraorchestra’s bold, loud, and typically electronically influenced or amplified output - celebrating a multiplicity of song styles and song writing, moods and textures through an unusual combination of instruments, for a spectral, ethereal soundscape. Ancient instruments like Dulcimer, handbells and recorders sit aside Wurlitzer piano, alto flute and heavily processed vibraphone; creating warmth, depth, space - and comfort.

It has been pure unmitigated joy putting Death Songbook together with Brett and Paraorchestra, if that isn’t a contradiction! I am British after all, and I’d say melancholia is our defining national characteristic: British people feel comfort in melancholy. Songs about death, the death of love, loss, anxiety, loneliness, they make us feel transcendent - and in a period of global anxiety, that’s a real balm.” Charles Hazlewood

Filmed under the disquiet of the third COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, in the vast emptiness of the Donald Gordon stage, Wales Millennium Centre; Death Songbook reminds us that music is our greatest friend in bleak times; inviting us to crouch around a candle and meet our sorrow head-on, comforting, nourishing, and uplifting.

“This was such a joyous project to happen amidst the gloom of January. I’d loved Nadine’s work since I heard Fool and she and I had spoken about doing something together for ages as had me and Charles who I had also greatly admired from afar. For this all to happen against the odds with those wonderful musicians from Paraorchestra, plus the talents of Adrian Utley and Seb Rochford, was just so lovely.” Brett Anderson