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Dashlane and LastPass are the most popular and best password managers available in the market these days. But when the time comes to choose between them we got confused. Both password managers offer best-in-class features like generates passwords, store passwords, and many more. Go through our Dashlane vs LastPass comparison to find out which one is the best-suited password manager for you.


Monitor up to 100 email address through dark web monitoring with LastPass Premium vs up to 5 with Dashlane Premium. Stronger security, for less Save with LastPass Premium for $36 per year, versus Dashlane Premium for $60 per year. LastPass Premium Dashlane Premium. LastPass: Overall Winner Dashlane is a highly secure password manager with the best additional features of any product on the market in 2021. Its password security auditing, advanced dark web monitoring, VPN, one-click password changer, unlimited password sharing, and emergency access add multiple layers of additional security to. LastPass's two paid plans cost $3 and $4 per month, while Dashlane's comparable paid plans cost $5 and $10 per month. LastPass offers better value as a result, even if Dashlane's slightly better. Along with LastPass, Dashlane is another big name when it comes to best password managers. However, one big difference is that Dashlane’s free plan only lets you store up to 50 passwords on a single device, while LastPass lets you store unlimited passwords on multiple devices on its free plan.

  • 1 Dashlane vs Lastpass Detailed Comparison
    • 1.1 1. Dashlane Vs LastPass – Briefing:-
  • 2 Final Verdict- Who Wins?

Winner:- Dashlane. Dashlane Vs LastPass – Customer Support:-Dashlane and LastPass both are easy to use password managers. But if any issue arises, and want to talk with the customer support. While neither Dashlane or LastPass offers phone helpline. The premium version of the Dashlane has live chat service, to solve user’s issues quickly.

Dashlane vs Lastpass Detailed Comparison

Dashlane and LastPass both are the leaders of the password manager industry. Here we’re going to compare both giants on the based of their attributes:-

1. Dashlane Vs LastPass – Briefing:-

LastPass and Dashlane both have easy to use user interface. The installation of them is pretty much the same to each other. Simply download the desktop app or mobile app, create the account, and you’re ready to go. The browser extension can be added to directly access the password from the browser.

Let’s start talking about both password manager giants one by one:-



The user-interface of the LastPass is very reliable and well-defined. In the left sidebar of the screen, navigation buttons help to move to the different functions of LastPass. And plus(+) button helps to save the passwords.

LastPass can store all variety of details like notes, card details, passport, and other documents just like digital wallets do.


Dashlane also has very beautiful and easy to use user interface. The overall look of the Dashlane and LastPass are similar to each other. Dashlane also has navigation buttons on the left side of the screen. The navigation panel of Dashlane is less complicated in comparison to LastPass. Simply store the password by clicking on the green add new button.

2. Pricing Comparison between Lastpass and Dashlane

Dashlane Vs Lastpass Vs Roboform

The free version of the LastPass offers numerous features like multi device-sync and unlimited storage. To use the password sharing feature of the LastPass, need the premium plan. Premium plans start from $3/month, the price is very reasonable. LastPass also offers multiple family plans.

The free version of the Dashlane offers features like autofill, security alerts, password sharing with up to five users. But the free plan is limited to the 50 entries and can be used on a single device. The premium version of the Dashlane is a little bit expensive to LastPass. Dashlane has two paid versions premium and premium plus. The premium plan offers features like multi-device sync, unlimited entries, sharing, secure file storage, dark web monitoring. The premium plus plan offers all the features of the premium plan along with the credit monitoring.

Winner:- LastPass

3. Dashlane Vs LastPass Features Compared:-

The most advanced feature of Dashlane is dark web monitoring. This feature helps to scan the dark web to find out who is using the account information saved in your vault. If someone is using your password then, you will be prompted to password changing page. The premium plus plan of Dashlane gives additional security of credit monitoring.

While LastPass mainly focus on password management, passwords can be imported from multiple browsers such as Chrome, Firefox. The password changing process of LastPass is very tiresome. To prevent the password from cracking LastPass uses AES-256 encryption.

Winner:- Dashlane

4. Dashlane Vs LastPass – Password Sharing & Audit Report:-

Dashlane and LastPass dive deep into the password databases to find out the weakness of the passwords. Many times needed to share sensitive information with other users. In the LastPass, you need to create a shared folder and add the credentials you want to share. If you’re a premium user then you can add as many users as many you want. Free members can only add one user to the shared folder. In addition to all of this LastPass rates your password and scores it out of the 100. This will help you to find out whether your password is strong enough or need to make changes.

On the other hand, Dashlane believes in keeping things simple and easy. Instead of creating a shared folder, Dashlane lets you share the password directly through the email. You just need to select the password and insert the email address of the receiver Dashlane user. It’s quite simple in comparison to LastPass. The audit report feature of the Dashlane helps to find out the weak and duplicate passwords. Also, provide the overall health score of the vault.

Winner:- Dashlane

5. Dashlane Vs LastPass – Customer Support:-

Dashlane Vs Lastpass 2016


Dashlane and LastPass both are easy to use password managers. But if any issue arises, and want to talk with the customer support. While neither Dashlane or LastPass offers phone helpline. The premium version of the Dashlane has live chat service, to solve user’s issues quickly. While LastPass has an email-based support system, which takes some time in solving issues. Dashlane offers more luxury customer support in comparison to LastPass.

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Winner:- Dashlane

Dashlane V Lastpass

Dashlane Vs Lastpass Security

Final Verdict- Who Wins?

Dashlane Vs Lastpass Reddit

The final score reads three-point for Dashlane and one point for LastPass. Both password managers are really good and offer a ton of advanced features. If you looking for the free password managers then LastPass can be a better option for you. But if you’re ready to spend some money then Dashlane will be the best option. So it completely depends upon your needs. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed our today’s post, if yes then please let us know using our comment section. Cheers!