Cute Lion Drawing

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Cute Baby Lion Drawing

Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 11, 2010
Steps: 6
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Tags: how to draw lions
Description: I was looking through all of my cute animal lessons that I uploaded and I noticed that I didn't have a tutorial that teaches you 'how to draw a cute lion', step by step. As you know I have so many different submissions on all kinds of lions but there is none specifically on a cute lion. If you read the news posts, you should know that Dragoart now has a store where you can purchase some of your favorite drawings on things like pins, t-shirts, posters, postcards and much more. To add some more cuteness to the tutorial category, I really wanted to make a special drawing on a cute lion that I thought you guys would enjoy and fall in love with. After careful thinking and sketching, I came up with a lion that looks almost like a cub. The lesson in general is pretty simple because the lion cub is going to be drawn on a ¾ back view. Instead of doing the typical pose, I chose to make the lion laying on his back as he is ready to play. When you want to 'draw a cute lion', the best way to create one is to follow an awesome tutorial like the one you see here. I hope you enjoy yourself with this submission, be sure to stick around or come back later to see what will be uploaded next. Adios mi amigos! » Do it Yourself - Handmade » Draw So Cute

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How to Draw a Lion Cute and EasyCrazy: Wow! Please draw enchantress from suicide squad! I ur drawings, I wish I could draw like u and #notificationsquadDo u want to know who the smartest most awesomest person is. Read the second word! Have a wonderful daynight
Date: 2020-05-18
How to Draw Logan Paul Famous Youtuber →

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Llamas are super popular right now. I love your videos so much. I hope you'll consider teaching us how to do a Draw So Cute llama! (or a llama family)

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