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  2. How to Draw Two People Hugging: Drawing Hugs Step by Step Drawing Tutorial Written-Out Step by Step Drawing Instructions (Step 1) Draw (Lightly) a heart-shape. (Step 2) Draw an oval for each curve in the heart.

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Its cold outside and all you want to do is cuddle on your bed with your muse. So how does an artist portray such feeling? By putting it live on the paper! We cannot forget the way jack drew rose in the Titanic movie scene. It was indeed quite intimidating the way he drew the curves of her body with sheer professionalism. However, wouldn’t it be more exciting if he could also have been in the sketch? Yes! It would be a couple picture then. There are many romantic couple sketches out there. However, Romantic Couple Hugging Drawings and Sketches are our favorite as they display an intense sense of romance. And with it we have some more inspiration for your artist wings to sore high.

The Anime Couples Are So Adorable

Drawing an anime couple hugging is not that difficult. It all depends upon your imagination of drawing the characters and the features they have. What matters here is the intimacy they have between them. you need to have some personal experience at this to make the anime sketch livelier!

And The Hug’s Not Complete Without A Kiss!

We all know where the hugging and cuddling eventually lead to, don’t we? Yes! It ends up on the kisses. Now, these kisses can be either hard and passionate or soft and subtle. Show them what you experienced last time. Wink!

A Hug To Hear The Heartbeat

What happens when you hug the other person? Yes, you here their heartbeat! The heart that’s beating at the throb of yours and yours throb to theirs. Hearing the heartbeat of your partner is one of the best experiences you can have. For some heartfelt cartoon love images, checkout this post!

A Feeling So Intimate

Often, hugging and kissing lead to passionate lovemaking. So why not have that feeling portrayed on the white sheets? Draw two passionate Romantic Couple Hugging Drawings and Sketches to show the feeling of intimacy! With this, we have for the art lovers, some amazing pictures.

Bury Your Face In His Neck

Moving a step further in Romantic Couple Hugging Drawings and Sketches we take a step up in the intimacy game where she hides her face in his shoulder near the neck. the neckline is a very sensitive place and that really turns anybody on! With this have some inspiration to create some amazing wall arts.


The Fire In The Rain

What can be more romantic than two lovebirds hugging each other in the rain? This Romantic Couple Hugging Drawings and Sketches many emotions. It can show two lovers meeting after a long time or a goodbye forever! For some oil painting examples, have a look at this article!

The Forehead Kisses And Hugs

Forehead kiss is something every girl cherishes! This Romantic Couple Hugging Drawings and Sketches portray that feeling. Draw this sketch with the precise look of the man for his woman and vice versa. With this, we have a amazing idea for you to decorate your house and make people go wow with it.

Teenage Love!


Teenage love is so damn adorable! It has the innocence of two fresh souls who have just fallen in love. This Romantic Couple Hugging Drawings and Sketches portray the new feeling of two young souls that promise each other lifetime.

Hold Her Tight!

The feeling of losing the one you love is a nightmare and when a guy hugs his girl that way, you can tell how much he loves her! This is the feeling behind this Romantic Couple Hugging Drawings and Sketches and therefore you have to pay attention to the closeness and holding posture of the sketch. With this, to decorate your house floors we have some amazing ideas here!

The Angelic Hugs

This Romantic Couple Hugging Drawings and Sketches showcase angelic wings. It is so soothing to the eyes to see two souls embracing each other and forgetting the world’s dark sides! You can draw this to show your eternal love to your partner! And to decorate your house to feel and look great have some amazing art ideas from here.

How do you draw a realistic male face for beginners?

To draw a realistic face

  • Start by drawing a circle for the outline of the face
  • Then divide the circle into 4 quadrants
  • The x-axis works as a guideline for eyes while the Y-axis guides you to draw the nose and the lips
  • Draw the actual shapes with the help of the guidelines and you have your drawing ready.

How do you draw a nose for beginners?

As mentioned above, use the y-axis for drawing the nose. Draw the guidelines and of the nose.

Then draw the bridge and then the tip of the nose. Further, add the nostrils and give the finishing touches.

We hope that you are now motivated to pick your pencils and create great artwork by seeing these Romantic Couple Hugging Drawings and Sketches. Moreover, they make you have the memories of you and your partner hugging each other. However, along with this article, we have awesome amazing bottle art so that you can decorate your home with it!

If you have ever struggled with drawing a picture of two people hugging, it’s very understandable. Sometimes it can be hard enough just to get the right positioning for one figure, let alone two. In addition, you have to make sure the two figures you are drawing complement each other in a positive way for the overall picture.

Another thing about hugs is they don’t all look alike. Depending on what kind of a hug you are trying to draw, you may have to tweak your approach.


In this post, I want to show you four different ways to draw two people hugging. No matter which pose you use, the best advice I can give you is to sketch out the general shapes of the two figures to get their positioning right with each other.

In the examples below, you will see these basic sketched figures rather than completed drawings, because once you get the shape of the figures sketched right, you can always go back and add details to develop the faces, arms, hands, and clothing. I drew these with a soft 4B pencil so they would appear darker for you, but since these figure sketches will serve as guidelines for your final drawing, it’s best you draw them with a harder graphite pencil for a lighter effect.

Each method has three basic components for each figure: an oval shape for the head, a rectangular shape with rounded corners for the torso, and the rough outline of the arms and hands.

Method 1: Hugging from Behind the Back

If you are drawing a picture of one person hugging another from behind the back, you are obviously going to have some overlap to deal with, so some of your basic shapes will be missing or hidden. In this example, you can start by drawing the head, body, and arms of the person in front. The torso of the person behind is hidden, so you don’t need to draw it. It is still important to get the right placement of the head and arms of the person in the back.

You can see more overlap with the arms from behind coming to hug the person in the front. Once you get the right placement of the major shapes, just erase any guidelines that will be behind another body part (for example, the guidelines behind the forearms).

Method 2: Hugging Side by Side

When people hug side by side, as in this example, they are usually sitting side by side and facing the same direction. As opposed to directly facing each other, their bodies are slightly twisted toward one another. There are times when they can do this standing as well.

For this sketch, I drew two ovals for the heads that are leaning in to one another and looking forward at the viewer. Each rectangular torso shape is slanted at a slight angle. Then you can draw the arms, one over the other in the front. You won’t be able to see the arms behind each back.

Method 3: Frontal Hugging Over the Shoulder

Here is a classic position for hugging. This is the first position I usually think of when I think about people hugging each other. Even so, it’s not the ideal or popular position for portrait drawing, since one person is facing away and the face we can see probably has her eyes closed. Still, it has its place with other types of drawings, so we will take a quick look.

Couple Hugging Drawing

Once again, there is major overlap with this hugging position. You will have to use your judgment as to the extent of guidelines you want to use. I find it helpful sometimes, as in this example, to still sketch what is hidden by the arm and torso in the front. This way you can get an idea if the proportions of one person look right in isolation. Don’t forget to draw heads that are side by side with a slight overlap and facing away from each other. Then draw an over-under positioning of the arms.

Method 4: Frontal Hugging Face-to-Face

You might use the positioning of the figures in this sketch to draw a loving, romantic couple. With this type of hug, the bodies are facing each other as in the last example, but the faces themselves are also facing each other. You can also draw the faces so they are both looking at the viewer, which would make this an excellent choice for a portrait drawing.

It is up to you whether you want to begin first by sketching the head or torso for each figure. I usually begin by sketching the heads to make sure the sizes and positions of each are the way I want them. If I begin with the bodies and accidentally draw them too far apart, then drawing the heads touching each other might look awkward.

You will have to adjust the width and angle of your rectangular torso shapes so they appear to be close to and facing each other. This will make it easier to sketch the arms so they have the natural appearance of wrapping around or resting upon the other person’s body.

Couple hugging drawing reference

Couple Hugging Drawing Easy

Countless Other Hugs

Couple Hugging Drawing Ref

These four ways to draw people hugging certainly are not the only hugging positions you will encounter. Hopefully though, these examples will show you that it’s not as hard as it may seem to draw people hugging. It really is only a matter of sketching the basic shapes to get the right size and positioning before moving forward.

Easy Bunny Drawings

If you want to get better at drawing people hugging, begin by experimenting with these four methods. Try different attempts and angles until you get something that looks right to you. Then try making tweaks to the positions in your sketches. Look at lots of reference photographs to see the countless other hugging positions you may find yourself sketching someday. Practice sketching as many different positions as you can. Soon you will find it much easier (and more fun) to draw two hugging figures!