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© Twitter @Corpse_Husband/ @moonsvskies The tweet and banner giving Corpse Husband free promotion. Twitter @Corpse_Husband/ @moonsvskies

Apr 09, 2021 Popular streamer Valkyrae has said she’s “really bummed” that Disguised Toast was left out of Jimmy Fallon’s Among Us stream after she, Corpse Husband, and Sykkuno played the game with the. Popular streamers Valkyrae, Corpse, and Sykkuno will be teaming up with talk show host Jimmy Fallon, as well as members of the Stranger Things cast, to stream Among Us. In a post, Valkyrae.

  • Streamer and singer Corpse Husband has received his fair share of free promotion due to his fan base.
  • Over the weekend, half a million Corpse fans liked a tweet, earning him a Times Square billboard.
  • A different group of fans raised money to fly a banner over San Diego, promoting Corpse's music.
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Fans of Corpse Husband, the faceless singer and streamer with 2.7 million Twitter followers, have been working together to promote his music. Over the weekend, they managed to secure him a billboard in Times Square by liking a tweet a half million times and then followed that up with a banner flown over San Diego, California.

The recent events are a testament to the dedication of the mysterious figure's rabid fanbase.

Corpse Husband fans voted to get him a billboard in Times Square

On February 11, GymShark, the fitness clothing and apparel company, tweeted that the most liked tweet in their replies will get a billboard in Times Square. Corpse Husband responded referencing his recent single, writing 'STREAM E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!' The song has been listened to 100 million times on Spotify, making it his most listened-to song by far.

—Corpse Husband (@Corpse_Husband) February 11, 2021

In the following days, Corpse mobilized his followers, asking them in two separateposts to like the tweet to get his message on the Billboard and promote his music.

Fellow influencers like Jimmy Donaldson, known as MrBeast, and Dream responded, imploring their own fan bases to like the tweet. The competition was close with Jonathan Schlatt, known as streamer JSchlatt, but by the time the contest closed two days later on Saturday, Corpse had won out with over half a million likes.

Fans also flew a banner over San Diego to promote Corpse's latest single

In January, Corpse tweeted that he had added his song 'Agoraphobic' to Spotify, which his fans have already listened to over nine million times.

On February 3, Em, who runs the fan account @WESTCOASTC0RPSE on Twitter, tweeted out that they would be raising money to have a banner promoting 'Agoraphobic' flown over San Diego, Corpse's suspected home town. The community needed $595 to fly the banner for around 15 minutes.

—Em ❤︎ (@WESTCOASTC0RPSE) February 4, 2021

'It started out as a joke between me and a friend because we were making stupid edits really late at night and I ended up requesting a quote from a company,' Emma told Insider. 'It turned into a really great way for us to do something fun as a community while also giving back and putting a little positivity into the world!'

Corpse Streamer

Corpse Streamer Face

Over the next two weeks, the stans went into action, gathering what was needed to get the banner up. On top of that, $1,558 was raised on PayPal to go to the National Fibromyalgia Association since Corpse in the past has tweeted that he deals with the condition.

'Em wanted to take this to the next level and cause some real-life chaos,' Spoons, a Corpse stan on Twitter who helped set-up the charity PayPal and the banner, said.


On Sunday, the banner flew over the Sizzler's Steakhouse in San Diego, being caught on video by some of Corpse Husband's fans. #CORPSEINTHESKY trended on Twitter, with fans exclaiming their excitement over this physical embodiment of their adoration for the content creator.

—Em ❤︎ (@WESTCOASTC0RPSE) February 14, 2021
—🌧 Marauna :) #BLM 🌧 (@marauna_sama) February 14, 2021
Corpse streamer disease

Corpse himself was elated at the sight of the banner, tweeting out his support.

—CORPSE (@CORPSE) February 14, 2021

Corpse Husband has exploded in popularity over the past year, with his music and gaming streams being highly popular. Alongside his singles, Corpse has played the popular survival game Among Us with Twitch's most successful streamers and even congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

'He's a sweetheart and I really vibe to his music,' Emma said of her feelings towards Corpse. 'I think everyone joined it because it's an absolutely insane idea and if it happened it would be hilarious, but also because it was an opportunity to donate to a cause that helps those suffering with chronic illnesses.'

Along with the ranging wave of the indie game Among Us is a soar of the most mysterious streamer ever - Corpse Husband who takes over the internet just by his spooky voice. So if you also wonder how he got to become one of the most popular and mysterious internet sensations, keep on reading.

There is little thereof available information about Corpse Husband, who is mainly known as a Youtuber and musician. The mysterious Corpse Husband has swiftly risen to stardom after streams collaborating with Internet giants like PewDiePie and Lilypichu. It was his unbelievably deep voice that captivated many viewers around the world.

Who is Corpse Husband

Currently owning a youtube channel with more than 4 million subscribers, Corpse Husband has been so careful about unveiling his identity. However, upon knowing how curious people are, he has teased his followers by revealing more details about himself.

According to his fandom’s Youtube channel, Corpse Husband, 23, is a San Diego-based Californian. He began his cyber life under the name of Corpse Husband with unique horror-story narrations. Therefore, he also gained recognition in the horror story narration community.

In fact, Corpse has become a phenomenon on social media as every single post he took, including a blank one became viral. Find out more details about the story of how a blank post of Corpse Husband hit half a million likes as follow:Mysterious Streamer Corpse Husband To Break The Internet With 5 Lakh Likes For A BLANK Tweet???

Corpse Streamer Condition

An overnight internet sensation

Starting off with a horror story channel, he probably didn’t expect the enormous fame from Among Us. His reputation attached to Among us came quite by chance thanks to Pewdiepie’s platform. It all started in September when Pew uploaded his first video on Among Us, which is the most viral game at the time. The video includes the participation of multiple mega YouTubers like Jaiden and Cinnamon. Corpse was one of the players and he absolutely stole the show as everyone was simply over his insanely deep voice. As people so gravitated towards his unique voice and captivating personality, he then continued to collaborate with PewDiePie for 3 more streams. Check out one of them:

When many thought his reputation would just soon fade away with the clout from Among us, he went on and took the world by storm again. Corpse became the center of attention when he released the track called “E-girls are ruining my life” that changed his entire career. The song went viral on different platforms and took his musical career to another level.
Corpse Husband case is more than just an internet sensation, it is an enigma that people consider to be one of the most perfect storm situations of the internet.

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