Colored Pencil Portraits

This step by step lesson illustrates and explains the drawing techniques used to create a realistic color pencil portrait.


As a colored pencil artist, I’ve found that soft-focus backgrounds (like the kind you see in many photographs, especially portraits) are excellent backdrops for equine and animal portraits as well. Just like in a photo, these ephemeral, colored backgrounds lend a sense of space to a colored pencil portrait that might otherwise be lacking. Introducing Realistic Portraits in Colored Pencil—a comprehensive guidebook that shows artists the secrets and steps to drawing lifelike portraits in this dynamic medium. This engaging resource is perfect for artists who want to improve upon their existing skills and learn how to render realistic portraits utilizing a wide range of techniques.

Colored Pencil Portraits Pet

  • color-pencil-portrait-1b
    Indicate the position of the features.
  • color-pencil-portrait-5
    Establish the outline of the face.
  • color-pencil-portrait-7
    Complete the neck and shoulders.
  • color-pencil-portrait-10
    Build up the tones and colors of the iris.
  • color-pencil-portrait-13
    Evenly shade the skin with a flesh color.
  • color-pencil-portrait-15
    Intensify the darker tones of the skin.
  • color-pencil-portrait-17
    Add some warmer flesh colors.
  • color-pencil-portrait-19
    Build up the color and tones of the lips.
  • color-pencil-portrait-22
    Carefully shade the pattern of the dress.
  • color-pencil-portrait-24
    Add some tone to the cardigan.
  • color-pencil-portrait-26
    Shade in the form of the hair.
  • color-pencil-portrait-28
    Evenly apply a neutral background color.
  • color-pencil-portrait-33
    Unify the tones of the drawing.

In our Color Pencil Portrait Lesson we lead you from the first marks that you make on the paper, building up your skills through the key stages of our drawing technique to create a realistic portrait. Our slide show illustrates the development of our color pencil portrait and lets you observe the drawing process from start to finish. Once you see the step by step development of our portrait, you will understand that the drawing process is quite methodical and not as complex as it looks.

Colored Pencil Portraits On Canvas

Colored pencil portrait tutorial

Colored Pencil Portraits Prices

Each of our lessons below leads you through a different section of the portrait, illustrating and explaining that part of the drawing from start to finish.